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  1. Meyer Speedway

    If you are a facebook member go to facebook and search Meyer Speedway, Playland Park and other Houston Racing Memories, ask to join the group and I will approve you.
  2. The track was built and owned by Cowboy Johnson, you must be new here because there are a lot of pictures from Almeda, I have videos up on Youtube as well, Google is your friend. HB Bailey wasn't an Almeda guy, he was off running NASCAR and SCCA full time. Lots of other locals were out there however. Here's a couple
  3. Moody Clary speedway in Navasota

    Bad outing at Moody and Clary
  4. Aggravation

    Thanks that's Wes, I've talked to hum many times
  5. Aggravation

    I'm in touch with the Yankees that have it know, I'm trying to find someone that knows about the 1964-1965 time erion about the car around San Antonio area or Houston. I gather you don't know correct? I guess none of the sponsors from H&H are still around?
  6. Aggravation

    There are three of us looking for the Origin of a car, I started a thread about trying to see if two cars are related. The car is in Minnesota after Mike sold it years ago. The other thread goes into more detail on the questions.
  7. Aggravation

    As it sits today
  8. Aggravation

  9. Aggravation

  10. The Funny Car

    How is this project coming?
  11. Aggravation

  12. Anyone have any background on either of these cars or whether or not they are one in the same. These are 1964 Plymouth Savoys, Ebony black (BB1) with red interior (LR1), but here's the rub, there were only 7 of them produced and what are the odds that two of them end up in the Houston Area. In 1965 Larry Chabert's "Flying Wedge" was a dominant car, Later this version showed up as "Aggravation" owned and raced by a guy named Roland Hayes? out of Pasadena. Aggravation is currently in Minnesota trying to be restored. Just trying to figure out if they are one in the same car. I'm pretty certain Aggravation was one of seven super stock 64 Plymouth Savoys, ordered in 64 Ebony Black (BB1) with Red interior (L1R) delivered to Jank Riegler Chrysler Plymouth in San Antonio TX on 1/15/64 came with a 4 speed, and 4:56 gears on the 8-3/4 rear end assembly. It was sans radio and heater from the factory. It had a Stage III Hemi with the aluminum nose package to shed weight. Now not sure if it was run locally by say Harry Urbach before it changed hands. Can't seem to find much on Charlie Chabert and the Flying Wedge. It originally had NHRA 4945 assigned to it, and held many many records. Ran regularly at Green Valley and San Antonio drags strips, was also seen often at Temple Academy (Little River) dragway. It was campaigned for years by a guy named Roland Hayes? (I think) out of Pasadena Tx. He finally blew up the 426 wedge Hemi and replaced it with a 440 tunnel ram engine.
  13. Moody Clarey Speedway, Navasota

    30.354876, Long -95.999331 Lat
  14. It's likely more of a liability reason, and I thought the grandstands were condemned a while back, but I may be wrong.
  15. Air Plane Fuel

    Use to run JP4 back in the day. That would be a question for the sanctioning body, but I'm guessing if they allow race fuel AvGas will be fine. However AvGas isn't what it use to be.