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  1. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    If you want to talk about a screw job look at the rookie points this season. Cole Custer automatically won Rookie of the Year because he won a race and moved into the chase so the worst he could finish in points is 16th. The best Christopher Bell or Tyler Reddick could finish is 17th even though when they did the points reset both of those drivers were ahead of Cole Custer.
  2. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    King237 I dont know if you listen to Podcasts or not but if you listen to the Door Bumper Clear Podcast which is Brett Griffin (Bowyer Spotter), TJ Majors (Logano Spotter), and Freddie Kraft (B. Wallace Spotter) you can learn a lot about the sport and what goes on you dont read about. Most of the the time when they put something out rumor wise it ends up being pretty true.
  3. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    Here's some things to look at: Cole Custer: Father Joe Custer President of Stewart Haas Racing Austin Cindric: Father Tim Cindric President of Penske Racing Austin and Ty Dillon: Grandfather Richard Childress One of the reasons Matt still has this ride for next year is because of the Gen 7 car. If the Gen 7 car would of came out next year like it was supposed to he would of lost his seat to Cindric a year earlier. Since it got delayed they waited to bring him up. It doesnt make any sense to bring someone up this year and put them at the cup level in cars that are going to be obsolete in 2022. So we hold him up 1 more year then move him up that way he learns the cup stuff in the new car. Now remember Brad K signed a 1 year contract so he could finish out 2021 and retire and then bring Matty D into his seat in 2022 but Matty D has to prove himself. He needs to drive the remaining races this year and all of next year the way he raced the last 2. Don't be surprised if Ty Dillon gets the 43 seat. I think they are waiting to announce that seat until something is done at Hendrick. RPM and RCR have the technical alliance so it would make sense to bring Ty into that with pressure from grandpa. Now the only way that doesn't work is how much money Erik Jones brings to the table. I don't know if Craftsman and Stanley are JGR sponsors or Erik Jones sponsors. All the sponsors that Bubba picked up this year (Door Dash, Columbia, Coca Cola, McDonalds and maybe CashApp) from what I have heard are going with him now I might be wrong but that is happening a lot more these days. The driver is getting the sponsor not the car so that makes the difference. Kyle Larson will most likely go to the Hendrick stable with speculation it will be #5 car. Rick really wants Kyle to drive for him and Chevrolet has reportedly turn their course after several meetings with Kyle and Rick. It will be interesting to see what his contract would say about him running the sprint car and midgets. 95% of open wheel fans would love to see Kyle go to SHR and drive the 14 but Ford reportedly wanted to still distance themselves from Kyle and with Chase Briscoe waiting in the wings it would make sense to put Briscoe in the 14. Hendrick doesn't really have any Cup ready talent to move from the xfinity side which is JRM. Noah Gragson signed another year, Allgaier I believe is signed for another year, Michael Annett has a ride because his family keeps pumping money into his seat and their 4th car had a myriad of drivers this year in the car.
  4. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    Not valid argument Ryan Newman only ended up missing 3 races due to Covid-19 and is still in the top 30 in points, now if there never would of been Covid and the season continued they would of granted him the same opportunity. When Ryan Newman came back to the first race at Darlington he was still 28th in points missing 3 races. Knowing the driver Ryan is there was no need to offer that deal for him. For context JH Nemecheck, Ty Dillon, Ryan Preece, Corey Lajoie, Daniel Suarez, Brennan Poole and Quinn Hoff have all run 31 races except for Suarez and Poole who have run 30 and Newman is still ahead of them. Kyle Larson has only run 4 races and is still 34th in points. Busch in 2015 missed the first 11 races and then came back for the AllStar race and first points paying race was the Coca-Cola 600 race #12. His first win came at Sonoma that year race #16. Remember he had to be in the top 30 in points and have a race win before they would let him in to the playoff. He didn't get into the top 30 in points until he finished 2nd at the Watkins Glen Race race #22. The last race of the regular season he was 25th in points with 1 win. 75 points over 30th place.
  5. This is going to be tough Between Mary Ann, Owen, Gina, Kevin Rogers, The group at I-37 I wouldnt want to make a decision.

    I know what they are wanting to do but to me this is a bad idea. There is so many great dirt tacks in this country that could facilitate this race way better. Eldora, Knoxville, Port Royal, Williams Grove, Perris just to name a few.
  7. NASCAR race at Cota

    Then why post a comment?
  8. NASCAR race at Cota

    Reports are coming out that NASCAR is coming to COTA in 2021, TMS is losing one of the points paying races but is getting the All-Star race in 2021. This information is from The Atheletic
  9. One issue was because the insurance didnt list Bexar county and USAC has already remedied this. The other items they dont know. The president of the club was working on it. The track has been there for 61 years and as of right now 11/29 i believe is when their lease is up
  10. This issue has reared its ugly head again. The city is saying that the area of comanche park where the track resides no longer meets several statutory requirements of State law. There is a movement already going to try and right this.

    How much for the scale holders
  12. Texana Raceway

    Just wanted to say we ran Saturday night at Texana with our 600 and had a great time. The races moved along in a very timely manner. Our class was done racing by 11ish. Would of been done faster but we had one of the 600's take a wild ride down the front stretch and the driver had to be removed by paramedics. The driver ended up being all right and i think just got a pretty good bell ringer. One suggestion I would make to the track while I was standing there and they were tending to the driver, is that i heard the ambulance wasn't running. This isn't a bash at the track or anything to start a war because the medical people they had at the track were spot on and very good at what they were doing. They had already called for and ambulance and fire truck to cut the cage within a pretty quick time of assessing the situation. My suggestion would be that if the ambulance isn't working have a Polaris side by side or a golf cart with all medical supplies needed so someone doesn't have to go back and forth between the ambulance. Also it would be good to invest in a backboard for the ambulance. Once again no dig at the track they handled the situation very good and the medics on scene at the track were definitely on their game. The other thing that was pretty amazing and I think other tracks should follow suit on this. We were told if we wanted to hot lap we had to go to the infield to hot lap. It didn't make sense to us till I noticed that that pretty much made everyone pack the track which I know is always an issue for tracks. Plus having all the cars in the infield made the pace of the hotlaps go quicker. Once again great track, great racers, great fans thanks Owen for allowing us to come race at the track.
  13. Texas World Speedway

    Here is the top 12: Darrell Waltrip (No. 88) Bobby Allison (No. 15) Buddy Baker (No. 28) Cale Yarborough (No. 11) Terry Labonte (No. 44) Richard Petty (No. 43) Richard Childress (No. 3) Joe Millikan (No. 72) Buddy Arrington (No. 67) James Hylton (No. 48) John Rezek (No. 31) Dale Earnhardt (No. 2)
  14. I am actually looking for an old seat if anyone has one laying around that they don't mind getting rid of. We are going to convert this bent up old chassis into a sim rig.