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  1. Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs Conn. has a fast half mile track but they use part of the front stretch and service roads to make a small oval for the youngsters to run ledgend cars.
  2. CTS Update

    I believe that STS, Texana, and I37 have streetstock rules allow trucks and crate motors. Last weekend at the I37 meeting they pretty much decided to go with th street stock shootout rules. But check with all three to make sure that I'm not misinforming you.
  3. Compact Update

    Postell, if you are going to build to car and put it in the garage, don't waste your time and money! What your girls need is a safe car to get seat time and experience, so build the car, and let them get started. Let them get some time and do some upgrades later if needed. It doesn't sound like they are going to disqualify anybody. It sounds to me like they want to make a class work. If you are out there with a car your opinions will count. Just my opinion, but if they want to race they should start learning. Good luck to all involved. I hope this gets worked out, we need to keep building our car count in all classes at all tracks. These young ladies can help that problem.
  4. Prayers out to Junior and the family, and enjoy the race Junior, get well soon!
  5. Rest in Peace, Gilbert Salazar

    I watched Gilbert race at Pan American when my grandpa used to take me as a youngster to watch the races. I also had the privilege of racing with Jesse along with his crew and family. The Salazars are one of those families that you respect and enjoy being around, just good people. Jesse, you all are in my prayers.
  6. Pures SOS Video

    Disregard that last message, I was trying to answer my daughters message while browsing LSSZ, but I'm electronically challenged!
  7. Pures SOS Video

    That is awsome. Y'all's ranching business is started!
  8. After the ambulance, fire trucks, and police left, they returned to the program and finished. The last race ended about 11:30.
  9. Just wanted to wish everybody at C.T.S. and all around Texas, safe and happy racing tonight. We are in Massachusetts on vacation, and won't land in San Antonio until about 10:30 tonight. So good luck to all, and see yall at the next race.
  10. CTS Kyle Classic 250 schedule, August 29, 2015

    The first year that I raced at SAS in the thunder class, Robert Mayberry and I started last row every week. It was great fun. But now that i just finished my first super stock race, I don't think they would benefit from me starting up front. On top of that I've got 35 years in the sheet metal trade, tired of sheet metal repair! Lol
  11. I run in the Super Stocks, but last Saturday after my race was over, I went into the stands to watch the rest of the program, and the big question that I keep hearing is why does everybody in the Sport Compact class run Saturn's. I myself can only guess because I know next to nothing about them. Maybe the engine turns more RPMs than the other makes. Maybe there is more camber adjustment, or the transmission ratios are the best for this size track. It could be the weight or balance of the car. These are the guesses that come to mind, but just guesses. It leaves me curious also. Any body willing to answer? If not I understand.
  12. driver looking for a job

    Check with medusa, she was looking to maybe have somebody take her backup sport compact to the track and run it to advertise for a buyer.
  13. Race cars

    Depending on the year, the 64 was either Steve Varnes or his dad Mickey Varnes. At some point around that time Steve moved up to street stock, and his dad took over the driving duties on the Nova.
  14. Make up a comment that Jack said to the Driver

    If it finishes top five I'll DQ it!
  15. leaf springs

    Postell, I have some Camaro leaf springs. (2)- 225# asphalt (1)- 176# dirt (1)- 205 dirt $50 each. Call (210) 415-3115