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  1. Speaking on what HiTech was saying about car shows. We were talking this weekend about how for as long as I can remember the second weekend in January was always the Spillar Custom Hitches Austin Custom Car and Hot Rod Show at Palmer Auditorium. It was a major stop on the ISCA Show Car Circuit. I remember the first year we had our 1/4 midget in the show and that was 1988. The place was packed it would get so busy you could hardly walk around inside there. I remember Longhorn Speedway having a booth there, as well as racecars all over the place as well as some clean hot rods. In 1989 the place got so packed they ran out of room to park cars. In 1990 the opened the lower level and had cars everywhere. We always had a booth for the 1/4 midgets and every year we would get a bunch of families to sign up for an arrive and drive day and we might have gotten maybe 5 to 10 new members out of 150 people. That was good though because we were getting something. I picked up a couple of big sponsors because we had another avenue to showcase their product with a lot of viewership. We continued this when we started racing dwarf cars and we always promoted all of the tracks we raced at. When Thunderhill opened up they had a booth as well as Longhorn. Then the city decided to renovate the whole property that Palmer Auditorium was on an the car show was shut down for a couple years during this process and they tried to move it to the new Palmer Events Center, in this change they charged you to park plus a lot more to get in the door and now the car show is nonexistent. Same thing with Rudy's Classic Car show supporting Make a Wish in North Austin. That was a pretty big deal and now non existent. Now the only car shows I really know about is what happens every Saturday night at Cabela's but that has pretty much changed up to being a meet up for the street racers. As big a city as Austin is and there is not a major car show is amazing, I even think they stopped having the Auto Show that they used to have at the convention center.
  2. In my honest opinion, I think it all comes down to rules. I can take my drag car and go race at any track in Texas and not have to change a thing. I can travel anywhere outside the state of Texas and run without changing anything. When it comes to dirt tracks it basically the same thing, you can take your IMCA car and go to any IMCA track and race. Asphalt tracks have to many varying classes and rules. We saw it here in Texas when THR, SAS, CCMS, HMP all raced they all had different classes with different rules. That did change when the track promoters got together an made similar rules and raced on separate nights so people could travel if they wanted. Rumor I heard is that the big 3 drag strips in central Texas got together where drag racers can run SAR, Little River and Edinburgh and not miss races at their local track.
  3. Who would be better?

    TBone when we were at the Chili Bowl a couple years ago we sat next to some people that were from Indiana and they owned a Sprint Car and Jerry Coons Jr. drove for him during sprint week they told us that if we loved the chili bowl we would really love sprint week. That is on my list of things to do.
  4. Who would be better?

    So last night I got caught up in the worm hole of youtube watching some of the old Thursday and Saturday Night Thunder races. It got me to start thinking in their prime who was the better midget racer of the NASCAR racers, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, or Kyle Larson. Jeff Gordon was always fast and setting records with the Rollie Helmling Diet Pepsi Beast, Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne both were really quick in the Steve Lewis cars, and Kyle is good with the Keith Kunz cars. Now it was neat to see the other slew of NASCAR star names like Ryan Newman, Kenny Irwin, Stevie Reeves, Mike Bliss and then your others who were just as fast and dominant like Dave Darland, Davey Hamilton, Dave Steele, Don Schilling, Dan Drinan, Doug Kalitta, Jimmy Sills, Robby Flock, Sleepy Tripp, Mike Fedorcak, and the ever present Rich Vogler. The racers who made it to NASCAR on this list made it because of their driving talent not their pocket books. Some of the best racing I had seen in a long time was on those YouTube videos last night.
  5. Sprint Cars

    Drew I will PM you my info. We are currently working on getting the info of drivers that would be willing to make the haul and race. I've talked with Mary Ann and that was some of the same questions so we are working on that getting that info.
  6. Sprint Cars

    Just found out from a message from Randy Waller that he is now with ASCS as the new Gulf Coast Promoter. So it also sounds like the Southern United Sprints is done as well. So there will be a few race teams in South East Texas area that will either have to buy 360's start going to north Texas to race or maybe the southern tracks will give them an avenue.
  7. Sprint Cars

    Just have a question. With the only track with 2 hours of Austin that was running sprint cars at least once a month now closed. I am just asking if the tracks in the area I-37, Edna, CBS(I know Mary Ann is just getting her hands on it), 281, South Texas, Waco have any possibilities of running the Racesaver Sprints for at least booked in shows or maybe a once a month deal. I know there is a bunch of racers in the houston area that have cars and now dont really have a track to run at. We are asking Randy Waller what his plans with Southern United Sprints is and if they are going to need a new home track and who that might be. I know this was tried at CBS when it opened and it was never really successful as a weekly show but i have my reasons as to why it didnt work after talking with some of the racers from the Gator area. We are just trying to get an idea as our team, we have had some new additions in the way of kiddos and it would be nicer to be able to race close to home instead of having to drive 4 hours 1 way just to race or do we just put the whole operation up for sale and go a different route.
  8. Bob Glidden RIP

    Rest in Peace Bob Glidden. One of the best Pro Stock Racers and innovators of Ford Powerplants of all time passed away yesterday.
  9. Gator Motorplex announces end of racing

    Sad it was a fun track to go race, fun little bullring. Was probably one of the most strict tracks when it comes to noise and mufflers. But people I know who live around there always told me they could still hear the cars without a problem.
  10. Nascar

    I know its not NASCAR but look what Steve Torrence said about NHRA's Countdown to the Championship (basically their chase) and this was on live TV. NHRA didn't fine him one bit. http://www.dragzine.com/news/dejected-steve-torrence-calls-bulls-t-on-nhras-countdown-format/
  11. Nascar

    I would really like to see them go back to these cars. I liked it because the teams played with the bodies that made the cars look good.
  12. The one race I will be interested to watch will be the Fall Charlotte race on the ROVAL. I think that might be interesting we shall see.
  13. News

    Anything on this facility, we were discussing plans for next year at maybe staying around here more. Just trying to figure out if there will be a racetrack or not.
  14. Racing This Weekend

    FYI Tim that was the biggest one on the premises compared to about 5-6 years ago that would of been one of the smaller ones. The family that has that setup, which was motorhome a with a 24ft to 28ft trailer, was from Colorado. They travel all over the country racing. The green car that was in the first picture Nick posted was one of theirs. They had multiple drivers racing in multiple classes. Was a great little racer drove the wheels off that car.
  15. Racing This Weekend

    We were there yesterday and I think my little one is going to make me spend some money.