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  1. No Sport Mods on the 3rd? What's the King of The Hill race for the Sport Mods on the 9th?
  2. Yes - I sure hope the weather cooperates! Any chance of getting the Southern Texas Late Models out there to make up the rained-out race? According to their website, its an off-weekend for them.
  3. Tentative Raceday Schedule for 4-25-18

    Was sitting in the parking lot waiting to see what the weather would do - found out from exiting spectators that it's been delayed until tomorrow.
  4. Does the track still use the RainedOut text-message notification? I have received rain-out notifications from the track previously this waym but there was no notification via RainedOut this time
  5. Schedule for WoO - 2/23/18?

    Ugh - WoO rained out
  6. Schedule for WoO - 2/23/18?

    Thanks for posting the new RainedOut info, Nathan - I'm glad the track is still using that.
  7. Schedule for WoO - 2/23/18?

    Does the track still use RainedOut.com for rainout notifications? I'm coming from the San Antonio area, so I'll have to PayPal my donation for the tarp... Maybe the tarps will scare away the rain...
  8. What is the schedule for the World of Outlaws race night (2/23/18)? I haven't seen anything on here or on the track website (and I, like many others, don't have facebook) about what times hot laps, national-anthem/start-of-racing/, etc will be.
  9. Picture update

    Tom, thanks for all you do in posting these pics and keeping memories alive! Brings back memories of when I first started going to Pan American because my brother crewed for Harold Oatman.
  10. Southern Texas Late Models at I-37, Sept 23

    Looking forward to it - hope the weather cooperates!!
  11. bush

    I totally agree with Radical. Bush whanged Logano - so Bush is surprised that bad things happened afterwards? Had Logano, or anyone else, hit Bush in the door and moved him like that, Bush would have been PO'd about that.
  12. Fields For Elite Non-Wing Sprints?

    Darn!!! Thanks for the update!
  13. Fields For Elite Non-Wing Sprints?

    Thanks! 16+ cars for a series like that would be worth going to see. Thanks for the idea about checking the HOT results!
  14. Fields For Elite Non-Wing Sprints?

    I appreciate that info, but that isn't what I asked. If I want to see "a regular night", I'll go to I37 when it re-opens in a couple of weeks, save myself an hour of driving each way, and support my nearest track. I'm interested in going out of my area to Cottonbowl for the sprint cars - I just want to know what Nathan and sm44 consider to be a "full field". Thanks!
  15. If SAS reopens, I'll be there as a spectator - used to go there with my Dad when I was a teenager (and after). LOTS of good memories of that track. If CTS reopens, I'd go there as well.