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  1. older mod chassis

    Looks perfect for Dirt Grand National.
  2. Cage

  3. Howe Racing Dot com has several different Clips to choose from, even with new pricing you might find one in your budget.
  4. Excellent news! I hope there is a 350 Holley rule with a weight reduction.
  5. HRP needs to go Asphalt. They could probably get some good events and would become the primary NASCAR style track in Houston. Push those banks out as far as they will go, almost a half mile track. IMO! I can envision Craftsman Trucks and ARCA style cars & Asphalt Sprints tearing it up!! That would be an entire new Ballgame.
  6. Well I'm sure that's fine for you, but I'll bet the majority of racers are closer to Big-H. Personally I won't drive over an hour to a track for any reason, except on the rare occasion for a Big Event or traveling. Besides HRP had a large following a few years ago and never recovered from closing the season early.
  7. Honestly in my opinion HRP is too far off the beaten path for many Racers and Fans. I was spoiled quickly driving to Big H in 20 minutes my first year. That's always been the advantage of Big H, they have the best location. You could race cardboard boxes there and that place would still be popular. If they pulled up the pavement next week that's where most dirt racers would end up. The Grand is a popular race in Houston. In past years I made it a point to attend.
  8. Interesting,, I've never seen a square bar limiited....
  9. Stock engine location

    AJ are you talking about CBS?? Are they running two types of Street Stock classes?
  10. Heads

    I agree, in layman's terms the Vortec is a more modern more efficient design compared to the open chamber smog heads. Why Tracks force racers to continue using the antiquated "Open" chamber head today is beyond reason. Alas the 602 is kept at a lower RPM preventing premature wear which intern makes it last longer than an Open motor. There are tracks outside this Region which allow Vortecs in Budget classes. After all, it is plentiful and it's been in service for Sixteen years. Vortecs however have drawbacks, thin castings can be crack prone and in the hands of the inexperienced mild porting can be catastrophic. Chevy and Ford both have factory prepared heads available for the budget racer. For instance the Chevy Bowtie 180cc Vortec is race ready and capable of 450hp out of the box @$800. Considering what Racers are spending on Open Chamber heads the Bowtie-Vortec is a Bargain!
  11. ford lowers

    I'm pretty sure when I did it I managed to put chevy bushings in. It was several years ago, I don't recommend it your uppers will also need to be much longer and your springs won't fit right. I would recommend setting up the Chevy lowers, you will be way ahead in the game.
  12. what kind of sportmod chassis?

    Get ahold of the "Huffman Hustler". He should be able to point you in the right direction.
  13. Classes for 2013 Season?

    You could check into Southern Topless Economy Modifieds. They have a website: txstemracing.com If you can't pull hard hitters with deep pockets for classes above Bombers and Street stocks on a weekly basis this class could be a consideration. STEMS has proven Limiteds, 3-link and Leaf cars can compete head on. Good Luck.
  14. Rules Meeting for New Class of Eceonomy Limited

    Yessir that is correct! Topless saves $ for sheetmetal. Wish luck with this class. Will they allow Vortec Heads
  15. I don't have a dog at that track but size should be a huge consideration when it comes to tires. Pure stocks should be on a small street tire. 90% of the cars came with a 14" tire, why would any track let pures run truck tire like 275-60-15? If you put them all on a small 14" tire, front wheel drive cars could race alongside rear wheel drive cars.
  16. Cast Rotor might be more apt to crack and fall apart. The Speedway version is two piece has a stamped steel inner hub and bolt on rotor. I'm contemplating making a floater 8.5. Should be a snap with 28 splines.
  17. street stock rules

    These are SMART rules. I will have to spend $600 or more getting my smog heads done at the machine shop. Why not just buy a brand new set? There are companies out there right now that sell equivalent heads to World Sportsman II's or Dart Iron eagles. You can buy a great set of heads aftermarket for under $700 bucks. This same rule should be in all the bomber classes, Limiteds included.
  18. What happened to running limiteds? After some thought about what to do this year, I was really getting motivated to investigate running asphalt for the first time at my all time favorite dirt track Big H. Really, don't you think Limiteds would benefit from having bodies just like NASCAR Wheelin modifieds? They could all run on 295 50 15's! Whats the scoop and why the abrupt end?
  19. Hey thanks for the offer HMP! Maybe I can outrun Denny with my homemade bomber.
  20. classes for 2010 season

    Well I for one really like to give my opinion and most of the time it's unwanted. So you asked for it: for starters I think it's a big mistake to include big mods in your weekly show, but instead only for your "specials". Second I'm hoping, (lala land here) there is a track with the cahoonas to reel in the limited modifieds. Start with reversing some of the changes, the first would be going back to the original headers, and quite possibly mandating radials again with the possibility of the G60 as an option. This way if there is a racer out there who wants to run the McCreary he can run the g60 over the kk704. Third I believe there should be an increase in weight up to 2450 or even 2500lbs. Fourth and the last thing I can think of right off hand would be the elimination of high dollar rebuildable shocks, I see where AFCO just came out with thier new shock and it's almost $300 each. So on this last item I believe "stock" oem type shocks with possible Monroe and Gabriel type brand part numbers mandated. Lastly I think it's in a tracks best interest to invest in the Classes of the future. I believe these classes to be of the smaller sort, Dwarfs, Mini-Sprints, Front drive mini bombers. (Something that fit's on a single axel trailer or in the bed of a pickup.) These smaller cars emit less emissions and are cheaper to haul on the freeway. (Albiet Dwarfs with huge mufflers and I have yet to see a smaller cc dwarf or bomber dwarf using oem parts with a heavier weight for our young rookies.)
  21. should i keep it or sell it?

    I know this is an old thread but I think Jay Leno would be interested in this engine. That's to say if doesn't already own one.
  22. The sky is falling....

    Now that gas is down to a buck fifty in some parts what does everyone think now? We need to down size our racing. Go to a car we can load in the back of our truck or on top of a flatbed.
  23. roll

  24. roll

    I just used a kit from virginia. To do it again, go all dom and or all 120 wall. Splurge for door bars on both sides, it saves time on fitting. Speedway has the best deal on price, but next time I will consider upgradeing materials. Your often going to have to add lots of weight anyway, might as well put more in the cage for safety.