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  1. One last drivers meeting🏁
  2. Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas to you all from Germany
  3. This is very sad news indeed. Texas racing community will not see another like Neil Upchurch any time soon. I first met Neil in 1974 and most of my racing experiences since then have been influenced by this great man. I spoke to him on the phone last week and I’m glad I did. Thank you Neil Upchurch for all you contributed to racing in Texas.
  4. ISO Legacy or similar

    Lots of old pro sedans around that could be bought pretty cheap.
  5. October 17th race

    Awesome news, don’t start without me!
  6. I heard one was breaks, one was transmission.
  7. It was a good race, they ran a lot of green laps
  8. I bought these thinking the were for a Legacy car but I’m pretty sure they are for a dwarf car. Core is 13x14 tank to tank. One is new, the other has electric fan. $100 for both or $70 for one.
  9. TSTRS/HMP RaceDay Schedule June 20

    I’ll be there!
  10. Holy Smoke

    And Harvick now has more wins than Smoke!
  11. birthday

    Nick could use a fire extinguisher for all those candles!