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  1. In Need of Race Cars

    Nope, now there was a race the same day at CBS and I knew that and the teams could of left early but none showed. It would of been nice since we had some Cotton Bowl tickets up for grabs. Thats why next year I want to make sure we plan this on an off weekend for them and hope we can get a couple out there.
  2. In Need of Race Cars

    What an event we had. This event was off the charts the kids and parents loved seeing the race cars. I had a couple drop out due to the forecast that was looming and that's totally understandable. But with the cars that we had show up it was an awesome time. What was great is that we had a 1/4 midget and a mini sprint and also had a jr. dragster and a full size dragster. That way people could see the progression. All the teams were great in talking with the kids and parents, letting them sit in the cars and then firing them all up for everyone. I have already started planning the event for next year and plan on making it bigger. One thing for sure is I am going to do my best to get them to schedule it on an off weekend from CBS so maybe we can get some dirt cars out there. I did hand out all the schedules that Mary Ann gave to me and the two winners of the tickets were excited about going to the races.
  3. I wouldn't say it was all that bad Brennan Poole is from Texas and raced 1/4 midgets at Lone Star QMA in San Antonio for many years.
  4. In Need of Race Cars

    Definitely she also gave me a bunch of schedules that I will hand out with our racecar even though we don't race there. I will also be telling people about the race they are having that night hopefully the weatherman is wrong this weekend so people can get some racing in.
  5. In Need of Race Cars

    Just a heads up this is this weekend, MaryAnn and CBS have donated 4 grandstand tickets and 4 VIP tickets to the raffle that the school is having would be pretty cool to have a racecar there for the track.
  6. While I see where your coming from on this, why didn't they fight the suspension if it was a performance enhancing or nothing illicit. Most likely what happened is he took a test at Daytona and something came up, so they tested him again randomly and it came up again so they stepped in. Sounds like what they did was first test was a warning and from what I have heard about their testing if there is reason to suspect they will do stuff like that. We aren't in the NASCAR Hauler or area where this comes out so we all don't know specifically. But if I knew it wasn't something serious or something I didn't even know I would of fought it.
  7. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Oh I know the dirt guys will complain about a purse, I just don't see it out in the open like I do with asphalt guys. Maybe its because there is a few different choices that the dirt guys will just go run another track. Maybe I'm just not following the right people. But wasn't their a dirt track recently who raised the purses because the racers have been coming out and supporting the track. Raising the purse to get cars out doesn't always work ive seen and been apart of it, the best thing to do is get with the racers and find out why they aren't coming out and running. The track is making a business decision that helps them in the long run. This is almost like San Antonio Speedway everyone wanted SAS back and what can we do to reopen they reopen and its sell out stands are packed pits are packed. Ok lets run another season short season then racers don't show up and stands empty out and then its shut down. Everyone wanted Houston open HMP is open and they show up and the select races then they give everyone a 12 race season like they wanted and car counts drop. I've watched the results, I even asked after the first race where everyone was. When it comes to the expense factor of a night of racing versus the purse I am very well versed in it. We ran a sprint car for many years and trust me there is nights that we had already spent more than what we could of won before we even left the shop. We had sponsors we had one that would give us $500 every 1/4, one that gave us $200 every 1/4 and one that gave us $500 every month. Dry slick tracks and soft tires that sprints had could eat up some tires. I might would get 2-3 races out of a set of rears depending on which tire it was but most likely if it was the tires that could get me to 6-8 inches of stagger they were burned up that night. Most nights we raced it paid $750 to win and you would probably get $125 from 8th to 24th. The races that we always tried to make were the ones that paid $1000 to win because it $305 to start the feature. We run a minisprint now and a couple weeks ago we raced at Edna it was $450 to win we made the feature and didn't finish we got $50. That didn't even pay back the pit passes, and when it was all said and done after that race we had to purchase a new rear bumper, header, muffler, lf wheel, lf-rr-lr tire to the tune of about $1275. Hell the Chili Bowl is one of the most prestigious races in the world and its purse is kept pretty secret but has been leaked a couple times. The winner of the Saturday night A-Main gets $10,000 there is a rumor that during the qualifying nights you might get $100 to start the A-Main that night. Don't get me started on drag racing purses that's a whole nother animal. In the end its racing and racing is expensive whether your running a Super Late Model or a Go Kart. Speed cost money how fast you wanna go. The main thing is that for some us its a passion and a fun time, its a stress reliever from our 5 day work week, its time we get to spend with friends and family. So enjoy it the purse might not be what you want it to be but at least you have a playground to play on.
  8. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Why is it asphalt guys always complain about a purse? I hardly ever hear of dirt guys complaining about a purse. Isn't it common knowledge that you will always spend more money to go race than what your going to win? Asphalt guys need to be thanking this track instead of bitching about it since this is their last playground in the state. Keep it up and in a couple months everyone's going to be complaining that there is no asphalt tracks to run at around here and they have to go to Florida.
  9. Dega Baby

