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  1. I know its been already stated but any asphalt track that is built is better than what you have now, 1 active track, 1 track being used as a storage facility, 1 track being wasted in the weeds, and 1 track completely gone. So let these people build a track that they want to build, as it was stated they only have room to put in a 1/4 mile track. So if you want a 3/8 mile track build your own or just be happy there will possibly be 2 running asphalt tracks in the state of Texas.
  2. Jacket is like XL Pants are like a 34/34
  3. Nascar "Ro-val" race at Charlotte

    What parts I got to watch it was a pretty good race. Jimmie gets the bone head move of the day award. I know he wanted to win and break his winless streak but he wasn't thinking big picture on that move. Whats going to really look bad is if he goes out the next couple of races and wins then he knows he really shot himself in the foot for an 8th championship. They are locked in until 2020 I believe is when the schedule can be opened up and changed, but that is also when the TV Contracts are up for change as well.
  4. Simpson Diamonback Helmet wore one Season Snell 2015 Rating 7-1/4 Black with Clear, Chrome Shield, Helmet Bag---$450 Simpson Crossover Suit-Red White Black--Size Large wore one Season--Has some wear at bottom of pant legs---$450 Sparco Gloves---$50---wore half a season SImpson Race Shoes with Heat Protector on side size 10.5--$75
  5. More Bad News from the Sprint Car World

    Here is a picture that has been floating around the last week or so. This is a foam block the car is on top of NOT a concrete wall. But it does show you the danger. One reason we always went with a wedge chassis with the halo is it gives you that extra height where the driver is for that just in case moment. What amazes me is there is teams in ASCS and WoO who will order cars without the extra piping because of weight. Remember the wedge chassis, halo, and side bars are all currently add-ons. There is other things the big boys do safety wise that just dumbfound me. We are required to run a rock screen and with them it is recommended and there is drivers out there that wont run one.
  6. More Bad News from the Sprint Car World

    If you notice on our Triple X that we just sold we always went with the wedge chassis and had Triple X install the halo on top and the bars on the driver side.
  7. More Bad News from the Sprint Car World

    Just an FYI the newly formed sprint car council recently came out with new rules that cover the cage tops and side bars that will be mandatory on all cars.
  8. Nascar

    Just asking where there many yellows the other night. Between flipping back and forth seemed like they were doing a lot of green flag stops.
  9. Greg Biffle 3M Crew Suit in great shape $100 located in Kyle 512-997-8447
  10. 76 Vega 360 sbc w/glide, 9 in rear end with ladder bars, transbrake, carb and motor built by Gary Stinnett. Car is deadly consistent and have time slips to prove it. Fastest 1/8 mile I have is 6.60 at 104 car has more in it. Can provide more info about motor. Slicks on rear have maybe 40 passes since purchased. Fiberglass hood, front end, doors, deck lid rear bumper. 12,000 obo. Buy it today race it tomorrow. 512-997-8447
  11. Looking for some info

    We sold all of our sprint car stuff and we are looking into getting into another racing venture. We are wanting to race close to Austin as we are somewhat tired of having to drive 3 to 4 hours one way to race. So a couple things we are looking at possibly running would be: 600 Mini Sprint, Dwarf Car, or Sport Mod. I know this is an oxymoron when it comes to racing but what is the cost effectiveness of the sport mods? What is the shock rules for this class? Do you have to spend $5,000 on shocks to be competitive? I have raced dwarfs and know those were always fun and somewhat pretty cost effective and I know they race Waco, CBS, and I-37. Which is the better route to go air cooled or water cooled? Does everyone still get paid the same like they used to with the old TDCA days? Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Nick thanks for keeping the site going for this long. In all honesty I'm surprised it has stuck around this long. When this site started there was myspace but not facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat. In the beginning there was a lot of traffic and posts on the daily, I can remember when the Sundays and Mondays after a weekend at THR or CCS you couldn't wait to get on LSSZ to see who was fighting at the track the night before. When the tracks started dwindling so did the posts here. If you go back the past year or two you see the same 10-15 posters in the actual forum section where used to you would have 50-60 different posters. So once again Nick thanks for keeping it going, I'll have to change up my morning routine of websites I check every morning.
  13. Indy Car and COTA

    I know most of you bash COTA whenever you get a chance but IndyCar is coming to Austin and rumor is it is a 5 year deal.