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  1. Hcr update

    We will not open this week all the ambulance services have been short handed.We can not find one than can get away this weekend.I know you people are wondering if we will open this year don't worry we will.Just alot of things needed to get back in order.I refuse to run without an ambulance present.I do have some good news we will be sanction sport mods and modifieds.just got off the phone with IMCA.We are all square and ready to go.So we are trying real hard so be patient we just got a late start on things.We are shooting for next wek the Ambulance told us they will be getting two more emt this wek so they should have an ambulance available.cross your fingers.They will let us know on monday.
  2. Streetstock Camaro,350 motor,350 trans,needs work to be finished. $2,000 Econo tires $60 a tire
  3. Driver from Austin

    Does anyoneremember this driver?Ran at Speed-o-Rama and Pan Am
  4. HCR news

    The track will not open this weekend.Things that are out of are control.I will keep everyone posted. Thankyou Andy
  5. mods

    The caps were not meant as me yelling.Sorry if it was taking that way.Was just making a point.
  6. mods

    OH YEA NOT TO BE A SMART A.... BUT I DO KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO GET A CAR RACE READY DID IT FOR 8 YRS.I have been on both sides Driver and Trying to give you guys Another track to run.So to all you guys that are parked.I have been putting all this together free of charge.I doing it cause I love racing.WEBPAGE, LISTENING TO THE COMPLAINING,and GETTING THINGS ORGANIZED.PUTTING A SHOW TOGETHER IS A LOT OF WORK.But in the end hope we can all be freinds and make this thing work.
  7. mods

    Lol Nick couldn' have said it any better.That is why i ask the drivers so they know I am listening.WE ALL HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER.Or Nick is right there won't be know tracks.I am trying to fix the whole picture here.I have talk to people that are way higher up in racing than we are.Nationwide managers ,nascar team members that are freinds of mine.Tracks that make it payout with the back gate, entry fees,sponsors.the front gate is profit that is what keeps the track going for you guys to race.TELL me Tony Stewart doesn't no what he is doing.So like I said cars make the show more cars bigger purses.And the owners and promoters have to get on the same page to.LISTEN TO THE DRIVERS ,DRIVERS LISTEN TO YOUR TRACKS.TEAM WORK THAT IS WHAT MAKES THINGS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! none of us are going to get rich......lol..........Yes Randy I think IMCA would be the way to go if that is what the mods want.No sense in wasting money if there going all outlaw.Could use the money somewhere else. MAN I sure opened up a can of worms...lol
  8. mods

    LOL No apology needed creative critcism it is ok.LOL.I would love to see you here to watch some racing.yes moving forward I will keep everyone posted.I do the websight and will keep it updated.The best i can.Barring no major malfunction.lol.Sorry to all that is all i can say.Try my best to make it better.Just like you and every race fan,track owner/promoter,or sponsors they want to see cars.One day we will go back to having fun and racing lol!!!!!
  9. mods

  10. mods

    Gotta have cars to pay good purses!!!!!That is why tracks don't pay big takes cars to make money.takes money to pay money.That is the bottom line.CARS=FANS =SPONSORS=MONEY.NOT HARD MATH.US TRACKS OPEN THE GATES BUT WE CAN NOT MAKE THE DRIVERS COME.THAT IS UP TO YOU DRIVERS.TO MAKE THE SHOW!!!!!!!
  11. mods

    Yes I agree.Things have been a little screwy.Now the websight works schedule is up.contact #'s work so feel free to call me.As far as a commitment issue the track is opening for fans and drivers if the drivers don't come neither will the fans.I'm doing this because i love racing.I dang sure am not making any money lol....the racing at I-37 and Killen are very good shows.My hats off to them.And I talk To Cassie and Pat promoter of Killeen.On the phone several times.I am not in competition with them.I have done every thing in my power to make this thing work.For the drivers that are here and the fans.the imca was brought to my attention so i have been looking in to it Had a few drivers so i thought i would leave it up to the drivers.Stead just saying this is what we are running.Left it open for discussion.Now to clear the air all tracks have had there problems.I have been around racing all my life.I CAN NOT CHANGE THE PAST.SO LETS MOVE ON. AND FOR EVERYONE THAT THINKS THIS IS THE YANKEE WRONG...He doens't tell me what i say or think.Yes he does own the track but will not run the show.SO ME COMING DOWN THERE TO RACE LOL.......IS OUT OF THE ? LOL......lESS SOMEBODY LETS ME DRIVE A CAR.......THEN ILL BE THERE!!!!!!!!! Thankyou for the replies. Andy Kirkland
  12. mods

    We have been talking about the IMCA saction.But i heard that the mods were all going outlaw.Doesn't make sense to be saction if there no imca legal cars in south or central texas.Thats why i posted to see how many were still out there.As you can see it is like the cat has there tongue lol...Talk to me, i am trying to make this work for you drivers.When you only have one or two responses kinded hard to push a saction track.No Imca saction cars to race then it is a waste of money.But if i knew i would get a full class we would be Imca saction.SPONSORS AND FANS WANT TO SEE RACING...... 5 to 6 CARS DOESN'T CUT IT!!!!!
  13. demo derby

    Want to do a Demo Derby end of next month.Would like to know, how many are interested? I know of three so far. I don't want to do a 5 car demo that is a waste of everybodies time.Not to mention lets the fans down!!!!!Lets put on a show like the Hill Country has never seen. Thanks Andy
  14. mods

    How many of the imca mods are still running that can not run with the outlaw mods.Would like to know so we can look at putting something together for the guys that can not afford to run the outlaw mod.But would still like to run imca style modified. Andy
  15. Opening Day has been moved to April 25th.I want to Apologize but things just are not ready.Plus with the weather supposed to be raining,I thought it would be in the best interest to put it off a week.This was totally my call.There has been a few changes on the websight so Please check the sight i will keep it updated.If you have any ? feel free to call me.Thankyou and have a very good week. Andy Kirkland