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  1. Ask anyone with a slab home on that same black dirt that COTA is built on about settling issues. Same black dirt underneath Texas World Speedway. Remember the grandstand settling issues?
  2. Tex Horn

    Thoughts and prayers to the Family of Tex Horn, the “Poteet Pistol”. Tex passed last night of Covid complications.
  3. NASCAR screwed up again?

    They ran over berms on a road course? So what exactly is new about that?
  4. Darrell Godfredson

    Thoughts and prayers to the Family of Darrell Godfredson. Darrell was a long time racer and later helped his son Chip, and more recently could be seen in the pits of his Grandson Garrett. He also promoted Shady Oaks Speedway many years back. Rest in Peace Darrell.
  5. Reading further on this, it is apparent that Roth Motorsports supplies the hauler and cash. Ruetzel supplies car, engines and crew. Everything about the car was under control of his guys. Not anyone from Roth. And Reutzel had a tech issue just a couple months ago in that series. Dennis and Theresa Roth are stand up folks that rarely travel to the races anymore. I do not believe that they had any knowledge of what Reutzel and his guys did. Ruetzel admitted what happened was his doing, And hopefully the Roth’s will move on to another driver with more morals and appreciation for what the Roth organization means to sprint car racing.
  6. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    REB, Yello Belly is still running. Not sure if we can round up enough weapons to go there........
  7. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    Heart of Texas Kart Club, Waco Texoma Speedway Karts Wichia Falls L87 Speedway Karts Corpus Motorsports Ranch,. Cresson club track Couple more kart dirt tracks in south Texas, but names escape me at the moment.
  8. New movie

    Movie coming that will feature Chattanooga area drivers. This includes Freddy and Harold Fryar. Looks like it will air next week at the link below: https://www.itsinthebloodmovie.com/?fbclid=IwAR124jQ1L0Vue1cuc9m1tIMshPtzDxoMYrzMw3zStmpJGr6NQMCWYFWZuqE
  9. Happy Birthday!

    Birthday wishes are in order for our fearless keyboard commando Nick Holt. I couldn’t figure how use a larger font so he could read this; hopefully Sandra reads this to him!
  10. Austin Street Races

    Yes, Lots of Late Models that you saw at the short tracks. Funny story from back then-- on a practice day, "Moose" Bowen and Luke Griffin are standing watching an open practice. Some guy in a sports car (SCCA style racer) come pulling back into the pits, gets out of his car fairly near where Moose and Luke are standing. Remember both were pretty large size men. The guy gets out all shaken and mad and when his crew asked him what was wrong, he went into a tirade about the true late model guys; how fast they were going, how close they were racing each other and others, and how loose the cars were. He went on to say they were dangerous and should not be out there. Luke and Moose started laughing, and when the sporty guy asked why they were laughing, Griffin said, "Hey, they are out there just having fun, wait until tomorrow when they get serious". Would have loved to see the guys face when Luke said that. I have no idea if anyone out there has any results from those Aquafest races; also do not know who promoted them.
  11. Some pics I received of Auggie "Hands" Hartkopf. No discussion of Central Texas drag racing goes very far without his name coming up.
  12. Longhorn is now a field. It was plowed up last fall. Here is a pic taken from turn three back towards turn 1.
  13. Back abound Christmas/New years, I went by there and ran into a guy that stated he was the new owner. We talked for several minutes and the basic story then was it was going to be torn down. That man I talked to is the owner of a prominent CC Wrecker business; That would validate the thought that it will be a wrecker yard.
  14. Bubba Storbeck

    Just found out that Bubba Storbeck passed a couple days ago. 1976 Track Champion at Pan American.
  15. Carol Horelka

    Please Keep Paul Horelka and his family in your thoughts and prayers. His wife Carol passed away yesterday.