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  1. yep money talks doesnt it .and that will hurt nascar once that ends .
  2. I GOT to run the last pro sedan race there ..all those years hanging out in the pits were some of the best days i had in racing .. . but the first lap i took i did what jesse told me not too .. turn to early in turn one for the exit of turn two .loop it everytime / well i did just that ..the patch everyone was afraid of in turn one didnt bother my car at all or me it reminded me of a special spot at cc speedway hit right and the car would get a good run through and off the turn ... i used it while everyone around me kept their foot off the gas i floored it .. started 4th for my first and only race and carb kept me from running with the two leaders and finished third . priceless ..turn three and off four scared the hell out of me ... .joshuas first lap there i told him just take it easy till you get use to the track ..standing on pit road i could hear his motor wide open going into three letting off for a second and wide open running one second lap times faster than the fasted local car ever did . and we heard about it after that practice the complaints on how much motor we had .. lol .jushua won three or four races in those few nights in that old ugly green chevy number 8 .. THE ONE trophy joshua holds dear over everyone he won was the wooden trophy made from the stands chris handed him .. it isnt a pageant winner but it is special home made with years of racing history behind. nick how did you get lucky to be there .
  3. A hammer is high tech .just wished they could have invented an automatic the older you get that more it hurts to swing that sucker
  4. if you had to look at this mug in the mirror each morning and having to fight and threaten the mirror with a hammer to turn back around facing you, you have to have a sense of humor .
  5. i hope they can keep on running .. one racetrack i think would still be here had it not been a lawsuit .. others i would say mismanaged in some points .. i know one track had issue with favortism and if you dont like it leave attitude or our way or the highway ..well the highway racers took .. .dirt at the time was cheaper then .not anymore that is heading the same direction up. just the price of a good factory stock is way more than should be spent .but if you want to compete you have to spend the big bucks ,, use to able to build two cars for the price of one now not that long ago either .. ..one reason my son has a car in my garrage not far from being ready but the cost has taken some pep away even if the car was ready .. .so save the moeny for something else .will his car make it out this year maybe . .so i hope and wish houston the best ...if they do set up a factory stock race we will be there a whole bunch will show up .. dirt racing is fun but i would rather be running that hot and hard on tires pavement .. that is still in my blood ..
  6. well the oldtimer part of me really realized it when i had old man nick helping me with his truck .. i was hoping nick being you know older much older would make me feel young .. but seeing nick was crawling around helping me with his truck alot better then i woke me up . . .. i dont fall for the you are as old as you feel .. because i havent felt what 66 years old feels like just yet... I will report back to you in a year .. . i think ill take up golfing i cant be any worst than nick ...... wife called up and got me set up for the virus shot friday .i need someone to make sure i dont faint ..THANKS GUYS
  7. Well when i get to your age i will be telling you 65 felt alot better .. thanks nick ..i went back and found i was born on a friday so i looked up what was going on that day .the first thing popped up was elvis .. huh why him i thought . he released lawdy miss clawdy that day .. texas independent day made me think my mother got her independents from carrying me ..it is her birthday as well .. she would have been 85 I WAS JUST LOOKING AT A PHOTO my sister sent today of my dad and mom at age 24 you remember those old black and whites right you invented the wheel , been a great day thanks again .. I WANT TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL WHO WERE BORN TODAY OR IN THIS MONTH .. and yes if you want oldtimer back on here go ahead ..as far as looks .. ill give that too you hands down .no arguement ..
  8. ARCA Daytona

    good looking car
  9. I-37 Speedway fresults 2/27-21

    i was told the plate built to cover the plastic tank a car has to have if it is plastic cut a line or rubbed a hole .. coming from someone who races in that class .. .lucky the driver wasnt hurt ..
  10. Lost Speedways

    cc speedway wou;d be a good one .. alot of big name racers raced there .. one we know well ..
  11. Trackside NSB

    Shoot nick ill have to change my phone number soon it will be ringing out of my pocket now .. lol ..but still waiting for that first customer .. ..i was worried about that truck making that long trip when you said the trans felt like it was acting up glad i didnt get the dead in the water call , ...... folks nick did not mention that old truck was well taken care of by him .it was worth keeping it and that made the differents .I know it will have a much longer life up there sorta miss it ..
  12. Trackside NSB

    well i got fired from working on that truck .. he took it to main ..
  13. Trackside NSB

    only issue was nick you were there to buy most of them ..lol ..i have a witness .mike torres remember him ..
  14. Trackside NSB

    yep he bounced off our trailor and i think the one next to us ... my boss and i pulled a joke on johnny white a couple of days earlier when he had ordered parts he had it shipped to our shop i think to keep his wife seeing what he was spending money on .. well we pulled his new cam out of the box and broke an olds cam in three places and put it in his cam box .. he at first didnt realize his cam wasnt suppose to be in three parts .and said dang this cam isnt suppoe to be that way is it . i said no and tim said well guess you wont be racing unless you pay out another hundred for this new one i have in my hand just happen to have a spare .. .. the look on his face looked like he was going to cry .. so we gave him his good cam .. i quess that was bad luck
  15. hello

