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  1. Why take the locker out, you know tracks NEVER check the same thing twice!
  2. Thoughts and Prayers

    Dad is doing good, and ready to start the road to recovery. The physical therapist was working with him less than 24hrs. after the surgery. Wanted to say thanks for the thoughts and prayers from the entire Salazar family. John
  3. HMP weather

    In hotel still coming down pretty hard, hasn't stopped...
  4. The way the races will start at HMP?

    just left HMP for hotel, still raining.....
  5. Talked to MaryAnn yesterday no invert, heads up start. John
  6. TSRS @ HMP 8-16

    The last houston race we had a regular format, I don't think they've done the pitstop thing in a while.... John Salazar
  7. An interesting read...

    System should be ready in about a month for the public, I think he is working on a patent and there is a waiting list......
  8. TSRS Late Models - Rule Clarification

    No big deal, just noticed this rule change was recently announced and was hoping I hadn't missed a drivers meeting....
  9. TSRS Late Models - Rule Clarification

    My bad, I must have missed the memo about a drivers meeting.......
  10. TSRS Late Models - Rule Clarification

    With over 40 registered drivers, why not put it to a vote and get ALL the drivers input before making a rule change? TSRS #18 John Salazar
  11. CC Survey

    Pacecar, eight inch or ten inch tires?
  12. Nice Cars - PAS & Austin

    That's because he is about 5 feet 1 inch with his best boots on...
  13. Nice Cars - PAS & Austin

    Here are a couple more of my dad, he won one of the father's day races driving Cowboy Gonzales 01 car. Check out how they used to celebrate.....
  14. Nice Cars - PAS & Austin

    Here are a few of MR. SNOW.....
  15. Old Pics From TWS?

    Couldn't believe my eyes when I read the newpaper clip of Bruce Mabrito. Wally finished fourth and brought home 1,200 dollars and this was back around 1982. Seems like everything has elevated except for the purse