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  1. The Hood Collection

    What was left of the Hood collection was given to given to the Ware Family upon Teds' passing. It was a hodgepodge of different pics, negatives, proof sheets, etc. Several years back, all of it was scanned, but the person scanning loaded up a scanner bed and copied them that way. That resulted in the scans having anywhere from 1 to 10 individual pics in them. Some of the years are just proof sheets which will be difficult to expand to a decent size. There are 5900+ scans in the collection. I have disk copies of the scans, and I am working on organizing them as I find time. A few years and some assorted pics are already on my FOTKI site. Another year ((1968 pics) will be added in the very near future once I finish it. When I say finish, I am separating the scans into individual pics, then correcting the contrast or color. The originals are stored away from the public. Here is a link to the 1967 pics. It starts out with pics from an ARCA race. I will be going back to id as many pics as possible. https://public.fotki.com/txtom/auto-racing/pan-american-speedway/pan-american-1967/ Hers is a link to some early 60's coupes. https://public.fotki.com/txtom/auto-racing/pan-american-speedway/early-60s-coupes/ Glad to see you back here Buddy. how have you been?
  2. Would be great to see more from Mr Bowles. Very interesting stuff to help clear up and fill some holes in the history.
  3. Happy Birthday!

    Lets all wish Nick a very Happy Birthday! Do it quick, before he forgets that this is his special day!
  4. RUSS Brad Bush

    So who the hell is this Brad Bush and has he really ever done anything?
  5. Surely y’all met at a chariot race somewhere........
  6. 300 at Texas Mile

    Yessir, the M2K Motorsports car out of Fulshear Texas. They are in their own world at that event. A highly modified GT40. But they deserve it; they are incredibly nice guys that work hard at that event. They tune several cars st that event And will help anyone that needs it.
  7. Too Many Rules

    I believe Preston Peltier has Rowdy #1 and Donnie has #2.
  8. Too Many Rules

    Lost in all this is the new owner of Hamner, Justin Oertel, is the one who bought Hamke chassis, ran off Robert Sr and Jr, then merged it with Kyle Busch Motorsport. Technically Hamner could now be considered part of KBM. Let’s see what that does to the cost of late model racing.
  9. Very sad loss

    Please keep Austin racer Jerry Grant and his Family in your thoughts and prayers. He lost his wife Judy thursday. There will be a small service as noted: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/judy-grant-obituary?pid=191644835
  10. Billy, google the CARS Tour super late model schedule. Freddy’s Grandson Jared Fryar is running that series again, and is the defending points champion. Bound to have a race near you,
  11. FIxed the URl for ya'll. Still got a bunch of programs coming. And more pics than you can imagine. Tom
  12. This one will bring back some memories for the old timers here. This is a fairly rare finding. It is a magazine that was published here in San Antonio to cover all the motorsports of the time. George Pettigrew was the Editor. On page 2, you will recognize many names of the folks that contributed to this magazine. https://public.fotki.com/txtom/racing-programs/miscellaneous-races/sa-racer-august-1978/
  13. Just added a 1979 Austin Speedorama program to my FOTKI site. Link is below: https://public.fotki.com/txtom/auto-racing/paramount-austin-sp/1979-speedorama-program/ Stay tuned to that site for some new albums that i am about to upload to it; One is from the Pan American Speedway, and the other I'll keep a lid on for right now, but it's a good one....
  14. Snowball Modified qualifying results

    Johnny broke a rear end coming to the green and it turned him into the wall. Had a good car. Several cars in all classes had rear end problems; mostly with Gleasons.
  15. Old Pics From TWS?

    The race Waltrip won was 21 March 1993. The Texas Grand Prix ran the day before in a race won by Howard Wilis.