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  1. Oklahoma Racing

    I just got back from a vacation in Oklahoma with my wife's family. While we were there we got to take in some racing in Meeker and in Sapulpa. First night we went to Tuesday Night Thunder at Red Dirt Raceway in Meeker, Oklahoma. They had the USAC National Midgets and NOW600 Series running. That was some of the best racing I have seen in a while. It was slide job central, the place was packed with fans and the racing was amazing. Karsyn Elledge and Holly Hollan both took some wild rides out of the park in turn 4 both walked away from the accidents but the cars not so much. Then in the feature there was some wild slide jobs thrown that collected a lot of front runners. Friday night we went to Creek County Speedway in Sapulpa/Kellyville Oklahoma for the ASCS Sooner Region/ NCRA Sprints as well as the Champ NON Wing Sprints, Dwarf Cars, and Thunderstocks. Once again it was an amazing night of blistering fast racing. 20 ASCS/NCRA Sprint Cars on a tight 1/4 mile bullring was a show. They were flying around that track. The races both nights were fast paced and were done both nights by 10:30. I took my brother in law who has never seen midgets and sprints race before and he was hooked. He had a lot of questions and I answered all of them, he is an engineering student at OSU and is graduating in the fall this year. He took me and showed me his work space and showed me their mini wind tunnel. He told me to get a 3D model of our car and some body designs and he would put it through the wind tunnel and see what is best for aerodynamic flow.
  2. RUSS Joe Spillman

    I finally got to listen to this interview yesterday and that was a great interview. I have been waiting for a promoter to lay it all on the line and Joe did it. I think tracks ought to make it mandatory for their racers to listen to this interview. I have sat in the office with a couple race promoters and race track owners when they are having to make that dreaded rainout decision. Trust me that decision has been very difficult because its a 50/50 shot. You make the call then sun comes out and it never rains and drivers are pissed, you wait and see then it rains and drivers are pissed because they drove all that way for it to rain out and you knowing the forecast should of cancelled. What really got me was the part when he was talking about drivers who said well if you do this we will come and we will be there. I totally understood Joe and Heathers thinking on this and then like usual the ones that said if you do this we will come never show up. I've seen that happen on this website numerous numerous times. Everyone wanted San Antonio to reopen and it did they made the rules for everyone asked, first night was a big success so hey we will do some more races next season, then what happens car counts suffer because Johnny Keyboard Racer doesn't show up like he said he would then they shut the track down and then who is the first one to bitch and moan that the track closed and wants it to reopen again ole Johnny Keyboard Racer. 281 was great fun place to race, we ran there with our dwarf car, sprint car, and 600 we loved the track and the fans and the staff how they made you feel welcome. We ran with the touring series and weren't regulars but whenever 281 showed up on our schedules we made sure that was one of the tracks we went to. I added one of my favorite pictures of us running at 281.
  3. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/sacramento-county-says-its-illegal-to-work-on-your-own-car-in-your-own-garage/ar-AADOizD?ocid=ientp So in Sacramento County it is illegal to work on your car in your own garage. There is a whole lot of stupidity in this law. Read the story to see it all.
  4. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Believe it or not I agree with Tim. Rule books tell you what you cant do not what you can do. The teams job is to find that grey area in the rule and manipulate the living daylights out of it. You put that thing to where it is almost losing its balance of falling off the cliff of being legal. You get that ride height to the point of when they put that checker on it is so close you couldn't put a gnat's ass in there. Your not cheating your still in the rules. When we ran sprint cars the rule was if you ran a fire bottle you could weigh 1550lb but if you didn't you had to weigh 1575lb. Now the rules said "fire bottle" it didn't elaborate to what the actual rule was so drivers would put the smallest fire extinguisher they could find and mount it on the car. Most of those fire bottles weren't even certified to fight an alcohol fire. I also know for a fact that there was a few bottles were empty but the system was there. I will not elaborate on how I know this but all I can say is the rules just said fire bottle didn't say it had to be operational. Now before the safety people jump on this let me let you in on a little info. We had two separate occasions where we had to use our fire bottle and it was full my drivers chose to get their butts out of the car as quickly as possible instead of pulling the pin for the fire bottle. I had always told them we can replace a racecar but we cant replace you. We also did studies over 4 separate feature races on dry slick tracks and we knew exactly how much fuel we would burn and how much to put in before the feature so that when we rolled across the scale after the race we were as close to 1550lbs as we possibly could be. The night we won our feature we went across the scales at 1552lbs. They checked tire durometers and we were dead on what the tires had to be and our race was good and legal.
  5. A Couple Old Pics

