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  1. Well then I hope you told them to tell their tour guides they need to spout some truth. I know I had to correct him when we were at the drag strip and he said the 2 of John Force's daughters still race. I had to step in and correct him that only 1 still races.
  2. Interesting note that I heard last week while in Charlotte. We did a tour of the speedway, drag strip, and dirt track. The World Finals at the Dirt track are sold out of Camping spots and seats for the next 5 years. I asked the tour guide who has worked at Charlotte for many years, "What does that tell you?" He said people love the dirt racing and the show, no matter how dusty and dry it gets.
  3. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Hailie Deegan can drive circles around Danica. She has won 3 races in the Old NASCAR KN West series and ran the last 2 seasons in the KN East and West Series and made 5 ARCA starts last year. Her father is Brian Deegan the founding member of the Metal Mullisha and the Godfather of Free Style Motorcross. She has raced off road trucks, bandelros, legends, late models. She has done really good in all those series. I have followed here career and she has taken her time and multiple full seasons in a vehicle before moving to the next. She hasn't jumped classes to fast. Some people say she is over aggressive and tears a lot of stuff up but I just say that was the KN West series.
  4. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    I think this was the best move for Hailie personally. She had a deal with Toyota but there is so many up and coming drivers in the Toyota camp, that even being who she is and a great marketable person, she would get lost in the shuffle. If you don't think that is an issue now look at the situation at JGR and LFR. There are other drivers in the lower ranks that Toyota is trying to push forward but there is no where for them to go. At least with her in a Ford there is options for Ford to place her. The Deegan family has a long relationship with Ford through her dad Brian.
  5. Snowball derby

    There is also rumors from other teams of tire prep. They took samples and sent to be tested by a 3rd party lab.
  6. Interesting

    Yes Tim they do run at Pensacola, Bobby Santos sat on the pole with a 13.812. Harrison Burton sat on the pole of the Snowball last year with a 16.273. If I'm not mistaken and maybe Rodney could confirm this but I think when the Midgets ran at THR they qualified faster than the Super Latemodels.
  7. Interesting

    I cant believe some of you. Here is something that is exciting and will probably be a good show and we want to knock it down. They ran USAC Midgets at Thunderhill twice and they had no safer barriers or a different catch fence. They run the wing sprint series in the Southeast at all the asphalt tracks no safer barriers and normal catch fences. People wonder why race tracks shut down. I know the promoter of the Elite Series and he did his homework before scheduling this race. He did a lot of talking to the sprint car racers in Indiana and the south east that run on asphalt. These racers that run this race will have to spend some money as they will have to order all new sets of tires, different front hubs and wheels. But knowing Nathan and these racers they will put on a good show. I guess this has to do with the fact that they scheduled a sprint car race but still haven't done anything about the street stocks. Stand behind your track folks.
  8. Interesting

    I saw the 2020 Schedule for the ASCS Elite Non-Wing series as it was released yesterday. There was an interesting race that caught my eye as their last race of the year. October 31,2020 Houston Motorsports Park, yep they are going to run a Non Wing Asphalt race. That should be an amazing racing at the facility.
  9. nascar

    I figured it up yesterday between Kyle Busch, Kyle Larson and Ryan Blaney. Just looked at their points during the playoffs not counting their entry points from the regular season. NASCAR is getting what they want with awarding the winners. KB-296 Points KL-296 Points RB-275 Points
  10. nascar

    I think they need to revamp the points a little bit. Kyle Busch made the final four solely on what he did in the regular season, He had a very lackluster playoffs, I think they need to reset the points after the first round.
  11. TSTRS Question

    I think that has a lot to do with the fact I could go take modified, sport mod, stock car and pretty much go to any dirt track and race on Saturday night. With my asphalt car I could only run at the one track because for a long time there in the late 90's and early 2000's none of the asphalt tracks had common rules.
  12. SAS Late Model

    Is this Shane Harris's old car that was number 22 in TSRS. If so its a old Lloyd Alexander car that I believe was a lefthander but had a lot of work done by Ervin at Oval Components. If this is it, it is a real good car.
  13. TSTRS Question

    Here you go: Abilene Speedway---Abilene Devil's Bowl Speedway----Mesquite Lone Star Speedway----Kilgore RPM Speedway----Crandall Heart o Texas Speedway----Waco Big O Speedway----Ennis Texana Raceway----Edna South Texas Speedway----Corpus Christi I-37 Raceway----Pleasanton Kennedale Speedway Park----Kennedale 82 Speedway----Petty or Paris Grayson County Speedway----Bells Boyd Raceway----Boyd Monarch Speedway----Witchita Falls Cotton Bowl Speedway---Paige 105 Speedway----Clevelan Golden Triangle Raceway Park----Beaumont Gulf Coast Speedway----Alvin I know this is an Oklahoma track but its 34 miles over the border Southern Oklahoma Speedway--big fast track fast show----Ardmore
  14. Link to photos from LSQMA 9/14/2019

    On their facebook page it says its at Speedsportz Racing Park-North Houston-New Caney. 23050 Speed Street New Caney,TX 77357 They are on facebook under Bayou City QMA
  15. Link to photos from LSQMA 9/14/2019

    I was down there last weekend watching the racing and they were putting on a pretty good show.