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  1. Kn1ghtb1ade?

    he told me he sold his car and was trying to get ahold of price to give his car back to him ..after sas closed he lost interest ... .i dont know if he got ahold of price ..i think he price fell off the face of the earth ..he has not talked to us in aboult 3 months or more ..we have prices tps car ...and dont know what to do with it .. so if anyone knows where price allen is tell him to give us a call ..... not off the planet, just monitored internet at work and none at home.. Right now I am tapped into one of my mom's neighbors internet, got to love un secured wi-fi connections... LoL I am still here sold my car price got his sold, and did lose interest with no SAS.. To far to drive to get to kyle, but I may check out a race there soon I hope if gas goes down anyway... Laters kn1ght
  2. Need Jamie Fullers Cell #

    If you'll just send a PM with your contact information, I'll get him to call you. Deb My new cell# 872-4091 give him that number please
  3. Need Jamie Fullers Cell #

    Hey does anyone have Jamie Fuller's Cell #? I have my car getting sent to his body shop and need to give him a call....
  4. Kn1ghtb1ade?

    49 Just like a politician to play both sides of the fence... LoL LoL
  5. Kn1ghtb1ade?

    We are not the same person... LoL LoL Its funny though... No one can tell I use spell check and have somewhat decent grammer? LoL LOL Sorry oldtimer it was there I had to take the shot... BTW thanks Kiss for sticking up for me... LOL
  6. Kn1ghtb1ade?

    No not peterbuilt yet anyway maybe soon if changes dont happen here, but I can get you Pete parts here too unless its a propritary item... But oldtimer its more to it than just the rain although that is big part, I have just had an unusually busy busy summer so far, and as you can tell aint been on here much either.... Also with the lack of a true track to call home, we are not too sure what rules we are going to finish up my car too, and as for Prices car its pretty much ready just needs to caliper put back on and the other muffler stabbed onto the pipe, I just hadnt had the time or the weather has been bad when I did have the time... Dont worry I will be out there soon enough either in my car or price's....
  7. Kn1ghtb1ade?

    Hey oltimer what happened to your cell phone? I called it awhile back and it went to some recording in spanish???? Got another 1" of rain at the shop today according to my mom. Can we just have the RAIN END PLEASE!!!! I would take you up on moving the car to a dry place, but it cant be moved we have the rear end apart and can't put it back together until we get rid of the water. It sucks bigtime, becuase we cant even get the load of gravel back there yet to keep this from happening. But thank you anyway. Besides with all the rain, I have been spending most of my free time with no rain mowing the weeds down in the yard... LoL LoL
  8. Kn1ghtb1ade?

    Its been freaking RAINING for 45 straight days then it finally stops and we have a lake around our shop so now its just drying out time... I am actually hopeing to race this month in Corpus schedule and weather permitting, I told Price I just wanted to get 1 race out of it atleast... JoeSchmo is a different guy, its someone I work with here... I still have my car just haveing been able to work on it due to weather... Go figure last year prayed for rain now I just want it to stop freaking raining... I actually hadnt talked to Jody in some time since SAS closed really... I changed cell phone providers and lost my old phone with his number.... As for posting on here I have been totally swamped at work (no pun intended)... All the rain has meant plently of wrecked 18 wheelers which I love to sell parts for since it fills up my back pocket.... :) So that has left little time to play on here.... LoL Hey oldtimer you should still have my homephone# anyway you know you can call anytime... LoL
  9. Hobby stock

    as far as I know stock door skins are not required in Thunderstocks, I might be wrong but I am pretty sure they are not... I know the superstocks can use homeade skins becuase I have seen them on the cars...
  10. TDR

    Classic staples of Consessions everywhere: Corndogs HotDogs Popcorn Good Chopped BBQ Sandwhich like stated above Suasage on a stick or in a wrap is good idea Fajitas are always a south texas favorite Basicaly anything on a stick or in a tortitia <----(I know spelling is bad) or bun.... LoL Oh and a must is a very very good BEER Garden to go with it... LoL LOL
  11. I want to thank Mary Anne as well for giving the RR cars somewhere to race, I havnt had a chance to yet with car probs then of course RAIN!!!! but Thank you for giving us a place to race.... Now can someone turn off the RAIN PLEASE!!!!!!!
  12. THR rained out 6/23/07

    + RAIN RAIN PLEASE GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The scope after 20 minutes of bla bla bla

    This were my plans as well wookie... Not sure what rules to finish my car as now. I guess Corpus and THR are all thats left....
  14. The Fans point of view

    Here are some things I had wished SAS had when going to the races there and would be good probably at any track... 1. Seat backs, like Josh said above after about an hour my lower back was killing me , or if nothing else a rental deal to rent the portable seat cussions that have a back to them since I cant seem to find them anywhere to buy. 2. More tickets to drivers to give away to fans or possible fans to get more butts in the stands. This will always help... 3. Good food at a reasonable cost in the consession stands. Oh yea and a really quick and good beer stand... :) (personal favorate here) LoL 4. Like mentioned above any sort of shade for the spectators is a major plus, nobody wants to spend time getting ready to go out with the family then get there and sweat their tales off for 2 hours or so waiting on the sun to go down... 5. A must is some sort of play area for the kids thats safe and secure becuase I know my kids would really start getting reslase (bad spelling I know) about half way through the programs at SAS.
  15. Rain or Race

    Last year we couldnt buy rain, this year raining all the time, we cant win for losing... Atleasdt the weeds in my yard are healthy as can be... LoL LoL