    Found these pictures going through some old photos my mom had. One is the super stock car my dad drove at Longhorn for Alvin Powell, and the other 2 Nathan might recognize. This is the MRE Car that Frank Ferris had.
  6. OK, soap box time again

    There was only a couple of tracks we raced the sprint car at that I really felt comfortable about the catch fence. KSP because I have seen sprint cars go into that fence and it held it. The other track was Devils Bowl. That track was built with sprint cars in mind and the gap between the wall and the fence helps save some of that. Now if I remember correctly someone did come close to clearing that fence one night and landed on the area between the wall and the fence. I also like how they fixed the area along the back stretch back in the day it was just a run off into trees and I remember the Outlaw show in 93 someone flipping into the trees. Now since nobody really paid attention to the one problem that I see every week at race tracks of tractor tires tearing up race cars let me bring up another possible problem. Tracks that don't have backstretch or turn walls. What's on the back side of those that you don't pay attention to. Here is a picture Casey Shuman put on twitter of the backside of the backstretch of Lernerville. We focus on the issue of things that happened 3 times in a two week period but lets not focus on the problems that happen every week. The common answer and simple solution here is don't put bleachers in the entrance to the corners and in the middle of corners were most your flips will begin and end. Just like TBone said those cars went out of the track but there was no bleachers there because someone was smart enough to realize there could be a problem.
  7. I read on Facebook this evening where it was announced that they are shutting down the track after tonights races. Hope it reopens soon that was always a fun track to go to.
  8. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    King I can tell you on our mini sprint the four shocks we got from CSI were right at $2400 for the set. We just bent one and had to send it back to get a new shaft and rebuild another one and then dyno the other two. That cost us $365.00. But I will say this was probably the best investment we have on this car. We ran box stock Pro Shocks on our sprint car and you never really knew what you were getting. But these shocks and their adjustments make a huge difference. I also have heard of some super late model teams that have close to 5 figures in the 4 shocks on the car. So the old adage of "Speed Costs Money How Fast You Want to Go?"
  9. South Texas Speedway

    We are still learning this car. He was doing pretty good then lost fuel pressure. It did that in hot laps and we thought we had it fixed since it ran the heat and half the feature fine. Oh well gonna tear the fuel system completely down and clean everything.
  10. South Texas Speedway

    This past weekend was my first trip to South Texas Speedway and I have to say I was thoroughly pleased with the track for our first visit. The track was really nice fast and even though it went dry slick it was very racy and not dusty at all. The races started a little after 7 and we pulled out of the gate to head back home at 11 and we were the next to last feature. We have run races this year in Dallas with 3 classes started at 6:30 and left way after midnight. So I give STS a big thumbs up and hope the schedule the PowerI 600 Series again we will definitely make the trip back.
  11. OK, soap box time again

    Just a heads up after the wreck happened at Atomic the AllStar Circuit of Sprint Cars called their race and did not finish after only running 3 heat races. There was close to 40 sprint cars on sight for this race as Ohio Sprint Speedweek has been pretty much ruined by rain. So half these guys never even got to race and chose safety over it. Kevin Swindell said point blank on twitter that he didn't feel the track and new wall was safe and that is why his team did not participate. In fact Kevin Swindell has made a point to tell track owners if they want some help coming up with ideas to make their tracks safer he will gladly help them with his ideas and thoughts.
  12. OK, soap box time again

    While on this safety issue when are dirt tracks going to do something about tractor tires in the turns. These tractor tires tear up more racecars than walls do. Its not hard to build a berm or curb around the bottom. Most these dirt tracks have a grader and can build a curb up or if they have the tires don't prep down there by the tires. The sprint car at atomic went through a portion of the fence that I think (don't quote me on this) was an old piece or just put up as they have been adding walls at the track. Kevin Swindell has been very vocal about this on twitter and said earlier this year that it was going to be an issue. The good thing is that the fan that was hurt is in good condition even with a broke back and said that cant wait to be back ay Atomic to enjoy the races.
  13. Well I have a feeling after this the catwalk will be coming down. It was a freak incident. Hope all 3 of the gentleman have speedy recoveries.
  14. How much are pit passes Saturday and is it cash only or do they take cards?
  15. In Need of Race Cars

    Nope, now there was a race the same day at CBS and I knew that and the teams could of left early but none showed. It would of been nice since we had some Cotton Bowl tickets up for grabs. Thats why next year I want to make sure we plan this on an off weekend for them and hope we can get a couple out there.