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  1. Sts bomber

    call me 361 813 3651 Doug
  2. please clarify fuel please

    well I see it came out of a pump
  3. Just a question

    see !!
  4. Just a question

  5. Tecate Night at the Races

    I have no answers too but it WILL be looked at...... WOW !! nice film !!
  6. Weather

    well ???
  7. Question on street stocks

    well im not the tech but I have a 3 link car the lower arms have a stock bushing on both sides and each arm but the center bar is solid with no pull spring or biscuit it has no advantage . if you have the 4 link with all monoballs they will work good all together it would have side to side travel too not just up and down ,, JMO . but a good race too !!
  8. Spring question

    miss read it
  9. SS with LLM

    I heard that the ss are not running ??
  10. 2017 Fees for STS

    55 at IHOP and Dennys
  11. hummm how much back taxes or I didn't see that ,,, I see now nueces County ,,very sad
  12. whats the chance up there anyone get the forecast
  13. weather

    are they going to call it ? if so does anyone know when
  14. weather

    long haul to turn back ,but ill chance it
  15. STS Margarita Night

    John , Get you lights on the trailer fixed , I didn't see you till it was ALMOST too late that would have been a bad crash
  16. How bad did it get there ?
  17. track

    ok ! loaded up Thank You
  18. track

    thank you ,Now let see what the track will do , Hate to book a house then they cancel . Thanks guys please keep me up dated
  19. track

    let us people down south ASAP ,, its a long haul thanks
  20. Sorry Again " toyotatim " you win !
  21. Sorry Toyotatim you feel that way , if the junk cars are slower than the much not junk cars the ones need to move up in the late mod class 7, or more junk cars almost make a class by its self , the junk cars are not slow ,we just haven't got there yet , Sorry you feel that way ......Team 27 28m 41 team
  22. well point avg hi ave starts in back . but if its for the top 4-6 not good maybe its just for that race only ,
  23. weight on street stock

    where are the complete rules for street stock
  24. c.c.