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  1. Nascar

    I know its not NASCAR but look what Steve Torrence said about NHRA's Countdown to the Championship (basically their chase) and this was on live TV. NHRA didn't fine him one bit. http://www.dragzine.com/news/dejected-steve-torrence-calls-bulls-t-on-nhras-countdown-format/
  2. Nascar

    I would really like to see them go back to these cars. I liked it because the teams played with the bodies that made the cars look good.
  3. The one race I will be interested to watch will be the Fall Charlotte race on the ROVAL. I think that might be interesting we shall see.
  4. News

    Anything on this facility, we were discussing plans for next year at maybe staying around here more. Just trying to figure out if there will be a racetrack or not.
  5. Racing This Weekend

    FYI Tim that was the biggest one on the premises compared to about 5-6 years ago that would of been one of the smaller ones. The family that has that setup, which was motorhome a with a 24ft to 28ft trailer, was from Colorado. They travel all over the country racing. The green car that was in the first picture Nick posted was one of theirs. They had multiple drivers racing in multiple classes. Was a great little racer drove the wheels off that car.
  6. Racing This Weekend

    We were there yesterday and I think my little one is going to make me spend some money.
  7. Racing This Weekend

    Looking for something to do this weekend that's FREE!!!! River City Quarter Midgets is hosting 2017 USAC Central Series Ring of Fire Showdown Oct 20-22. Admission is FREE for the whole family. These kids put on some great racing. 2017 central series flyer (003).pdf
  8. national anthem

    Like I said I don't agree with them but we can try to educate them but we cant change them. I for one will always stand for the anthem, in fact when I coached little league baseball I made my kids stand on the baseline facing the flag, they were taught to be quiet, and respect what was going on. I had a couple that tried to test that and I made them run immediately after the anthem and then sat them out for the first couple of innings. The next game they all stood there in a perfect line at attention and didn't move till I told them they could.
  9. national anthem

    I for one am so sick of hearing about this damn kneeling during the anthem or sitting down. We have a lot bigger problems going on in this country right now than whether a football player kneels or not. We got a lot of racial problems going on, we have the antifa movement going on across this country, we got people in gulf coast with no houses or having to rebuild everything. There's wildfires raging on the west coast, our US Territory of Puerto Rico that is in dire need of a lot of things. Where's all the celebrities at to help them out. Guess they need a pro team or something there to raise money for them. Look do I agree with these guys doing NO I don't, but since they live in this great country they are allowed the right to peaceful protest which they choose to do during the national anthem. The way I look at it yes they do not stand but they do stop, they do pay attention, they just kneel there or sit there. What is more disrespectful in my book is when someone is talking non-stop or just doing whatever during the national anthem and they know it is going on that is way more disrespectful than anything else in my book. This is my opinion.
  10. Here is the pictures from Royal Purple Raceway
  11. danica

