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  1. How did the meeting turn out?

    Any word on a Hobby Stock class?
  2. How did the meeting turn out?

    Yup outlaw rules are what I consider the main reason for the demise of the Modifieds. Budget racers can't compete with deep pockets....Which brings to the table one of the biggest hiccups for me personally. The size of this track. It's just my thinking but wouldn't a track of this size make driver ability less of a factor than horsepower? Budget racers will have a hard time keeping up with the big motors that deeper pockets can buy. A smaller track with a full field of cars to me, is more entertaining than a bigger track that makes it easier for the field to get spread out. Just like in Nascar, the races at say Pocono raceway are pretty boring to watch compared to say Martinsville where the stands are always full. Trying to draw cars from other tracks is a lot easier when drivers don't have to change a whole lot to race there. The rules for my class make it really hard for me to decide that it's worth me spending hundreds of dollars for wheels, tires and gears to just race at this track. And there are 4 cars that I run with from Bryan who always race together in my class, so that's hundreds of dollars for four of us, not to mention the other Street Stocks that are around here and don't run with my group....Not too hard for us to just say no and good luck to Cotton Bowl Speedway. But like I said, it's just my way of thinking and I don't know much. After all, I'm just a racer...
  3. How did the meeting turn out?

    A sanctioning body doesn't guarantee a full field in any class. I've seen sanctioned tracks will low car counts and non sanctioned tracks with really good car counts. It's more about demographics. Where are the cars located that will benefit from the location of this Saturday night track? What class are these cars in? How many of these cars will be willing to change gears to race at this bigger track? Lots of other factors will determine car count in my opinion, not A sectioning body.
  4. How did the meeting turn out?

    What was said about Mods is that they would start off on a limited schedule. If car count is good then they will add them as a regular class. Probably will not be sanctioned initially but will look at IMCA for the open wheel classes only.
  5. classes

    have a 360 sprint that I can't run anywhere so my vote is 360's... Also have a Houston area Street Stock
  6. How many drivers are less than a hour away?

    1 hour away for me and several others here in Bryan/College Station.

    Great news for all of us here in the Bryan/College Station area. Late models and Streets for sure.....
  8. This coming Saturday, 06/25/11, Gator Motorplex, along with some racers will be having a pit party. After a fun night of watching your favorite drivers compete, the pit area will be open to all for some good food and drinks for everyone. This Saturday will also be the last week for the bounty placed on the 12M Street Stock. Can Pete make it another week in the winners circle and collect 500.00 extra dollars? Yeas there has been a bounty set on the 12M Street Stock. This will be the final week for the bounty. It was set 5 weeks ago and Pete has won every race since the bounty was set. No one has been able to collect so if you think you have a fast Street Stock then I hope to see you there this weekend...
  9. Gator 2011

    I'll have 2 cars out there this year, 1 Hobby and 1 Street. Can't wait to get them finished up. See ya'll in a month or so..
  10. Novas

    I've raced a Nova before. Here are a few pics.. This is when I first got it: This is the second pait job: and we are now in the process of re-skining the car again:
  11. O'reilly Auto Parts Texas Outlaw Bombers

    7B is Bullet Bullion from Bedias 50X is David Anderson from Huntsville 92X is Kenny Crenshaw's car...Don't know who drove it...maybe him?
  12. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hot-Rod-Hill...48110462?ref=mf
  13. This is the Promo spot for Changing Lanes, a new reality show on the BET Network. Featured is Bryan High School Senior Brandie Jass among other hopefuls vying for their shot at a Nascar career. Brandie has raced at area tracks including: Gator Motorplex, 105 Speedway, Heart O' Texas Speedway, Cowtown and other tracks across Texas...Check it out!
  14. was great..Thanks go out to Grapeape for bringing out his son's new Pure Stock, and to the BMSA for their minisprints. Sold out of 20 briskets and all the fixins. Thanks, Tommy
  15. answers to questions

    I'm in with a couple of briskits if you can get it going
  16. Wayne returns to the web

    Wayne, you really do need to shine up that bald head a little bit...hahaha
  17. playday on 5/2/2010

    Playday was cancelled Sat. morning for Sunday. Unfavorable forecast prompted Wayne to just wait for another weekend. He felt that cancelling that far in advance would let most know not to make a wasted trip....Who knew Sat. morning that Sunday would be so nice?
  18. Gear selection

    I was talking about the overall configuration and layout of the track with it's wide turns and banking. Not tight and paperclip shaped like Gator. The track, like 105 is a driver's track more than it is a horsepower track...So NO, I'm not kidding you! And it may surprise you to know that we actually measured the track and it's not as big as you think.. The inside lane is just shy of 1/4 mile
  19. Gear selection

    I've ran a 6.56 and 6.88 in Hobby and did well........ The track is a lot like 105 except has higher bankings on the turns...Hope this helps
  20. hotrodhill test and tune

    There were a set of lowbacks on a car on playday. The sound level from the car was below the decibal max. that Del put us on but it was almost borderline..... Only thing I know is what Wayne tells me. Del won't answer his phone whenm I call so I'm only saying what Wayne tells me....So the reality is I don't really know if the lowback is good or not....I say it should be because it was in fact below the max. but I'm nobody...I have a set on the Chevelle so I need to know as well
  21. hotrodhill test and tune

    The 602 crate is supposed to be an option motor for the Street stocks...The 602 comes with Vortec 64cc. heads and aluminum intake...both illegal in Limites and Hobby Stock another infraction of the rules would be the cam: Camshaft lift............... .435 intake/.460 exhaust Camshaft duration ...... 212 intake/222 exhaust
  22. hotrodhill test and tune

    also the muffler rule will be a little different....From what I gather all stock cars will have to run the flowmaster or the much less expensive Raptor by Flo-Tec...$23 at O'reilly's
  23. It is a fun track fo sho...
  24. hotrodhill test and tune

    Anyway, the next scheduled playday according to Wayne Brown is Sunday May, 2nd..... The track will be running the same classes and rules as Gator Motorplex with the exception of the Sprints. Racing at Hot Rod Hill will begin soon after this last playday, daytime on Sundays.
  25. hot rod hill motorpark

    I'm medically trained and I can help... The owner of a new ambulance service contacted me through mybcs.com and wanted Wayne's contact information. So I know at the very least he's had a talk with someone about it.