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  1. Yup. Us racers have a knack of wishing those tracks could come back so we can bash them again
  2. There's always this option.
  3. Super Stock Racing Schedule (Speedfest)

    Some are always coming to the "next" race.
  4. Super Stocks, time to put your money where your mouth is. You wanted a class and your own race, now it's time to represent. Hope to see a decent showing. We are bringing ours.
  5. Super Stock Racing Schedule (Speedfest)

    Let's do first things first. Let's get at least 8 of us committed so we can race at all. If this class wants to be on the schedule next season, there needs to be enough to race the last race.
  6. Super stocks @ HMP

    I talked to Damon Bean. He will be there. #44
  7. Super stocks @ HMP

    I put ours back together to help the class. #12 will be there.
  8. Super stocks @ HMP

    You guys worked your butts off to get rules approved and get that car count. And I'm sure you could pick up a few more for the next one. You all should have gotten credit for your hard work in the drivers meeting. This is the fist time the outlaws and super stocks both ran their own races. You guys made that happen. Major accomplishment guys!
  9. Super stocks @ HMP

    Nice job guys. I think you can pull this off.
  10. Super stocks @ HMP

    For the sake of the class? That didn't seem to matter as it was getting wrecked last year. Whoever lobbied for mini clutches in the open motors planted the RIP sign on the class. That was another $700 only a few were willing to spend. (the 3 that lapped the field) These guys are trying to put back together what was destroyed in one season. Donnie sits right in the middle of this now and I think he has a pretty good handle on the history of CTS rules and what was working, and why a couple of cars had an advantage. Not due to the crate motor, but due to additional silly body or chassis weight breaks. I just pulled up the times from the last season at CTS even with that, they are very close (one tenth). If they didn't have the stupid body and rear clip rule they probably would have been identical. Anyway I'll put my money on these guys to get it right.
  11. Super stocks @ HMP

    Dillon? Sorry not up on the screen names on here. If I'm correct, you and 2 other open motor cars lapped the entire field in a 25 lap race last year. Then few super stocks showed next race and had to run with outlaws. So I'm really not sure what your crate motor post is about.
  12. Super stocks @ HMP

    Just curious, which car do you have?
  13. Super stocks @ HMP

    Actually the word racing and affordable are far apart. It's all downhill from there. Anyway, I've run both and the cheapest way so far (without cheating) has been the crate. Note: In our classes at HMP and what was CTS, you can open them up.
  14. Super stocks @ HMP

    I think you're first sentence explains the super stock situation. Exactly why I parked ours and focused on our truck and outlaw. I give you credit for trying though.
  15. Super stocks @ HMP

    I'm just giving you reality. Part of the problem is consistency. Hasn't been any for the super stocks. But, I can give you a few more reasons. One is, IF you want to compete to win, it will cost the guy out there that ran an open motor at CTS about $700 to buy a mini clutch. Another reason is cost of entry, practice, travel and hotel. (I know the argument there, but you asked the question). Another question is, has anyone from HMP called the guys that have cars? It may make a difference if they get a call. Preaching to the guys in the drivers meeting probably isn't gonna make a difference. I tried to help early on, but I won't air that on here. The super stocks will probably be down 2 more cars. Pretty sure the 17 and 80 are going to make changes and run Outlaw. They were lapping the SS field in a 25 lap race so pretty sure they are changing over to Outlaw. Hope some of the cars out there show up, but it wouldn't hurt to call them. We will be there with 2 cars, (truck and outlaw) so that's plenty for us to focus on.