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  1. SAS Scorer Steven Jung

    prayers for the jung family. rip
  2. way better on mobile devices
  3. Loss of a great racer

    Thoughts and prayers to the jerkins family. RIP Buddy
  4. Pensacola

    Good thing I checked speed zone, I thought we were off this week.
  5. Well we can't say they didn't try, thanks to Chris and Brian for what they did to revive racing in the San Antonio area.
  6. Results from Monroe

    Chris davidson won, Casey smith was second Garvey broke while leading
  7. someone has been smokin on that gas 2chainz big john
  8. send prayers

    Thoughts and prayers to Donnie and his family.
  9. Lol @ the people that don't own a race car yet think their "informed" opinion is relevant...
  10. CTS Late Model Rules

    That's kinda what I thought mike but wasn't sure. I think between cts ccs and sas late model racing in Texas may be on the upswing.
  11. CTS Late Model Rules

    I think someone needs to go test on one of the test days with a tsrs car that was a front running car and make an informed decision from facts not speculation. What kind of times did tsrs run on the f53? I think there was a few in the 15.20 range maybe faster but I can't remember.
  12. What was the Clown's Name that used to be at SA Speedway?

    Being towed behind the wrecker on a big tractor tire was always a sight to see.
  13. The services will be Wednesday at Boldtville Presbyterian Church 6631 New Sulphur Springs Rd. San Antonio, Tx 78263. Viewing 10-11am Service 11-noon and lunch to follow at the church. thank all of you for the thoughts and prayers. big john
  14. ideas to get fans in the stands

    Wet t shirts and free beer, where is this at?