    The bad thing is (I don't agree with Tim all the time) that Tim is right. Danica will make the Hall of Fame. She hasn't done anything worth noting as far as performance wise but because of who she is and was she will get in. There are other women racers who have done just as good as Danica but you never heard about them. Hell Brad K. is already marketing her for the Hall of Fame. Here's a write up from the Orlando Sentinel by David Whitley: Before I try to convince you Danica Patrick should be in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, let me apologize to the 21 drivers who are already there.I’m sorry all of you fellas had to get there the old-fashioned way, namely by being able to drive well enough to win a race. Or in Richard Petty’s case, 200 races.And I agree with Petty’s famous assessment of Patrick’s chances of ever finishing first in a NASCAR event. “(Only) if everybody else stayed home,” The King said. “If she’d have been a male, nobody would ever know if she’d showed up at a race track. "Alas, she wasn’t a male. Patrick was born with XX chromosomes and hasn’t transitioned. If she does, let’s hope it goes smoother than her transition from open-wheel to stock cars. We all know that didn’t work out as Tony Stewart, sponsors and the National Organization for Women had hoped. If it had, maybe NASCAR wouldn’t be losing popularity contests to Congress these days. Now that it appears her career has finally been black-flagged, let the record show that Patrick was a mediocre-at-best driver who never would have gotten past the guard gate at Daytona International Speedway if she hadn’t looked hot doing yoga. Stewart-Haas Racing endowed her with the best equipment. NASCAR (allegedly) rigged it so she’d win a Daytona 500 pole. Sponsors threw millions of dollars her way. All that, and she still ended up with as many wins as Toonces the Driving Cat. No sober person could say that Patrick deserves to be in the Hall of Fame based on her driving. The argument is based on her impact. She was a one-woman publicity storm, generating far more attention, admiration and anger than 90 percent of other drivers combined. TV ratings jumped 24 percent for her first Daytona 500. Short of a weekly Sharknado in the infield, nothing was going stop NASCAR’s attendance and ratings slide. But the declines would have been steeper without masses of people tuning in to cheer and boo car No. 10. Those were just the fans that cared about racing. Patrick also made millions of people who didn’t know Brad Keselowski from a carburetor notice the sport. That includes the three women I live with. The two younger ones still don’t know Brad Keselowski from a carburetor, but seeing Patrick hang around in the pack helped them grasp that a woman can compete in a man’s world. Multiply that by a few million little girls, and you have a meaningful legacy. It would be more valuable if Patrick had just shown up and driven her car instead of splaying her half-naked self on the hood in 1,000 photo shoots I’d like girls to think they don’t need to pander to get ahead. But sex will always sell, and Patrick turned her appeal into a personal $15-million-a-year industry. There were Danica cookbooks, clothing, fitness foods, wine, bug spray, toilet paper, dog food, you name it. She was a master marketer, but the Danica Effect enriched everyone in NASCAR. Even a certain king appreciated that. “This is a female deal that’s driving her,” Petty said. “There’s nothing wrong with that, because that’s good PR for me. “More fans come out. People are more interested in it. She has helped to draw attention to the sport, which helps everybody in the sport.” Imagine how much help she’d have won the Sprint Cup or a few races. Okay, one race out of 180 Cup Series starts? How about a measly top-five finish? Bless her heart, it wasn’t for a lack of trying. The bashers don’t realize it now, but they’re going to miss having No. 10 to kick around next year. They choke at the mention of Patrick getting into the Hall of Fame, but it’s not just driving success that gets a ticket punched. There are five owners, four promoters, three crew chiefs and one broadcaster who’ve been inducted. You could argue Patrick had more impact than a lot of them. “I see more female racers around our country and around the world interested in racing,” Kurt Busch said. “She paved the way. She’s a true pioneer in this day and age of social media and the power of media recognizing that she’s moving the needle even though she wasn’t running consistently up front.” Baseball’s Hall of Fame has wrestled with the idea of a separate section for Steroid Era players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, both of whom also have as many NASCAR wins as Patrick. NASCAR could designate a Danica Wing at its Charlotte showplace. Fans could see videos of her yoga classes, 2013 Daytona 500 pole qualifying race, Home Shopping Network appearances and, of course, Go Daddy Super Bowl commercials. The truth is, it would probably draw more fans than in a day than Fireball Roberts’ exhibit would in a month. If only he’d looked good in a bikini.
  12. HMP

    Their names are Michael Turman and Michael Paxton. They are drag racers that race at Little River Dragway. They have been posting photos and videos the past couple of days of the people they have been rescuing and the rescue efforts. He just posted a few minutes ago they are tired and wore out and trying to find some food and have been going non stop since they got there sunday evening. There is also a group of brothers that are drag racers from the Belton area the Rance brothers Chris, Cory, Casey are down there as well they took a flat bed wrecker and three jet skis and have been rescuing people as well.
  13. HMP

    Friend of mine is down in Houston help rescue people with his boat and just posted the photos.
  14. What the early over/under....

    The forecast for Abilene has drastically improved as yesterday it was calling for a 60% chance then this morning it is down to 10%.
  15. What the early over/under....

    We can pretty much figure these track would not be running (this is not official just speculation) South Texas, Texana, I-37, Gator, Cotton Bowl, Battleground, San Antonio Raceway, Royal Purple, Pine Valley, maybe Little River