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  1. Abilene and Kennedale have cancelled races for tomorrow due to the Extreme Heat Warnings. Wonder how many tracks will follow suit.
  2. Eldora

    Kyle Busch said let the trucks keep Eldora that's their thing. He wants to see Xfinity and Cup go to short tracks like Pensacola, Hickory, Nashville, South Boston, IRP and let anyone enter. Its hard to agree with Kyle but I agree with him. Let them have the cars back before the Car of Tomorrow and let the teams get creative. I cant be the only one that misses these cars.
  3. Super stocks @ HMP

    I have no dog in this fight but I have followed along with this thread. I have to say Radracr and others that are working for this I commend you and truly hope that everyone that has committed to you or said they would show up if the rules work out that they show up and give you a great field. You guys have worked hard for this and it looks like its paying off.
  4. SAS site of Electrathon Competition

    I have to disagree with Alamo Dragway never drawing a crowd. In its hey days Alamo Dragway would pull the crowds as, toward the end of its run it was having to compete against SAR, SAS and every other new age attraction there was. SAR doesn't pull crowds for weekly shows no drag strip pulls a crowd for a bracket race, unless they have some kind of side show that the bracket cars run with. SAR pulls crowds but only for National Event, Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, Dirty South No Prep, other than that they really don't pull much of a crowd in drag racing terms. What SAR does to make the place looked packed is they have a morning event and an evening event to keep the place jazzed up all day instead of spreading it over multiple days.
  5. I say Stenhouse because he isn't afraid to get in a midget or sprint car and go race. When he does get in one he usually does pretty decent.
  6. I was watching some old videos the other day on the ole YouTube and there was drivers like Ward Burton, Kenny Wallace, Kenny Irwin, Ken Schrader, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jarrett, Rusty Wallace you know the usual subjects from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. That's back when NASCAR had racers not spokespeople who are drivers. So my question today is who of the drivers today in NASCAR are the real racers? Who are the ones that you literally look at and go how did they get a ride? In my opinion your real racers in NASCAR today are: Kyle Larson, Ricky Stenhouse, Ryan Newman, Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth--- all of these guys will go get in some other kind of race car and do good. Ones I question how they got a ride or still have a ride: Trevor Bayne (which that is being cured), I do see a lot of racers who have done something great once but haven't done anything else since.
  7. What would be a neat idea to do is this. Take a away the second races at tracks except, Daytona, Talladega. Every track gets one race and they get to choose their weekend. Do away with Indy, that track is only for Indy Cars, the only successful NASCAR race was the first one. So these tracks would only have one race weekend: Atlanta, Phoenix, Fontana, Texas, Chicago, Kansas, Bristol, Martinsville, Pocono, New Hampshire, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Kentucky, Homestead, Michigan, Richmond, Dover Road Courses: Infineon, Watkins Glen, The Roval-- Will go to a rotation base. Every year you throw in different road courses, theres enough out there you can do this. So here is my plan you still run 36 races a year. All main tracks will get at least one race a year except Daytona and Talladega--They each get two. The Daytona 500, and Firecracker 400 stay as same weekends. So the remaining tracks( including road courses) select a weekend to race. The remaining 16 races go into a lottery, any track that is 3/8 of a mile and bigger and not a track on the current schedule can put their name into this lottery. So tracks like Nashville, Iowa, Pensacola, Myrtle Beach, Mobile, Cota, Sebring (you get the idea) get a NASCAR race. Then for the xfinity and truck series all races that are run at the major tracks are run same weekend. The tracks that get the lottery picks get a Cup Series race, the tracks that didn't get picked in that lottery stay in and then they have a shot at an Xfinity or Truck Series race and that goes on rotation as well(so lets say HMP gets a Cup race in 2020, in 2021 they can get a Xfinity or Truck race, then in 2022 you restart the process over again. The Clash and AllStar race go to a rotation amongst tracks that anyone can enter, (if the AllStar race goes to a track of 1/2 and shorter the drivers get to pick the cars they race) So if Eldora was to win the AllStar Lottery the drivers can say we want to run a truck, cup car, dirt late model, modified, sprint car make the race exciting to watch. Other Stipulations do away with the chase wipe it out. Do away with guaranteed starting spots the fastest 40 cars make it, if Kyle Busch or Jimmie Johnson screw up in qualifying and don't make the field oh well. When it comes to Lottery Pick tracks there is NO TESTING allowed and those races are ran in 1 Day. 2-30 min practice sessions, 2 Lap Qualifying, and then 150 to 200 lap shootout with a 5 minute halfway break. I think this will bring back some excitement, will let you get into tracks and areas that have never been in before or haven't been in in a long time.
  8. Frank Ferris last chassis

    Is this the one that Alvin Powell had?
  9. Danica's replacement? Your thoughts.....