    AND NICK IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE ..but nick some of the things you point out when woking with those darn racecar set ups or telling me i am wrong in what i am thinking ,,is priceless .. you have a great heart bud .sure glad you are one of a kind i dont think we need or could handle two of you .. funny how we can get on here and say things some may take differently than what is meant i have . nick an i have had that issue for along time . and i dont really remember just how we got together down here .but i found nick to be one heck of a person while working on his truck not this bad old moderator . and i think he found i am different in person when it comes to being serious ..i consider nick family just like i consider everyone here on speedzone or at a race track .that includes beach bum and toyota . BY THE WAY NICK I STILL HAVE KNEE ISSUES . but they are better .. you did have me crawling around that truck. and ill add i always told you and my other customers here is my price .what you pay over that is up to you and it it does not go unthankfull for the tip ...
  16. hello

    SURE GLAD I CAN TAKE THE COLD .my wife well another story .lol .. we have been with out electricity starting monday morning 645 am .. except for one hour 3 am tuesday where we were jumping up and down thinking sant claus came late .. after that hour nothing till just now ..lucky for me i have an old predator gen 4500 .. been running it on one tiny very tiny foot heater to keep one bedroom warm and i one smaller ice box ..in the garrage and one colman flame thrower to heat frozen nuts and bolts .. that works well heating up soup or anything in a small pan .. and lucky my house is old enough to have two gas bathroom heaters one in each bathroom .everything else i have is electric .. .me i cant sleep in a closed room where i cant hear the rest of the house ..so i have been sleeping in the 53 degree part of the house which is fine with me i love cold weather .. not this cold . but hey free ac .. just add blanket when needed .lol .. i hope everyone is safe our there and least have somehere to get warm .. im am old boyscout and deer hunter so i can use those skills i learned back then .they come in handy at a time like this .. ........................ be safe folks .. i figure to loose the power in less than an hour that is how its been run on to warm the house and then take it away .. just makes you mad when you can walk outside look two streets over and they have power and you dont .. ...
  17. hello

    No doupt we will have many deaths sadly ..THIS GOUGING STUFF IS JUST GREED AND WRONG .. ill add one more word HEARTLESS ... .
  18. hello

    by the way i still have the water leak
  19. hello

    This is why i am not rich .honesty .. i have worked on cars at home for years and under charge just about every job except when i worked on nicks truck lol....i can go right now and buy cases of water cheap about 2.25 a case from my wifes work if they still have some and make a killing if i wanted to ripping poeple off just could never never find my way in doing such a thing .and if i did it would be for donations to a food bank or poeple who need ithe help .i would just take out what the cost of the water only .....i have been in need before in some worst ways .. if you are hungry and i have a dallor its yours .. even if i was hungry ...had a man come by today with a generator he let sit for two years full of gas .you know what happens .. i stopped what i was doing fixing a water leak drained his tank took the carb off cleaned it and got him running ,, no charge he said he knew i could help him but did not want to bother me during the coldest time .. . THIS MAN has a bad heart and his wife isnt much better and they suffered through that four days of cold . glad they made it i have never met them .. .. but i did jump him .i said when something like this happens call me come down what ever it takes . let me decide if i can help . ................i hate to think i could have saved them had they died ..thats just me .can not put a price tag on life .
  20. a lot of races and this class earned it .
  21. Come on nick the plans are in the mail .. last i heard they were delivered to no where mans address . a fews ago .. .
  22. hello

    FOR once in your life you hit it on the nail maybe twice but who is counting .. this has been bad for many and many are the old folks i am just 65 . .seen too many ambulances at some of my nieghbors down the street knowing most of them can not survive with out power uppper 80s plus . i was worried about them and dont even know them .. ........

    SITTING here not in the same chair or watching the same tv .but the same spot as the day dale lost his life .. i am sure we all knew he didnt make it before they got him out of the car .. kenny reaction to the fire crew was all i needed .. .. anyway when it was made final he didnt make it i just finished cooking tacos .they never got eaten .. . tonight we are having tacos and that was not planned ..i didnt realize it was the 20th year till i turned the race on today in time to put my three fingers up just as i did at texas a few weeks later .. . i have to admit i was not a dale fan at all .. but darn near choked up some tears holding those three fingers up that day in respect for a man who meant so much to so many and nascar ....i realized afterwords he was nascar because it has not been the same an after the fact fan ...he isnt and will not be forgoten .RIP 3
  24. want to make bets who puts the first tire mark on it ..