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  1. Daniel Suarez

    What was reported on twitter is that Menard decided to step away but told the Wood Brothers to put Matty D in the car. The good thing is the alliance between the Wood Brothers and Penske is a lot better alignment than the LFR and Gibbs deal. Now when Bell gets in the car at LFR I wouldn't be surprised if Bell gets better equipment than Matty D ever thought about having in that car. But with this alignment, Matty's driving, sponsorship, team and equipment do not be surprised if you see the 21 car in Victory Lane best chance since Blaney was there.
  2. Interesting

    Well more is coming out on this and looks like Dippel might be in the clear. He was arrested for having prescription drugs that were not his after someone left their bag in his car. The cop didn't believe he was a racecar driver and that he looked wore out because he had been racing all weekend. Because he was the operator of the vehicle he was arrested. The friend who left his bag in the car confessed that was his bag and he left it there. Dippel passed a random drug test at Bristol and then took a voluntary test right after being arrested and passed. So he should be cleared of all this.
  3. Interesting

    I hate to admit it but I agree with Tim here. Educating these drivers about the things you would not expect to fail a test and what it is in or could be in so these drivers stay away. Now this is just me speculating they could be doing this already and we just don't know.
  4. Interesting

    I don't disagree that rules are rules and you can probably look at the workout supplement Bayley was taking and see this stuff, but a diet coffee drink you would probably not expect to have this stuff in it. What I want to know is if they tested Matt D, Denny, Kyle, Kevin, Clint the big names of the sport and they had this come up if the would suspend them as well. I honestly think its who you are in the sport determines if you get suspended or not.
  5. Interesting

    Matt Borland crew chief for Germain Racing just got popped for basically the same thing. Except his was DMAA in his diet coffee he was drinking. He had it tested to find out what it was exactly. I personally think this is a little ridiculous. Its almost like the Olympics these guys are getting popped for stuff they don't even realize is in what they are taking. Its not an illicit drug are they going to have to start screening everything they put in their body? These guys are not like Tyler Dippel who wasn't even allowed to cross the border into Canada because rumor is it was drug related issue and was pulled over at the border on the NY side trying to cross into Canada.
  6. TSTRS - Input needed

    Here's what needs to be done, forget about trying to add a dirt crossover. Finish out the rest of the season and then sit back after the last race and revaluate the classes. Then sit back and restructure the classes. Do what you can to get the most cars in a class. This might irritate some people but if they really want to race they will find a way to make their car fit in the rules.
  7. TSTRS - Input needed

    I think you missed what I was saying, I agree there is an abundance of Sport Mods but I said you have to make it worth their while to switch over from dirt to asphalt. I didn't say anything about "cheaters" or money costs. I just mentioned your going to have to make this purse worth it for them to switch. Bobby got where I was going with this post, why make a bigger purse for a class that might bring some cars when you can reinvest in the classes you already have and try to get more. Also the dirt track fan base is pretty loyal as well. I always see the same people at the different race tracks we travel to.
  8. TSTRS - Input needed

    I am not going to deny this but look at who the racers were that showed up. The racers that showed up were already racing asphalt at Kyle there was not a whole lot of crossover racers. The changes are a little more than minimal, your going to have to lower ride heights and center of gravity, look at your standard setups on dirt sport mod. Those setups would not work on asphalt. The only way its going to work is purse you have to make them want to do it. If you throw out the same purse as what they can get staying on a dirt track, why would you change it over. In all honesty Tim just think about it if you had a sport mod lets say your based out San Antonio. Your car is setup to run dirt at I-37 and you have been running good there. You also occasionally travel to STS, Texana, CBS. You know that at your local track you win your getting $450, you can travel to the other tracks on an off night and your getting the same. HMP puts on a race for sport mods and they are paying $450 to win as well. Where are you going to go race? Somewhere where you have to change your setup completely up, plus buy tires, or are you going to go somewhere where you know you just have to unload not change a thing and go have fun? That's why I'm saying if they are going to do it they are going to have to make it worth their while to make the changes and spend the money to come race there. I'm not disagreeing with you that the cars are there, there is a lot of them you just have to make it worth their while to do it.
  9. TSTRS - Input needed

    Factory Stocks and Limited Mods have equal rules at all tracks across Texas for the most part. I could take a Factory Stock and go run I-37, Texana, STS, Waco, CBS all tracks in South Texas. Same thing with the Limited Mods. The rules are set, the main thing you would need to look at it is Purse. Your going to have to make the purse worth while for these racers to come from dirt to asphalt. These guys are racers and are used to racing every week. These guys will travel but you have to make it worth it. You have to ask yourself this question. Why would I want to go run asphalt in Houston when I can go run dirt at such in such track for same purse if not better, I'm not gonna tear up tires, have to completely change setup and just the extra expenses of having to travel to Houston and be at the track all day long? These are the two best options for a dirt/asphalt crossover but will you get the racers out there? Maybe a couple but I don't think you will get a whole lot.
  10. Interesting

    Well I have to give Bayley credit, most people that have this issue don't say anything or their publicists spin in around. He admitted to what it was, which to me is nothing serious, like an illicit drug or alcohol.
  11. Interesting

    I’m sorry but something like this he should be able to appeal and get this lifted.
  12. Dale and Amy's plane crashed at an airport in Elizabethton Tennessee airport. Looks as if the plane went off the end of the runway and caught fire. Amy, Dale and Isla plus 2 pilots were able to get off plane with no injuries. They were all transported to a hospital for evaluation.
  13. TSTRS - Input needed

    I agree with Factory Stocks don't change any rules run them as they are on dirt.
  14. We are looking for a decent well lit car wash where we can wash our car after our race at HoT next week. We run Friday night in Waco and Saturday in Greenville. We are staying in Waxahachie Friday night and just needing somewhere to was the car along the way. Any help is appreciated.