    I hate to say it but you cant really judge how someone races at just Daytona. Yes the track is big and fast and you race in big packs but as we saw with the 500 it can take mediocre teams and make them look fast. Like I heard a top tier cup driver say one time after being involved in the big one at Daytona, "we go to Atlanta next week that's when the real season starts". So lets watch what these ladies do all throughtout the year and then see where they are at. I think the one who has the better shot is Deegan, she is racing for Bill MCAnally Racing in the K&N Series West full time and part time in the East. Decker is only racing ARCA and I feel like a driver is more likely to be plucked the K&N series than ARCA.
  10. Danica's replacement? Your thoughts.....

    I'm with Kruger, Hailie will be the next. She has some major sponsors that are already with her and she has proven she can drive.
  11. Schedule for WoO - 2/23/18?

    Not to be Debbie downer but if it does weather wise what they say its going to do I wouldn't get amped up for this race. As much as I want to see this race happen for Mary Ann and H and their team the forecast is very iffy. They are predicting 4 inches of wet stuff total for the Giddings area. Hopefully the weather proves the forecasters wrong again.
  12. 2018 Season

    Colt you can have that done in about 8 hours
  13. 2018 Season

    She hasn't seen a racetrack in about a year and a half. So we cleaned her up and going to get back on the track in 2 weeks.
  14. Speaking on what HiTech was saying about car shows. We were talking this weekend about how for as long as I can remember the second weekend in January was always the Spillar Custom Hitches Austin Custom Car and Hot Rod Show at Palmer Auditorium. It was a major stop on the ISCA Show Car Circuit. I remember the first year we had our 1/4 midget in the show and that was 1988. The place was packed it would get so busy you could hardly walk around inside there. I remember Longhorn Speedway having a booth there, as well as racecars all over the place as well as some clean hot rods. In 1989 the place got so packed they ran out of room to park cars. In 1990 the opened the lower level and had cars everywhere. We always had a booth for the 1/4 midgets and every year we would get a bunch of families to sign up for an arrive and drive day and we might have gotten maybe 5 to 10 new members out of 150 people. That was good though because we were getting something. I picked up a couple of big sponsors because we had another avenue to showcase their product with a lot of viewership. We continued this when we started racing dwarf cars and we always promoted all of the tracks we raced at. When Thunderhill opened up they had a booth as well as Longhorn. Then the city decided to renovate the whole property that Palmer Auditorium was on an the car show was shut down for a couple years during this process and they tried to move it to the new Palmer Events Center, in this change they charged you to park plus a lot more to get in the door and now the car show is nonexistent. Same thing with Rudy's Classic Car show supporting Make a Wish in North Austin. That was a pretty big deal and now non existent. Now the only car shows I really know about is what happens every Saturday night at Cabela's but that has pretty much changed up to being a meet up for the street racers. As big a city as Austin is and there is not a major car show is amazing, I even think they stopped having the Auto Show that they used to have at the convention center.
  15. In my honest opinion, I think it all comes down to rules. I can take my drag car and go race at any track in Texas and not have to change a thing. I can travel anywhere outside the state of Texas and run without changing anything. When it comes to dirt tracks it basically the same thing, you can take your IMCA car and go to any IMCA track and race. Asphalt tracks have to many varying classes and rules. We saw it here in Texas when THR, SAS, CCMS, HMP all raced they all had different classes with different rules. That did change when the track promoters got together an made similar rules and raced on separate nights so people could travel if they wanted. Rumor I heard is that the big 3 drag strips in central Texas got together where drag racers can run SAR, Little River and Edinburgh and not miss races at their local track.