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  1. brad "CRASH"elowski

  2. The Boss

    The man is a class act. For sure.
  3. Tires & Fuel @ CC Speedway May 17

    We will be bringing 12 tires from Jerry with us to sell. 133.00 each, you mount them.
  4. Bonus Money

    Gerald, we thank you for being the only "HMP" truck to come up here.
  5. Bonus Money

    Lets see...track tires, NASCAR license x 2, big difference in rules. And those pesky decals on the purdy paint. All kidding aside Gerald, its alot easier for teams to come up here, than to go there.
  6. 2014 race car pics

  7. American Muscle Car Auto Racing (AMCAR) at HMP

    I just want to see one. That's why I keep asking.
  8. American Muscle Car Auto Racing (AMCAR) at HMP

    How many are ready?
  9. Central Texas Speedway Point Fund

    Well, they (we use to ) race every other weekend at HMP. Never was a problem getting ready for the next race for the people that cared about points. And as most of you know, it usually meant having to fix something bent or damaged.
  10. American Muscle Car Auto Racing (AMCAR) at HMP

    How many are ready? Got three weeks.
  11. screen names

    Gunnar Frid #99 Pro Truck, TALMS Sport Mod.
  12. For the Hell of it

    Denver 35 Seattle 17