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  1. Austin Racing History

    2 00 . 250 TO GET IN TO WATCH THE RACES … lol... from then to now .15.00 is a deal .. you could take the whole family to the races back then . but then again 2.00 bucks bought you a lot .. gas food a movie .. i still remember getting paid 80 cents washing dishes at the astor and tipps restaurants . when i hit a dollar an hour i was in the money wahoo that was something to brag about ...lol working the pit gate in 1971 and 72 i got in free. frank made sure i got a burger and 5 bucks ..who could turn that deal down ..martha labonte was working at cc back then ..
  2. Andrews Distributing Night

    Something outstanding done for the FLANAGANS .I know it is SMALL gesture I added to the pot but the racers love and respect the Flanagan family .going all the way back into the 60s I have seen a Flanagan race somewhere an I know it was hard for the family to race last night I hope they saw it as a honor ,. .great family .. I heard somewhere up there many fans and racers showed their support .
  3. full moon

    the moon ..THIS DAY 1969 WAS SPECIAL .America went to the moon . KENNEDY announce to the whole world we look to put a man on the moon before this decade ends ... .I can not remember word for word. but what I do know and the rest of the world knows America did it …. too bad he didnt live to see that ..every step of the way the feat to get there was amazing ..as a young man I could not wait to see a liftoff a landing and the first man to walk in space … and the day we held our breaths hoping they landed on the moon open the hatch and step out ..old black an white tv with rabbit ears watching CbS as Walter Cronkite carried us through each minute …. the world stopped to watch .nothing sense has gathered poeple from all over the world to stop what they were doing ...the country was in a can do attitude we wont fail ...we had our divides we had bussing we had racial tensions .we were fighting a war and cold war with Russia .and 50 years later we still have the same issues ..but looks of the can do anything has faded ..the pride I see poeple have has lost its way ….America will always be great at what level is yet to come ..me I have hope just like I did back then that our best times have yet to come .the moon landing our space program shown us there is no limits we cant achieve ….. this sight we have the luxury posting on started in partly from our space program .. you see it in your hands your cars your home every waking moment and you sleep at night with security systems seeded from our space program ……. AMERICA IS SECOND TO NONE JUST STUBBLING RIGHT NOW .
  4. full moon

    Get over it arob .your too tight man ..
  5. full moon

    well the ipad was created in your time ...that should count for something ..ask not what your country can do for you .but what you can do for your country …. that seems to be gone .
  6. full moon

    funny I figured you were in uniform then .and was hoping you or someone spoke up about being somewhere else ….just past your sons apartment where the bridge crosses oso ..SAT A radio transmission station that was a part of Apollo missions .
  7. South Texas Speedway

    you got me thinking now .shoot I wont sleep ...willy shoemaker use to race a hornet back the 50s he loved red and white cars ….dont know if I am close . but I do know later in years at his house he talked about racing a hornet .cant recall if he said what colors it was .I know he was the type of person to do something like that the hearts .we had many talks about the old days .his old days I wasn't that old then .lol..
  8. South Texas Speedway

    I DONT KNOW if its the same car but id bet on it . I saw it a few times at the old Texaco at Garfield and leopard .we lived just across from snapkas on leopard back then .as a kid I would sit with my brothers outside in the yard or upstairs looking out across leopard watching my mom car hop … mom would never take us to the races but you sure could hear them .it wasn't till 1961 before dad took us out to cc speedway . … now that you brought this up and made me go that far back . ill ask my father inlaw . he use to sneak out to cc with his motor bike his dad didnt know he had ..maybe he will remember that car and possibly knew who owned it … sometimes old poeple remember little things like that .so ill give him a try .
  9. shout out

    Have to give the track a shout out ..when you can run four wide off turn two in purestocks and every one made it through that said something about the track being right on the money .the track surface was spot on .all through the night ..hope it wasn't just a lucky one time chance . but maybe not the crew has been good at it lately . a surface that can fool you if your car all of a sudden handled great .the 7 stuck like glue .the 8 m came on after adjustments in the feature .. the finish didnt show it after the rear end was moved to the left side .from a spinning car ..and a break system we didnt build broke on the 7 .no breaks ..those tires in turn three did a good job slowing the car down .
  10. William Byron

    must be a liberal .
  11. kids helmets

    brain bucket wont work for me .45 gallon drum. and I know many folks will come up why I need one that big ..hush
  12. kids helmets

    hey get your own bag . I THINK it would be nice to do that at all tracks .and all tracks need more of that
  13. kids helmets

    I AM not sure but I heard it has something like fema red cross one of those type deals . ..I went over didnt see a sign but did ask them briefly if they had one to fit my big head she laughed and said have a nice day ..lol …….. I said well I ride my mini bike around the pits slowly and dont have much squash to hurt when I fall anyway .. ...but yes it was a neat thing and those went fast .
  14. Open practice Friday at STS

    your a funny guy ..not really ..
  15. wow

    its is flat out hot ..racetracks need to change the start times . even if you have to shorten each race by 5 laps or so the get the races in ….or add a couple of more cars or so to each class to the cut down three heat races ..some wont like it but least the fans may .
  16. wow

    . COMMON SENSE most fans dont like to sit and watch racing passed 1030 or so many with kids ..in fact after that time they start leaving I watch better than most to fans leave one of the tracks before the last race of the night .one of the big classes with 16 plus cars … if your start time is right in the main heat .you wont have the fans in the stands .and knowing they will miss the heats because of the heat .they miss races either way so why show up ...they stay home .a 730 start hurts in the heat .an 8 clock start does give those fan a little more time .and funny it isnt much time .but a human mind works in weird ways ..like mine lol.7 o clock is when most fans start showing up the walk ins who are not part of a team are who you are looking for and walking into a racetrack half an hour later gives them that feeling we dont have to rush plus it will be cooler . knowing in reality it wont be .but its closer to night …………...kind of like that two for a dollar deal … one reason I hate daylight savings time .
  17. William Byron

    Funny thing about racing and life in general . what goes around comes around ...when I was driving I like to say I am like an elephant .elephants dont forget ……….Byron wont forget the lesson .in time that elephant moment will show up .he will grow some hair on his chest after the backside of his ears dry up .he is still young .
  18. lol - Harvick

    I LIKE harvick now ...once a driver like brad said I wont lift . well …
  19. lol - Harvick

    yes sir .
  20. lol - Harvick

  21. they have been down to corpus ..
  22. William Byron

    THANK U .. nice track fun to run on .makes my driver slow down some that track will humble you ...lol wanted my son to join us but he is on call .get by the black and green and yellow 7 say high .
  23. William Byron

    we will be running texana so I have to watch it recorded .
  24. Prayers for James Huff please

    great news .
  25. Condolences to the Taylor family

    SAD LIFE CAN BE SO CRUEL . this young man had a long life ahead of him .hope his girlfriend pulls through .as for the family I can not fathom the pain of seeing this .prayers for all of you.....