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  1. Fox video recap

    Fox put together this awesome recap of the 500 with radio chatter.
  2. Ray Scott has been uploading a lot of old race videos on his YouTube channel and sharing them on Facebook. Lots of good stuff there on his YouTube channel and I hope he uploads a lot more!
  3. My #48 Legacy car is also ready to race, my shop is only a few miles down the road in Schertz
  4. REPLAY John Kelly- RUSS

    That was a good show, brought back a lot of good memories. A lot of good racers need to tell more stories on the show!
  5. Great video! My car made it, Houston segment. Maybe next year I can make it on the video running ,not working on a wrecked car! 😄
  6. TWS photos

    From the same thread, different year at TWS
  7. TWS photos

    On a TWS page on Facebook, John Lehmann posted a bunch of photos from TIDA races. TROC & Texas Gand Prix. Most were the big cars but a few Pro Sedan race pics were included.
  8. From the PRI show at Indy, somebody came up with a different idea in nomex racing suits. Might be a big hit with dirt drivers. What do you think?
  9. RUSS Monday- David Starr Replay

    Good program!
  10. Who is racing with us at HMP in 2019?

    Will be there 48 Legacy
  11. Interesting news

    Could be good for us if this track opens! And it’s less than 5miles from my shop.
  12. Look who I ran into!

    Old NASCAR/ARCA cars. All with carbs, no fuel injection. French, Portugese, Italian, Spanish driver. they race on road courses in Spain, France, Germany, Italy,England & Belgium.
  13. Look who I ran into!

    He was happy to see someone who spoke English, I think he is the only American driver in the series.