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  1. i see one heck of a dust bowl .. no way they can keep that track wet enough during the race // .
  2. Content Removed

    Comedy hour that isnt funny ..AS A LIFE LONG PATRIOT i may not be able to find my way of calling either biden or harris my president ... that would be a first if i dont .. still pulling weeds out of the yard and seems the count is not in favor of either ..
  3. Content Removed

    salt and sand have a way of rusting some ones mind rails .. give the bum some love .. not to much tho we dont want to prove to the miss informed bum that trump poeple LOVE THIS COUNTRY .and are number one patriots ..
  4. Content Removed

    i hope the next four years are not a repeat of the 8 to 12 years we had before the last four years .. my son has a good job along with others i know that only they could have had a chance to get after 2016 .. . the virus will be a thing of the past in the coming months i hope .
  5. 2020 Clash at Texana Huge success!

    i liked it and not just because we made it in ..
  6. IT WAS massive .we almost loaded up thursday and come home to cut the car up throw it away just the way we felt next to last slowest car all night .. junk nothing worked .makes you feel stupid when you are better than that ..thanks to a local fast driver gave us some pointers a hero in my books never to proud to take advice and with nothing to lose we took his advice MADE the major changes added what we knew or figured and woke that baby up .day and night change friday night and finished where we needed to to get into saturday least with a small chance of making the main ..we made another small front change got through both qualifying races and became the last car to make the main ... talk about a four race stress test .i say no mas ... starting the main we didnt care where we finished we already won .. just go have fun ...we could not get our car to run on that track with out help alot of it .two teams helped us with important adjustments that led to our good weekend .. a competitor who had to fight us hard in the main .. i bet he had second thoughts ... car handled anywhere jessie pointed it with out a second thought .motor throw together ran ok but those guys out powered us we knew that going in .. ...I have to give the Track a that a boy .. track was great all three nights YES FOG WAS was hurting it for two nights but something a track cant control ..ill score them a 100 .they made it easier to dial the car in all through those three nights .. THE SHOWS RAN WITH OUT A HITCH .. the food was great .. WE HAD A GREAT WEEKEND went home with a smile a car .four wheels and really no damage ..with all the wrecks he somehow popped through . less that 6 hours sleep through three days 2 hour drive home nice to follow a trailer loaded with lights .lol . light house for me all this relaxing today is wonderful ....
  7. One Week To Go!

    You have never been there THAT IS AGAISNT THE LAW BUD ..I DEMAND LOCK YOU UP ... one of the cleanest tracks around . great food ..great racing ..as for a driver its a track you can not attack like others .. you have to be smooth ..you miss your marks going in forget the exit .
  8. I ADMIRED WHAT HE HAS DONE IN NASCAR he earned it not that i was a big fan of his . and really hate seeing great drivers leave but times change and i will see how good he does in indy car .. or what ever they are .. i thought it was fitting to hand the mantle off to chase on the track .. .me i would liked to see side by side with chase during the interviews ..if i was chase i would have wanted my team mate there ..
  9. lol....i sing i will bury you ......
  10. One Week To Go!

    Fired up the new motor tonight ..WELL ALMOST NEW .something to finish the season with .. WE WONT BE buying another motor from up north .23 races old .and cant even get the builder to return a call ..not that we expect much and am not looking for much ..thats racing ..but least ask us what happend and may help them out in the long run . least our local builders want to know ... so we will stay local .
  11. can you sing ..this wont be the best written song but it will hit a nerve ..i promise ..there is part in this song i have not found in any song i have heard .it was very hard to make it fit . but happens to almost every vet who went to battle . and even happens to millions for other reasons .. took me over a year to find away to add it woke up with the way in the middle of the night ...........and i too cant stand it when someone disrespects those who serve ..
  12. THAT IS GREAT ONE ..I FINISHED a song i wrote and someday ill find someone who can sing . i cant at all . .i am working on the music learning the piano ill see how that pans out .. a story of a vet his life before and after military action . what many vets go through . trials losses mental and pride . hard to explain because all of it is in the song and then some ...my friend zeke i lost last year too early never knew he started me on this song sadly i never told him AND NOW WISHED I DID ....he pointed out one thing that started this songs life . he was in the navy and was part of the gulf war ..his daughter served in iraq .....and i have met others that helped me along the way one elder vet whos hair stood up at what i had wrote up till then wanted me to finish it ... YOU WERE WORTH IT would fit in its meaning ...
  13. Dirt flat trackers

    one of my friends on the other street near me tim brown had a blast on his mini bike finished 3rd ..he told me the day before about the show but had other things i had to do .. he wanted me to bring my mini bike .i said its way to slow and i am way to old to race ...
  14. when i see a veteran i thank him or her ..when i see an officer and many are vets i thank them .. i will and have driven up to them while parked and say thanks for serving .and times offer them something to drink or eat .. i have paid for their meals when i can . i expect no favors from either .. i owe them ..thanks nick and everyone who served AND serves .. WHEN U SEE A VET A INLISTED A POLICE OFFICER GAME WARDEN BORDER PATROL AND SUCH .TAKE TIME TO SAY THANKS..A SIMPLE JESTER TO LET THEM KNOW THAY ARE HEROS . AND WE NEED TO ADD MEDICAL PROFEESIONALS THEY ARE FIGHTING A WAR RIGHT HERE IN DANGER EVERY SECOND THEY ARE AT WORK ....
  15. old days at cc

    DARN I FORGOT the block of ice stunt...
  16. old days at cc

    who remembers the days when they ran figure 8. go carts .and motorcycle races on the pavement .mustang dare devels and what ever you can think of .at cc.
  17. The New 2020 Nascar Champ

    i still dont like the chase ..
  18. time

    i remember that clearly ..problem is social media blocks that truth from coming out .and schools dont teach anything of the sort anymore ..does anyone think its sorta funny two days after biden is proclaimed the winner . a vaccine shows up .. hum ..
  19. time

    GO OUT AND VOTE i did i want to keep my gun. i want racing to stay i dont want 5 dollars a gallon fuel again . im not asking for much ..lol.
  20. time

    james i think its the sun and the sand and the cheap wine that some poeple put themselves through that causes confused state of mind ..or learn everything on social media . i thought about giving up being a patriot and never call biden my president just hard to convince my self after 64 years to do such a thing .. . but i am still working on it . good thing trump didnt pay for a fake dosier ..
  21. time

    my son could lose his job now .my wife could lose her 30 year job .. the gas is going up .taxes will go up companies will leave and we be right back where trump took us from .. i dont have any issue with someone voting for biden .the party behind him scares me the most .. the party has already figured out how to get biden retired .. . pelosajoke said so a couple of weeks back . i dont think to many poeple were listening .... i was .. . i figure to save travel money next year .. wont be going out of town to race . the fuel will cost to much ..
  22. time

    HOW IT GOT THIS WAY ISNT ON THE POLITICIANS .alone .. WE THE PEOPLE ALOUD IT .NOW WE WILL PAY FOR IT AND HAVE ... its good i can still walk up to all of my democrats friends we go back and forth and still have the upmost respect for each other .. i disagree with beach bum but would in a heart beat have him or her over for bbq ... that my friends is the true america ... i think the next election should be just like the line up draws say stop and see where you land .. ....first or second ..
  23. time

    nice colors
  24. time

    Well its really the time .. BE SAFE GO VOTE . today the country votes for its survival ..me i voted and feel good about it ... now i have to finish up a 65 mustang job and work on the racecar .hopefully we will be able to buy low cost fuel next year other wise staying home to race only ..
  25. "Run what Ya Brung" to a new level