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  1. I didn't know my question was negative but 10/4. Brad Bush
  2. How was the HMP show last night (9/23)?

    There was a lot of headaches and behind the scenes scoring issues that were a problem leading up to the races i got a glimpse of. Luckily everything got worked out and races went pretty smooth as a whole. As any racetrack would say the car counts could have been better across the board they but could have been worse. Congrats to Raymond and the other staff for pulling it off and thank you all for your effort. I enjoyed being able to assist.
  3. Liberty Bell race thoughts

    Outlaw super stocks of the Florida rules were not allowed to run
  4. Don't understand the point of the question. A bunch of cost in both. The investors coming out of the woodwork?
  5. So the city will allow racing there again? Brad Bush
  6. A good CTS Topic

    Glad i could entertain lol
  7. CTS Update

    I talked to Mr colemans son,the property owners, around the time of the banquet. I was simply looking to see what it would take to lease the place because i had a couple people contact me asking. He said he would pass my number along to his father but his dad didn't have intentions of the racetrack continuing. Obviously that's been a few weeks ago and i haven't received any phone calls. I told the people that contacted me to try hmp.
  8. Things are quiet

    I dont know what yall are talking about....lol
  9. Things are quiet

    Good riddance to the last fella
  10. Ivan has just been testing wall strength lol
  11. Nick basically said a good chance it will be wet, but maybe not much. Think he has this weather thing figured out lol
  12. Due to massive rainfall races for tomorrow have been canceled. No makeup will be scheduled. See everyone in 2 weeks
  13. 31st

    We will evaluate it in the morning and see where we stand. I'll post something around 10 am
  14. Update: Brad Bush

    Lol thanks everybody
  15. man cave

    Toyota tim, come find me Saturday night I'll try to round you up some stuff...