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  1. March 16-23 Practice Dates

    Thanks Nick, I ended up finding their facebook page last week and saw the times. I meant to post something but forgot.
  2. What is the times for the Practice Dates on the 16th and 23rd.
  3. K & N East

    Unless they are racing drag cars I wouldn't hold your breath on this.
  4. K & N East

    I agree with Nathan 100%. 1200lb car with 900hp turning a 1/2 mile oval in under 12 seconds is pretty impressive or that same car on a 1/4 miler and never lifting just using the brake to set the car. That is amazing NASCAR has nothing and will never have NOTHING on the World of Outlaws.
  5. HMP Spring Fling March 2 Race Results

    Just asking and this is not a dig, but some of the car counts in the class were low. Do you think the weather played into this, or early in the season and cars aren't done yet? I know the dwarfs count is usually better than 6. Once again not a dig on the track or anyone this is just a question.
  6. K & N East

    An she wins again last night at the dirt track in Vegas she wins the K&N West race with a clean last lap pass.
  7. Nascar Atlanta

    Funny listening to all the podcasts from Dale Jr Download w/ Ryan Blaney, Glass Case of Emotion, Door Bumper Clear(Spotters for 22,14) they said due to Atlanta's surface there was small things that were noticed but not a whole lot. They all said the real test will be this weekend at Las Vegas.
  8. K & N East

    Interesting note I saw yesterday on Instagram. To prepare for the K&N East race at Las Vegas dirt track this coming weekend, Deegan and 1 other driver went to Cory Kruseman's sprint car school at Ventura and drove non-wing 410 sprint cars. She put up video as well as her father and she was wheeling it pretty good for a first timer in a sprint car. She also been driving their PRO 4 Stadium trucks as well to help prepare.
  9. Snowball Pitstop Rules

    Technically you can lose positions during the yellow flag pit stops. They are controlled cautions and you are given a certain set amount of laps if you don't make it back on track in those laps you would lose position. I remember what Casey said in the podcast on the RUSS show and it all made a lot sense. I understand your smaller funded team this is a big help to those teams as they are already spending a lot of money for just this one race. The bigger funded teams this don't like this because this just another advantage for them. Its a 50/50 deal. Now listening to the Dale JR Podcast last night from last year he was talking about his Late Model teams he owns and he said if they want to save money they need to look at other things. He said when he ran his program from 94-96 he needed about 50 to 60k to run an entire season. Now for his two teams he needs 150-200k and they run less races now then what they ran when he did. He said in 95 he paid $100 a tire for a Hoosier F43 and they are still running that same time to this day and it is now $200 a tire. He said you needed 10k for a motor now that same motor is 30-45k and then there is the shocks. So there is ways to cut spending and this is a start but I think there is a lot of other avenues to look at.
  10. K & N East

    Hailie Deegan would run circles around Danica Patrick and she would also run circles around Natalie Decker as well. I have followed her career and yes it helps to the daughter of one of the godfathers of freestyle motocross and rally cross. But they are some of the most humble people there is. I follow the whole family and his son Huckson "aka DangerBoy" is going to be one heck of a supercross racer when he gets older. They are on the track almost everyday riding and working to better themselves. She was the same way when she raced offroad trucks they were practicing constantly to make themselves better. So yes she can raise money and she has the name but she has also proven herself. She has drove late models in California but to go across the country and jump into a car you have never been in at a track you've never ran a latemodel at and do what she did was pretty impressive and she must be doing something right.
  11. Vinyl Wrap Companies

    True I do now if I can just get the owner/driver to be in town long enough for us to make a decision on what he wants to do?
  12. 100% legal always have been always will be. The 2015 race season we finally got to run the entire season with SST and we did our homework and worked hard all year kept our stuff maintained to the top. We ran 16 races that year and our worst finish that year was a 12th at the first race of the year after that we finished every race on the lead lap with 15 top 10's, 9 top 5's, 1 win, numerous heat race wins and we finished 3rd in points in one of the tightest championship battle SST ever had. When we ran dwarf cars in 2001 we ran 33 races finished 33 races on the lead lap 33 top 10's, 32 top 5's and 3 wins and we finished 2nd in points by 2 points. Same thing we busted our ass did our homework and worked hard and kept maintenance program on priority, to minimize breakdowns and dnf's. We would of won the championship that year but broke and axle in the next to last race of the season and the guy who won the championship was able to capitalize on our misfortune. So if you take care of your stuff and know your stuff you don't need to cheat to win.
  13. Mark Martin Pod Cast

    I recently flew out to North Carolina for work and listen to the Dale Jr. download Podcast and I have to say it was pretty interesting, funny, and very informative. I will find Mark Martin's podcast and listen to that.
  14. It will be interesting to see how they do this. With this statement: "Throughout much of its history, NASCAR has been hesitant to take wins away from cars that failed inspection after the race either at the track or, more recently, at NASCAR’s R&D Center. NASCAR officials often said the basis for leaving wins intact was that fans who watched or attended the event should know the winner when they left the track or the race broadcast ended. O’Donnell said he anticipates the winner being declared official about 90 minutes after the race." So are we still going to do Victory Lane stuff then roll out to inspection or go straight to inspection and you have to watch the victory lane celebration later on the NASCAR Post race show. It will also be interesting to see how some of this is perceived. We have seen them encumber a finish for something that happened due to a incident on track. What also amazes me is the Texas race for Harvick that spoiler was on the car when it went through prerace tech inspection wasn't caught was most likely on the car in the inspections before qualifying as well. Then in post race inspection we see an unapproved spoiler. Sorry that spoiler wasn't changed on pit road before the race or during the race. With this change it will keep most everyone on the up and up you would hope but we shall see.
  15. Vinyl Wrap Companies

    Looking for a new vinyl wrap company to do the wrap for our mini sprint. We have been using Five 1 Seven but we cant seem to get a response from them so its time for a change. We have someone to install the wrap just need the design done. Who do you recommend?