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  1. I dont know if you follow him or not but follow along with Walkapedia. Someone put up a video of him the other day doing live updates during the shootout and it was pretty impressive and fast.
  2. Track List

    No disrespect taken and I am in no way trying to start rumors or chaos. I had seen that about hmp on a drag racing page (no surprise they were wrong) and hadn't seen much from it on social media. Now maybe i am not following the right pages to see that. In my personal vision it just seemed like MIS was getting more race than HMP. That is good to hear, I had someone asking me about doing some asphalt racing and i mentioned to them that there is only 1 track in Texas and I hadn't seen much lately on it. I will pass the message on to them.
  3. Track List

    Ok I have heard Monarch, 82, RPM all for sure Question marks for STS, ACM, Boyd, HMP I know Boyd was closed most of the season and reopened late from what I read. HMP I heard was just going to be a drag strip. I also have been seeing where Lone Star was purchased by an investment group and they are going to reopen in 2022 but haven't seen a schedule yet and the series I know have run in the past have not shown up on their schedules
  4. Track List

    So after all the news this weekend what all tracks have decided to not reopen in 2022?
  5. 2022 ASCS National Lineup Revealed

    I'm really liking this schedule this year looks like we will be able to run more national series races as well as the Sooner Series and OCRS.
  6. The 2021 Nascar Cup Champion

    I'm trying to figure out how someone can not like Larson. Chili Bowl Champion, Knoxville Nationals Champion, Kings Royal Champion, Prairie Dirt Classic Champion, All Star Race Winner, 10 Cup Wins, Nascar Champion. I mean you are seeing something right now that you will probably never witness again. An why is it every time something like this happens you conspiracy people have to come out and say the stuff you do? Give it a rest if you think NASCAR is nothing but one big conspiracy just move on to another sport and quit watching.
  7. Apparently he got in a fight with a crew member from Jen Jo's team
  8. NASCAR screwed up again?

    Me personally, I thought it was a good race. Better than how the oval race would of been. Yeah the curbing got tore up and that i will put on nascar because if they put bigger curbs the drivers would be running over them as much and tearing them up. Now after they removed the curbing that was on the drivers just like Austin Dillon said. All of those drivers were warned that the curb was there and they still chose to bounce off of it. Now I will say I dont think Bubba should of been penalized for cutting the track he knew he wasnt going to make it through there and he went around and lost spots in the process. If he would of went straight he would of Evel Knieveled that corner and caused a bigger wreck. In all honesty get away from Indy go to IRP or go somewhere else, Indy is for Indy cars not for the cup cars.
  9. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    I saw a video from there the other day and I couldnt believe people trusted going down that track, especially with the lack of safety
  10. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    Not bad for a guy that doesnt even live in Texas anymore.
  11. Current list of TX Race Tracks?

    Here I’ll Try: Quarter Midgets: RCQMA---Austin LSQMA---Comanche Park--San Antonio Go Karts Hill Country Kart Club---New Braunfels Dallas Karting Club---Dallas North Texas Karting Club---Denton San Antonio Karting Complex---Marion Asphalt Oval HMP—Houston Drag Strip Alamo City Motorplex—Marion Little River Dragway- Holland Pine Valley Raceway-Lufkin Houston Raceway Park-Baytown Texas Motorplex-Ennis Extreme Raceway Park-Crandall I-30 Dragway-Caddo Mills Evadale Raceway-Evadale Edinburg Motorsports Park-Edinburg Amarillo Dragway-Amarillo Penwell Knights Raceway-Penwell Yellow Belly Dragway-Grand Prairie Big Country Raceway-Abilene Lubbock Dragway-Lubbock Dirt Track Heart o Texas-Waco Cotton Bowl Speedway-Paige I-37 Speedway-Pleasanton Texana Raceway Park-Edna South Texas Speedway-Corpus 105 Speedway-Cleveland Gulf Coast Speedway-Alvin Kennedale Speedway Park-Kennedale Big O Speedway-Ennis Devils Bowl-Mesquite Abilene Speedway-Abilene West Texas Raceway-Lubbock Route 66 Motor Speedway-Amarillo RPM Speedway-Crandall Monarch Motor Speedway-Wichita Falls 82 Speedway-Petty Superbowl Speedway-Greenville Lone Star Speedway-Kilgore Vado Speedway Park- El Paso Boyd Raceway-Boyd Nascar Tracks Texas Motor Speedway-Fort Worth Circuit of the Americas-Austin Club Tracks Harris Hill Raceway-San Marcos MSR Houston-Houston Driveaway Austin-Austin Motocross: Bowers MX-Amarillo Moto Ranch-Slaton Spring Valley MX-Clyde West Texas MX Park-Midland Holeshot Valley MX-Springtown River Valley MX-Boyd Murphy’s MX-Red Rock Cycle Ranch MX-Floresville Rio Bravo MX-Houston ADV Motocross Park-Del Valle Village Creek MX-Fort Worth Shady Grove MX-Dallas Free Stone National Raceway-Wortham Athen’s Motorsports Park-Athens South Central MX-Edgewood Johnsville Motocross Farm-Yantis Buffalo Creek MX-Edgewood Swan MX Raceway Park-Tyler Bower’s MX-Amarillo
  12. The SRX Race

    Natalie Decker was not in the race. It was Hailie Deegan who was racing. SRX doesnt have enough spare cars for Natalie Decker to get behind the wheel of one of their cars. It is not just limited to retired superstars, they bring in locals and some new age racers to compete against the superstars. Like the Slinger race they have a car set aside the for winner of the Slinger late model race before the SRX race. I like the racing just wish they would get someone other than Danica in the booth she doesnt do Alan Bestwick justist.
  13. I've been told many times by people about a track being built and I have always said I will believe it when I buy a pit pass and drive through the gate multiple times I will believe it. I know of two tracks dad went and tested at that were built never really saw more than 1 race or even a race.
  14. Am i going to see your smiling face on the show when the new season comes out.

    1. NickHolt


      I hope not.  I did give Matt a list of names that would be of help to him and I know he has talked extensively with Rodney Rodriguez and Tom Taylor.