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  1. Lastnights races

    Whitiker won both soort mod races Votion wom Llm Jones won streets Adam torres took the pure stock main Dont know about front runners
  2. Racing Saturday July 22

    I put my money on Trigg to win
  3. Street Stock Bounty

  4. Street Stock Bounty

    Johnny dont be a hater ???
  5. Street Stock Bounty

    It's all in the set up and the driver. Old turds can do pretty good also. The 7 car is a stock 75 Chevelle chassis from the rear springs to the front of the front clip.
  6. Street Stock Bounty

    Slide job you failed to see that Mike took the lead after door slamming a car in front of him when that car passed him cleanly, he did the same thing to another car in Goliad that's the only reason he passed that car in Goliad the car he door slammed Saturday nite passed him cleanly, if he could pass cleanly more power to him. He is a good driver and he has a fast car and I agree with Wade, Wade never restarted behind him in second place.
  7. SS with LLM

    I have cars in both classes so I guess I'll be racing the street stock at 37
  8. SS with LLM

    He did not ask if street stocks were running, he ask if any late models would object to a street stock running with Late Models ? I would say let him run ? Honestly if the track told him he could then it's not up to anyone that runs a late model.
  9. This Saturday (4/8/17)

    Whats the differance in the two classes?
  10. Rules

    There was also no rear percentage rule if your car was not gutted at all? Will that remain the same ?
  11. Limited Late Models

  12. Limited Late Model Carburetor Rule

    Four barrel 650 vac. 93 llm blue and white 93 llm orange and white Car owner jamie fuller
  13. South Texas Shootout Update 12-1-16

    So if an out of town car comes wil there be any practice other than the 2 laps after the track is packed? Could a track official that knows the correct answer, answer this question please?
  14. South Texas Shootout Update 12-1-16

    Looks like its a local race only. We out of towners will jist stay home