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  1. So, I’m in Corpus today and went by the track earlier. Ran into a guy that is either the new owner or is involved. Most of you Corpus guys will know who it is. Had a very candid and cordial conversation with him; very nice man, and it appears from what he said that we have probably seen our last race
  2. Five Flags

    Luza finished 17th on the lead lap.
  3. RIP

    The world has lost two of the greatest men I know this week. Lucian Wallace last Sunday, and Bill White today. Keep their loved ones in your thoughts and prayers,
  4. NASCAR race at Cota

    Tentative date is May 23rd.
  5. Greg Davidson

    Keep Greg Davidson in your thoughts and prayers. He had to undergo amputation of his other leg yesterday. Will be in the hospital and rehab for awhile.
  6. We only have one asphalt track; it is in Houston. Has Mike stated where he is actually located or where he is racing?
  7. Bruce’s list has not. I have a 20 year old draft copy, but there has been additions made. I have the locations of about thirty of them, based on historical mapping and some word of mouth. Keep in mind back then there were tracks that only lasted a short while, as little as a few weeks. But they ranged in length from tight quarters to 2 miles. It also includes Motorcycle tracks, dragstrips, the odd road course.
  8. Was going to be a 1.5 mile paved oval. Early 70’s time frame. They got the dirt work and one tunnel done before the guy holding the money ran off. It was never finished. Was used for dove hunting for years. San Antonio and Bexar County has been home to over 40 racetracks over the years. There have also been other startups like this one that never got finished.
  9. Texas World Speedway

    Forgot to put that this is the 1979 Texas 400. D. Waltrip won it.
  10. Lets take a look back at a great era of NASCAR racing. Look at not only the cars, but the lack of pit equipment, the haulers, the open trailers, and the independent drivers. 1979 Texas 400, won by Darrel Waltrip. These pics courtesy of my late Father.
  11. birthday

    Happy Birthday Nick, although you probably wont remember it tomorrow...... Tom
  12. Thoughts and prayers to Freddy Fryar who passed this morning. And Dorothy McCall who passed last night
  13. Supermodifieds?

    Pavement Supers died out here in the 70’s, and they really only ran the Meyer Speedway in Houston, and various tracks in the southeast.
  14. Raymond passed away due to his health issues. We lost a huge supporter of short track racing.