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  1. So, I’m in Corpus today and went by the track earlier. Ran into a guy that is either the new owner or is involved. Most of you Corpus guys will know who it is. Had a very candid and cordial conversation with him; very nice man, and it appears from what he said that we have probably seen our last race
  2. Five Flags

    Luza finished 17th on the lead lap.
  3. RIP

    The world has lost two of the greatest men I know this week. Lucian Wallace last Sunday, and Bill White today. Keep their loved ones in your thoughts and prayers,
  4. NASCAR race at Cota

    Tentative date is May 23rd.
  5. Greg Davidson

    Keep Greg Davidson in your thoughts and prayers. He had to undergo amputation of his other leg yesterday. Will be in the hospital and rehab for awhile.
  6. We only have one asphalt track; it is in Houston. Has Mike stated where he is actually located or where he is racing?
  7. Picture update

    With all that has gone on in 2017, I have not had much time to devote to our racing history. But I spent some time this past week to organize some pictures and and scan them to my FOTKI Site. It is a kinda hodgepodge mixture of just under 12,000 pics that includes Pan American and other area tracks, USRA, ROMCO, TSRS, and several other classes. Some of the album are very large , some only have a few enrties. I might add that I have another large group of pictures coming that centers around Kyle, and I am working on, and will have most of it posted in the next few weeks,. When I say large, it is 20,000+ pics. A collection from Pan American is in the works; that one is taking a lot of time due to the work involved in restoring the prints and separating multiple scans into individual files. There are 5900+ scans in that collection to go through. Most are not my pictures, but I did not get photographer information with them. If I can find out, I will credit the photographers. I do know that almost all the Pan American stuff was taken by the late Ted Hood. Click this link to see what is new: http://public.fotki.com/txtom/
  8. Bruce’s list has not. I have a 20 year old draft copy, but there has been additions made. I have the locations of about thirty of them, based on historical mapping and some word of mouth. Keep in mind back then there were tracks that only lasted a short while, as little as a few weeks. But they ranged in length from tight quarters to 2 miles. It also includes Motorcycle tracks, dragstrips, the odd road course.
  9. Was going to be a 1.5 mile paved oval. Early 70’s time frame. They got the dirt work and one tunnel done before the guy holding the money ran off. It was never finished. Was used for dove hunting for years. San Antonio and Bexar County has been home to over 40 racetracks over the years. There have also been other startups like this one that never got finished.
  10. Lets take a look back at a great era of NASCAR racing. Look at not only the cars, but the lack of pit equipment, the haulers, the open trailers, and the independent drivers. 1979 Texas 400, won by Darrel Waltrip. These pics courtesy of my late Father.
  11. Texas World Speedway

    Forgot to put that this is the 1979 Texas 400. D. Waltrip won it.
  12. Thoughts and prayers to Freddy Fryar who passed this morning. And Dorothy McCall who passed last night
  13. birthday

    Happy Birthday Nick, although you probably wont remember it tomorrow...... Tom
  14. Supermodifieds?

    Pavement Supers died out here in the 70’s, and they really only ran the Meyer Speedway in Houston, and various tracks in the southeast.
  15. Raymond passed away due to his health issues. We lost a huge supporter of short track racing.
  16. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    Page 1, rule 10 No titanium, Inconel, or other exotic metals in any way on the car.
  17. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    Just reported Nasse D.Q. for unapproved brake parts.
  18. More Derby success; Augie Grill won the Friday Modified race in John’s house BMF Chassis.
  19. The Derby will run at 4PM tomorrow.
  20. All PRO Central sounds right for the Texas group.. I believe Leroy Farmer had a hand in promoting that. And, TIDA Late Models were not formed until 1988. The only race in 1988 in Corpus for the TIDA late models was won by Rick Rapp. The race results for the two National tour ALL PRO races at CC Speedway and also the race held the next day at San Antonio can be found in this link: ALL Pro results . Go down to the CC and SAS listings for the run downs. Races # 15,16, AND 17. Some of my narrative also came from a 1985 ALL PRO program that has brief recaps of the 1984 races. As for the ALL PRO Central results, I have never seen them listed anywhere. And txtom is a shortened version of a nickname I first got in the Military in the 80's. It started out as 'TexasTom" but i shortened it so i wouldn't have to type so damn many letters. My real name is Tom Taylor, but most on here and at the tracks I venture to know me by texastom or txtom.
  21. There are a lot of questions here, Lets start with the original post. The national All Pro tour ran two features on 4 August 1984. Gary Balough won the first one, and Freddy Fryar won the second one. Slick Yoemans was the pole starter for the first race. The top 6 finishers in the first race were inverted, putting Fryar on the pole for the second race. Then 99 of John Foster is not listed in the results of either race. Neither are the #2 of Trigg,#45 of Bob Bolin, #19 of Ronnie Whitmire, the 44 of John Talley, the #25, and Junior Robertson is not listed in either race result. A couple cars in those pictures are #58 Darrell Brown and #84 Chuck Johnson that were in the two races listed above. Also #1 is Don Wilson from Colorado. I am going to state that most of these pics are not the Southeast based ALL PRO series that ran on 4 August, but probably a race of the Texas wing of the All Pro Series that ran for about a year in this area. Foster, Yoemans, Trigg, Robertson, Bolin, Greg Davidson and others were all regulars in the Texas based series.
  22. Austin Racing History

    So Lee Machen had this poster in pretty sad shape. North Austin machinist extraordinaire Larry Schultz found someone in Austin that recreated it and made about 200 copies. The guy did in in the weathered style you see here.
  23. Oklahoma Racing

    Yes, Paul was Champion in 2001. Drove for Paul Cook Racing up in the Metroplex.