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  1. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    make me cry ..he owns and I dont .sharp
  2. nascar

    NOT A BIG FAN OF HAMLIN . BUT HE EARNED THAT RACE .. good thing .. all old racers in the top 4 ..lol .. least the oldest batch they have in nascar. And 43 opened his trap and got lighter in his pocket book .. Don't admit to something like that and then point a finger In nascar's eyes about not doing something about it .. man if I said we blew everyones' doors off because we cheated because the track wont check anything . I bet we are torn down the next race. .I bet his boss and sponsors wasn't so happy ..
  3. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    LOOKS you may have a real gem ..
  4. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

  5. nascar

    I noticed that too bud .. I dont care how you write the story ..the empty stands are the proof … I haven't been to texas for 20 years or more .. terry won the race .. after that didnt have time to go . and then nascar racing turned to what it is now . so I never went back ..
  6. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    does the title vet work.
  7. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    BUD SENT YOU A NEW SONG I WROTE having trouble sending it .so I dont know if you received it . its tilted // VET
  8. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    NO she chased my brother I WAS CHASING HER NEICE COUPLE YEARS LATER AFTER HER CHARLES ANGEL SHOW . wow HER NIECE WAS A knock out she loved my blue eyes I cant go into anything else ..zip...REMEMBER THE SONG CROCODILE ROCK ...lol... ….
  9. Nascar Championship

    A FORD IS GOING TO WIN .. FOUR has been in all reality the fastest car on tracks like homestead .. they cut the drag down and let her rip ..
  10. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    I WAS INJOYING dirt bake racing .and cc speedway racing back then .. when I had time I chased the girls because they were running away from me ..lol ..jk.on the girls running away for the most part ...
  11. nascar

    for me I have never liked this points system .. AND NEVER WILL .. just the old in me I suppose ..
  12. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    interesting bud ..
  13. Three of the big 4 in the books !

    sure the weather could not make that weekend .. jesse said that factory stock race was bad ace ….after blowing up he got to watch it from the pits ..sure the weather had something to do with car count .
  14. RPM Act is reintroduced In the U.S. Senate

    too many racers in this country will show up motor running and smoking tires through Washington ..do not want to mess with the racers ..
  15. I take it runs good once you start it .,. start motor and lightly spray starting fluid around small spots on the motor . if you have a big enough leak to keep that motor from starting with out using stating fluid . it should run at high rpm once it is started . . makes me wonder if you have weak spark . bad or rusted grounds .. low amped battery . .. battery can still turn the motor over and draw down enough amps to hurt the starting /
  16. It is on for tonight!!!!

    jesse spent the night at the track .. . rained hard and long but didnt look so bad .he said still cracks in the ground you could fall onto ..lol . just some mud at 10 am . but race will be on ..
  17. Harry Osburn requesting prayer

  18. rain?

    jj I left you a message . my number is 361 290 2096
  19. rain?

  20. Cool Commercial

    now if we could just a racecar to build itself id love it ..
  21. ..is bill the one who built so many of those vw motors for prosedan drivers .. …...RIP
  22. bad

    DR PEPPER ..GOOD ENOUGH .. /I SUPPOSE YOU ARE BACK IN TEXAS .. yes I left it on cap locks .. remember everything in texas is big... ok racing related .. I have a lot of respect for bubba Wallace . . but to throw water on a competitor while he is heat exhaustion wont cut it with me .. I suppose bubba does not know it isnt good to cool off that fast cold water can put someone in shock … so I hope nascar plays a big visit with bubba ..
  23. Those astros are bad to the bone …. ok go ahead hit me with that isnt racing related .. ...