    Anyone notice how packed the stands were today.
  10. In Need of Race Cars

    Tim I already have 10 racecars confirmed and about 50 hotrods, exotics, bikes, and big trucks just looking for more. This isn't about sponsors or anything else, this about the kids seeing racecars and maybe just maybe peaking the interest of a couple kids and families to get them into racing. Nathan I have posted this on Sweet Rides of Central Texas, Buda Gearheadz, Drag Racing Gassers of Texas and my personal Facebook where I know am friends with more than a few of the members here. But yes by all means put this on Facebook the more the merrier. I have reached out to Mary Ann when we first started discussing this about them setting up a table to get people in the know about the track. I know it is a raceday for them and I hope that we could get someone out to set up a table and maybe pass out flyers and schedules about the track. I am going to reach out to her again.
  11. In Need of Race Cars

    My wife is a 4th grade teacher here in Austin. Her School is doing a block party event with a Touch a Truck and Car show. Her school Kocurek Elementary is located on Curlew Dr. in South Austin off of Slaughter Lane. We are wanting to get some racecars for this event. I already have some but would love to have more. I know that CBS is racing that day that's why we are doing the event from 10am-2pm that way you can leave and still be there by 4ish if you leave straight from the school. We are going to have our mini-sprint there and will be leaving at 1 to make the race in Alvin that night. Let's get this together for the kids. Let me know if you can make it so I can make sure we have room for everyone.
  12. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    So let me get this straight, hotel rooms are the reason for people not showing up, even though when their was a wait list for tickets and they were charging this much for rooms it was ok and not a problem, but now since the attendance is a problem its the over priced hotel rooms fault.
  13. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Best thing I have read this week from Jim Utter: Fans Not in Attendance complaining about fans not in attendance.
  14. I hate to see that the actions of few are costing many others. I would also suggest imposing some kind of fine or penalty for someone taking to social media to tear down or question the track, series or officials.
  15. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Same song different post. I have to agree with Tim that this race was a lot better than most. I enjoyed watching this race. All this mention of the seating at BMS. Its been declining for the past couple of years. So what Bristol did was smart from the business side, they only sold tickets for the front and back stretch. That way instead of having 50,000 fan spread out they put them in areas to condense. What they also did was only had to staff those areas instead of the whole track and could better assist those fans in those areas. Then there is the deal with the hotel rooms. Wake up people this has been going on for years and now the only reason it has come up is because Clint Bowyer said something. If you think this is just now happening then you are severely mistaken. This is not NASCAR's fault they don't control the hotel owners, I can tell you it happens here during F1, and other events at COTA. I have contracts with hotels in Buda and Kyle and my blackout dates that the contract prices don't count is F1, ACL, SXSW weekends because they raise the rates. I listened to the Dale JR Download last week and they had Steve Phelps as the guest and that was probably one of the best Podcasts he has had. Steve Phelps admitted that they chased the wrong fan and they know they made that mistake. He also stated a lot of other things about the series that was very informational. They had a fan council of about 25,000 fans that they talk to every week after the races. They are trying to fix it and with what they are saying about the new GEN7 car this could be like the old racing we all want. Also everyone mentions this race how there was no spectators, what about the IndyCar race at COTA there was no one there and no mention of that. All sports stands are getting fewer and fewer, there is to much access to sports these days. In the 90's and early 2000's if you wanted to listen to a scanner you had to go to the track. Now you can do all that from your phone and this is for all sports.