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  1. SUS Winged Sprint Cars @ Texana Raceway

    I hear SUS usually has a pretty good car count. I'm planning to come from San Antonio to see them - looking forward to seeing some good racing.
  2. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    I read most of the law suit document. It mentions that even VP's pump gas failed state testing at a Massachusetts gas station. VP makes small-engine fuel - it claims the highest octane of any of the small-engine fuels that I've seen. I wonder if even that meets it's advertised rating. Back in the days when I used to bracket race my street car at Alamo Dragway, I would get a few gallons of VP ahead of time and mix it with pump gas for a little insurance. Sad to see a once-good company hurt by someone who buys a majority stake and (allegedly) does something like this.
  3. OK, soap box time again

    That's one of the directions I was going with my post. Then, there's the question of how high is high enough? From the video PAPosse linked to, it looks like he went through a gap between the advertising boards and the catch fence. I guess the need is to have the catch fence begin on the side of the seating area, and have a pretty big buffer - but, obviously, there's a limit to how much of a buffer is possible. Evidently, Swindell wasn't there. So, Tim - you're blaming the fan(s) who sat in an area he/they probably thought would be safe? After all, they were behind the fence and I'm sure they didn't expect a car to come crashing between the advertising boards and catch fence. At least one racer (Kevin Swindell) apparently thought there was something unsafe, but it was probably from his perspective as a driver and not with regard to the fans. And that's very much a subjective thing. You might kill someone while you're driving somewhere (perhaps a person might step into the road in front of you without looking and you might run that person over and kill him/her) - so I guess you don't drive anywhere, Tim?
  4. OK, soap box time again

    I saw an incident at New Smyrna Beach in '95 where a car got turned, and the nose went over and along the top of the front-straight wall and took out three or four poles of the catch-fence. The people in the first couple of rows in the bleachers probably got considerably more excitement than they wanted/expected on that restart. So this is something that has concerned me a bit, too. I seem to recall some fences that go straight up - there is no angle out over the track near the top. So that's one suggestion - always have the catch fence angle out over the track to catch flying parts sooner. Also, thicker (bigger diameter, thicker wall) catch fence poles, with heavy cable lines every 5-6 feet up the fence. Some tracks have cabling connecting the poles and acting as a containment (like the highway department has in medians to prevent cross-overs) between poles, but I think some do not. And a little distance between the wall and catch fence. An impact-absorbing barrier could be helpful - doesn't have to be SAFER barrier (maybe steel plate, cables, and old tires?), but something to absorb a little energy before the car tries to launch over the wall. I don't know what you can do about sprints/midgets getting airborne and potentially going over a wall. I've seen some very spectacular pictures of sprint cars well up in the air, and I suspect those started when one car wheel-launched over another. Perhaps some started when a car got turned toward the wall and already had some wheels off the ground when it hit, so the impact sent it end-over end and airborne? In that case, maybe an impact barrier might help. NASCAR and/or the Indy cars have encountered most of this over the years (think about Bobby Allison's ride when he took down the catch fence at Talledega). Unfortunately, they mostly require renovations/modifications that are expensive for a local short-track.
  5. TIDA Racing

    Please post them here - thanks!
  6. Dega Baby

    I like Mike Joy - but I'll be glad to see Waltrip gone. Can he take his brother with him? MW's "pit walks" are as annoying as DW's "boogity boogity".
  7. I can attest to the wind-chill. I won't say that was the coldest I've been at a race, but it was certainly a contender for the title! I left a little after midnight, during the yellow in the Modified feature. At that point, there were only three people (including me) in the section of stands I was in.
  8. Argghhhh! But at least the notification is early enough to save a long drive - thanks! Please let us know on here if it gets rescheduled.
  9. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that the rain & thunderstorms stay away... I'm really looking forward to this after missing it last year due to two rainouts (I couldn't make it back the next day after the April rainout).
  10. No Sport Mods on the 3rd? What's the King of The Hill race for the Sport Mods on the 9th?
  11. Yes - I sure hope the weather cooperates! Any chance of getting the Southern Texas Late Models out there to make up the rained-out race? According to their website, its an off-weekend for them.
  12. Tentative Raceday Schedule for 4-25-18

    Was sitting in the parking lot waiting to see what the weather would do - found out from exiting spectators that it's been delayed until tomorrow.
  13. Does the track still use the RainedOut text-message notification? I have received rain-out notifications from the track previously this waym but there was no notification via RainedOut this time
  14. Schedule for WoO - 2/23/18?

    Ugh - WoO rained out
  15. Schedule for WoO - 2/23/18?

    Thanks for posting the new RainedOut info, Nathan - I'm glad the track is still using that.