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  1. Inner Tube Hoosier R-750 Tire?

    We would scrape and clean the area really well on the inside. Then build a decent amount of silicone that will bond to anything. Like the red or black that’s oil resistant.

    Yes! But you haven’t lived until you’ve heared that clank after turning a wrench!
  3. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Well said! I think some have forgot this is a hobby!
  4. Who will be the first NA$CAR DQ?

    If Ricky Brooks is not the tech man, It will be money under the table! Politics! This should get you rolling Jay!
  5. Facebook and Lone Star Speedzone

    Nick.... Thanks for all you do! We know ..... like some race tracks this to will end some day! Until then my friends and I will continue to enjoy the chatter we read daily! God bless you and your family through this Holiday Season! Rick Sinard
  6. Prayers Tom and family
  7. Any new info?

    Welllllllllll Get cracking!!
  8. Liberty Bell race thoughts

    This is true! But..........Will they come back after sitting there almost 7 hours?
  9. 2017 Racing Schedule

    What will be your start time 7 or 8
  10. Future of TALMS

    I bet all those haters are happy! Lol!
  11. Get fans involved!

    Fans would really enjoy the experience of watching a race from the infield!
  12. Arob....... don't no where you get your intel... all cars there were bonafied dirt cars