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  1. Steel trailer - no wood planks to replace - 7' X 18' (16 feet flat, 2 feet dove). Brakes, ramps which insert into the trailer, tire rack. Many places for tie offs. Good tires and spare. Tandem axles, capacity 3500 pounds each for a total of 7,000 pounds. Title and registration need to be transferred within 30 days of purchase; I have the form for you. $2,300. Call 512-258-0339 AFTER 10:00 a.m. if interested or send a message on this forum. The phone number is a landline, no text.
  2. Still available; get a head start on next season!
  3. 1. Zamp full face helmet, SA2015 Size small. Bought in 2018, only worn 10 or fewer times. White. Tear-offs included. $65 2. Racequip open face helmet, SA2010 Size small. White $40 3. 360 Plus neck brace, Size small. $40 4. Racequip one piece suit, SFI 3-2A/1, Size small. Blue with red trim. $30 5. Toe plates - set of 2 aluminum toe plates. $50 If interested, AFTER 10:00 a.m. call 512-258-0339 (North Austin area). Leave a message if no answer.
  4. It's a stock Saturn SL2.
  5. I drove it last year at CBS but had no clue how to drive on dirt, so it probably didn't make a good impression. The car is fast; the driver not!
  6. Call the number above for price.
  7. CTS Update

    And when the lightning flashes, perhaps they will catch a glimpse of a phantom pace car. Past racers and crew now deceased will again walk through the pits, and when the storm has passed, a weathered checkered flag may be found where the start/finish line once was. Now let's move on.
  8. CTS Update

    RIP CTS. But now and then, on a dark and stormy night when thick clouds hide a full moon, may nearby residents swear they hear the roar of engines, the distant cheering of a crowd, and catch a faint whiff of exhaust fumes and smoking tires.
  9. A good CTS Topic

    My most memorable at THR was rolling my street stock on the front stretch, landing on the wheels with the engine running, and wanting to keep racing. But they waved me off the track because the windshield had popped out. Wouldn't have gotten far anyway because of other damage. It was exciting, and something I'll never forget.