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  1. bristol

    I stand corrected! NASCAR pulled it off! And yes it was a great show! Please accept my apologies!
  2. bristol

    Let’s get this straight! Never said anything against dirt! Just meant the test from the previous week wasn’t well planned for 3500 pound stock cars and 250 laps! Did I want to see that race! Hell to the yeah!
  3. bristol

    NASCAR , should take this as a sign, cancel, and head for the hills! Tony has to be laughing his ass off!
  4. bristol

    In answer to your question about Steven , yes he did! He is quite the wheel man! Deserves more recognition!
  5. Good job I37, gates open and start time! Much appreciated!

    Why can’t these posters have what time the gates open and what time the races start?
  7. Not real happy with them not giving a tv interview
  8. Wow Owen! That’s awesome! I haven’t seen MAJOR improvements to a track in years! Also by the way , I gotta say, I sat down yesterday to fill out my calendar for racing events this year. What a great job you , STS, and I-37 did on scheduling for the fans and racers this year with very little overlap of dates! Thanks to all!
  9. Don’t you love dirt racing! Keep the rules uniformed and simple!
  10. Nick, you left out , you’d make everybody happy!
  11. Inner Tube Hoosier R-750 Tire?

    We would scrape and clean the area really well on the inside. Then build a decent amount of silicone that will bond to anything. Like the red or black that’s oil resistant.