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  1. 3 hours ago, BeachBum said:

    hn interesting idea for a short-track to attempt these days.  

    It keeps fans enthused (online) and  the racers energized (on-track).

    Just not sure mass gatherings (pits/staff/etc) for any reason ... is the prudent thing to do until we turn this virus tide in a positive direction?

    But a creative concept, glad it's not my call...

    Thierpits are large 40 cars will not have a problem being kept apart ….. SMALL COUNT ..we would not have had a problem with that at all .. . just getting back into town and then driving home from the shop .. .just too chancy seeing we are right near a police  substation and I live right behind the malls .. 

  2. all that and at the bottom nick with his advertisement ..I would say john spun Anthony . john and scott were good at that .cant beat   you  move you .. . scott  moved me alright 6 laps in the opening race at cc in 1989 /..  I found out  tires have no traction when sliding 193 feet upside down .. I was the leader  when an impatient driver decided I didnt need to lead anymore .. . least my car numbers didnt change  double 0... lol...   

  3. my wife said we have least six people tested so far all have traveled to the states and cities hit the hardest .I did not see the report so  just going off of her . and tomorrow the city will have a meeting about what  to do .. . and it was mentioned  shelter in place .. enforced ..best have a good reason for being out and about .got to get ahead of this fast . just have to go out back and  get my winter time work done ….early of late either way ..

  4. 2 hours ago, top_shelf_12 said:

    Hanging in there so far. Trying to stay "business as usual" as much as possible at work but precautionary measures are being taken. Amazing how important truckers, stockers, and others often overlooked have become. It's definitely a change but there have been some benefits.

    I went to harbor freight today .. yes I am cheap lol .. they marked the floor with tape ten  feet apart and asked everyone to stand on those marks .then they had a taped square  on the floor  where you had to stand while they checked you out .. when it was time to pay the cashier would step back so you could pay . if it was cash you had to lay it down  on the counter  and back off to the square ..then step forward to pick up the change .. the cashier was wearing gloves .. smart I thought .. 

  5. 18 hours ago, Budman said:

    We're good, at least for now.  Here's something to think about.  How many door handles do you touch in a day's time?  How many other people have touched that same door handle before you arrived? How long, if ever has it been since that door handle was sanitized?

    How about the steering wheel of your car or truck?  The gear shift lever, the turn signal lever, the brake release?  Have you sanitized any of those?  Think about it.

    Trust me, it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.   

     YOUR SHOES  the mail man . .

  6.  IS everyone ok . do any of you know anyone who has this virus what city  town  anywhere .. .. I hope not but let us know ,..   sp far fine here in corpus I think just one person has it .

  7. 8 hours ago, BeachBum said:

    I live in Port A and I can tell you all if this much.  If this nightmare takes over Texas, it's sprouting strong wings at 2020 spring break.

    Our town is packed with folks (young & old) from everywhere.  These days, when I go down to the beach, it's packed and I stay far away from everyone.  I don't engage in any close conversations, period. 

    However every business in this town is open and these folks seem completely unaware (or don't care) about the impending doom that may await them ... and eventually the rest of us.

    Sorry for the negative news, but it is, what it is...

    Money will always blind a fool .THE first person to get the virus there will shake and wake everyone up .. could be too late then .for someone .. hope not .yet those same poeple are putting you and  your family at a bigger  risk .. beach bum  dont be sorry  glad you did .. 

  8. You dont know nick Toyota .. he drinks a dr pepper and eats a hot dog  just blows his mind he  gets lost just like that   lighter than air chassis NOTHINHG BUT GAS  between the ears .. .,,proof of it right here …  the car isnt anything near a bomber .  fact you can count on both hands all the factory parts left on it . you wont ever have to use your toes ..

  9. 6 hours ago, Budman said:

    Just remember H/T and BB, the briefer your bikini at the beach be, the greater your chance of exposure be. :o

    I live half a mile from salt water and 8 miles from padre island .. and I never lost anything out there .so I wont go looken …..