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  1. Holy Smoke

    And Harvick now has more wins than Smoke!
  2. birthday

    Nick could use a fire extinguisher for all those candles!
  3. Birthday Boy

    Our own TxTom has completed another lap around the Sun. In case you missed the party I got a photo.
  4. We’ve Come a Long Way

    Wow, that is something!
  5. OK! Who is going?

    Kinda hard for me right now😆 im still stuck in Germany 😕
  6. VIRUS

    I was in Italy on a 2week Med Cruise when the virus hit hard. We got back to Germany in time for lockdown. I cancelled my flight to SA when racing at HMP & TMS got cancelled. So we are hunkered down in our little village outside Frankfurt. Not much excitement but at least we have fast internet. Nobody in our little ghost town is sick. All the super markets are well stocked. Just waiting till it’s over.
  7. Season Finale

    I would like to add my thanks to Jason Simental for his time & effort in helping the Lonestar Legacy Series to have a successful season.
  8. Everyone was a Greg Davidson fan last night!
  9. Too bad, I always thought they were one of the good guys.
  10. I bought my plane ticket from Germany to Texas today, I will be there’s!
  11. well

    That happened to me one time back around 1988 or 89. I used to drive a little Fiat convertible. Got up in the morning, looked out in the driveway and the little Fiat was gone! The cops came, made a report and said “You’ll never see that car again, it’s probably in Mexico by now” I said “ not this car, it barely makes it to work each day” So later that same day I see 2 kids pushing the Fiat down the road! It had broken down! I called the cops from a pay phone and went back to see if I could give them some help. The cops showed up and busted them. The judge made them pay $200 for messing up the ignition switch! Sometimes it all works out!
  12. Fox video recap

    Fox put together this awesome recap of the 500 with radio chatter.