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    How much for the scale holders
  2. Texana Raceway

    Just wanted to say we ran Saturday night at Texana with our 600 and had a great time. The races moved along in a very timely manner. Our class was done racing by 11ish. Would of been done faster but we had one of the 600's take a wild ride down the front stretch and the driver had to be removed by paramedics. The driver ended up being all right and i think just got a pretty good bell ringer. One suggestion I would make to the track while I was standing there and they were tending to the driver, is that i heard the ambulance wasn't running. This isn't a bash at the track or anything to start a war because the medical people they had at the track were spot on and very good at what they were doing. They had already called for and ambulance and fire truck to cut the cage within a pretty quick time of assessing the situation. My suggestion would be that if the ambulance isn't working have a Polaris side by side or a golf cart with all medical supplies needed so someone doesn't have to go back and forth between the ambulance. Also it would be good to invest in a backboard for the ambulance. Once again no dig at the track they handled the situation very good and the medics on scene at the track were definitely on their game. The other thing that was pretty amazing and I think other tracks should follow suit on this. We were told if we wanted to hot lap we had to go to the infield to hot lap. It didn't make sense to us till I noticed that that pretty much made everyone pack the track which I know is always an issue for tracks. Plus having all the cars in the infield made the pace of the hotlaps go quicker. Once again great track, great racers, great fans thanks Owen for allowing us to come race at the track.
  3. Texas World Speedway

    Here is the top 12: Darrell Waltrip (No. 88) Bobby Allison (No. 15) Buddy Baker (No. 28) Cale Yarborough (No. 11) Terry Labonte (No. 44) Richard Petty (No. 43) Richard Childress (No. 3) Joe Millikan (No. 72) Buddy Arrington (No. 67) James Hylton (No. 48) John Rezek (No. 31) Dale Earnhardt (No. 2)
  4. I am actually looking for an old seat if anyone has one laying around that they don't mind getting rid of. We are going to convert this bent up old chassis into a sim rig.
  5. WOO cancels

    Just got an email from World of Outlaws this morning that says they are working to reschedule the race at Cotton Bowl.
  6. 2020 racecars

    Here is the updated pictures with the wrap on the car.
  7. And so it begins

    Australian Grand Prix Cancelled Bahrain Grand Prix-no fans essential personnel only but will most likely be cancelled Seattle Supercross Cancelled Homestead- Postponed (NASCAR can decide if want to race without fans) Indy Car at St. Pete is cancelled World of Outlaws-Tulare race April 3rd and 4th shows to be cancelled being stated from numerous people on WoO facebook post saying they are monitoring NHRA Gatornationals- Postponed, sportsman that are running today will continue but all other races postponed to later date 12 hours of Sebring Postponed till November Moto GP Austin Postponed to November
  8. 2020 racecars

    Here is our 2020 car. Brand new chassis after bending our other one up last year. We are taking our time with this car as our first race wont be until June. Due to other commitments and my son being born in May we decided to wait.
  9. VIva Las Vegas

    Matty D will get a win before this year is up. He is in great equipment and he is a hell of a wheel man. He's known for getting the very most out of a car. Took subpar equipment and made it decent equipment on many occasion. What I like about Wood Brothers and Penske is they are all in the same equipment not like LFR and Gibbs or Petty with Childress. The secondary teams usually get hand me down stuff and occasionally get the good stuff kind of like when Matty D got a new car at Bristol last year and Bubba got a new car and equipment from Childress at Indy.
  10. Daytona

    It doesn't matter if 50,000 seats were removed or not. There is a seating capacity and they filled it, there was still well over 100,000 people there and the infield was packed and off the charts. Put aside your hates for the new nascar and look at what is happening. There is a resurgence and in turn that is reaching down into the lower levels. This whole grassroots campaign has been great for the sport. When the speedweeks at New Smyrna sells out and that East Bay and Volusia were packed with sprint cars, midgets, late models and the stands were packed this is a good thing. Steve O'Donnell and Steve Phelps have this sport pointed in the right way and with this new car coming out next year it can only get better.
  11. Daytona

    From Jayski: The postponed Daytona 500 earned a 4.2 rating and 7 million viewers for Fox network on Monday. The race started just after 4:00pm/et. Before being delayed on Sunday, Fox TV ratings were up 19% over 2019 with more than 10 million viewers There has been a resurgence of NASCAR, I don't know whats causing it but there is a resurgence, Chip Wylde (Daytona President) said that all tickets for the 500 had been sold before Thursday. I watched almost all of the race Monday from my phone while at work and it was nice because when I left work I left the broadcast on and ran it through the speakers of my truck. I have renewed interest in NASCAR because of listening to Dale Jr's Podcast as well as Door Bumper Clear Podcast. So haters gone hate
  12. I understand it is your cornerstone sponsor but a little more info would be nice. We were putting together a deal to purchase a older beast asphalt chassis for this race and now I have to explain to the driver and owner that this race is "axed" because of a conflict between AAP and their sponsorship of TSR who has nothing to do with the series. Some people have already spent money on hubs, tires, wheels.
  13. Just asking how is the Elite Non Wing Sprint Cars presented by Abilene Powder Coating a direct conflict to Advanced Auto Parts and their Sponsorship of Tony Stewart Racing?
  14. daytona

    What how Ricky pulled out to pass and then Byron pulled down. Yeah Jeff Gordon isn't going to mention it when that is his old ride.
  15. Daytona

    Well since Timmy hasn't done it yet, even though the race hasn't been completed. Did you see the stands yesterday. They were packed. I honestly hate to see this for NASCAR first race of the year, sell out, President Trump, the race itself it was shaping up to be a good day and then the rains hit. Now they run at 4pm est or 3pm our time, the stands wont be as full as yesterday and a lot of their main fan base will be at work. Luckily I can pull it up on my phone and watch through the directv app. I wished they would of run it later but with them running in Vegas next it is a quick turnaround for the teams as the haulers have to leave Tuesday evening to go to the west coast.