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  1. Race Scanners

    I am posting this on behalf of I37 Raceway Yes Raceceiver scanners will work. Doug
  2. new track?

  3. new track?

    Well sorry to rub you wrong hippyracer I was not saying you did not support local tracks the facility you are talking about is not at all a good place to race cars. The best thing it has going for it is a paved parking lot. There are NO comparisons to SAS and an old 1 mile horse track. Trust me I would LOVE to walk across the street to a track. I was just stating facts not pointing fingers. Hope to see everyone at I-37 and THR later this year Doug
  4. new track?

    GB What was the name of the track that closed two weeks ago? Doug
  5. new track?

    No, They were forced to sale it quickly after they bought it. Doug
  6. new track?

    I have been quite on this site for a while now but since that old race track is across the street from my property, I will chime in on this post. I hope I do not offend anyone on this matter. I have been part of two groups that have looked into the old horse track to make it a motorsport track and it all comes down to spending a lot of money. 1. The property is not for sale. (that says a lot right there) 2. From the Hwy it looks ideal but when on the property its really not it was an old 1 mile track now its a grass field. I personally walked this property for over three hours less than a month ago and to get it in Racing condition it would take a very large 6 digit figure. I will not list all of the properties pluses and negatives but what I will say is SUPPORT the TRACKS that up and RUNNING if you like DIRT I37 Raceway is a great place to run. ASPHALT I know its a haul but Thunder Hill and Houston are open for business. I would Love to have a track closer to home but I don't so that is why I support the tracks that running and trying to find ways to keep Texas Racing alive. Doug
  7. Eric's number

    Jay Give me a call I'll give to you 210.645.1200 Doug
  8. Nick Thanks for the kind words I am happy to be able to support this race and hopefully many more races on dirt and asphalt Doug
  9. A Youngster has gone to be with the Man..

    Russell you and your family are in our prayers If you need anything please do hesistate to call me Doug O'Neal
  10. Drivers Website's

    Budman www.caseysmithracing.com and driver websites are very important its the easiest way for a possiable sponsor to find you
  11. Tammy Dickerson

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Dickerson family in their time of need. Tammy was a warm and wonderful person to work with. She will be missed. Every one from Hill Country Satellite
  12. asa tracks

    Different ASA I believe I read that the monroe track were using ASAlatemodel rules which Ron Varney's group runs same touring that ran at SAS and the ASA sanction that THR and HMP are a different organization all together Thats what i was told at least Doug
  13. Quote of the night at USRA/SAS Awards Banquet

    I would LOVE for this to get back to the USRA/SAS Awards Banquet I was able to attend would like to hear any other news about it Doug
  14. Quote of the night at USRA/SAS Awards Banquet

    Kiss check your PM's Doug
  15. Quote of the night at USRA/SAS Awards Banquet

    MAz I was not bashing I don't think he was bashing I don't think either of us is mad or will loose sleep over this I will catch him at a race at sas and have some good laughs No hard feelings Doug