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  1. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    does the title vet work.
  2. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    BUD SENT YOU A NEW SONG I WROTE having trouble sending it .so I dont know if you received it . its tilted // VET
  3. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    NO she chased my brother I WAS CHASING HER NEICE COUPLE YEARS LATER AFTER HER CHARLES ANGEL SHOW . wow HER NIECE WAS A knock out she loved my blue eyes I cant go into anything else ..zip...REMEMBER THE SONG CROCODILE ROCK ...lol... ….
  4. Nascar Championship

    A FORD IS GOING TO WIN .. FOUR has been in all reality the fastest car on tracks like homestead .. they cut the drag down and let her rip ..
  5. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    I WAS INJOYING dirt bake racing .and cc speedway racing back then .. when I had time I chased the girls because they were running away from me ..lol ..jk.on the girls running away for the most part ...
  6. nascar

    for me I have never liked this points system .. AND NEVER WILL .. just the old in me I suppose ..
  7. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    interesting bud ..
  8. Three of the big 4 in the books !

    sure the weather could not make that weekend .. jesse said that factory stock race was bad ace ….after blowing up he got to watch it from the pits ..sure the weather had something to do with car count .
  9. RPM Act is reintroduced In the U.S. Senate

    too many racers in this country will show up motor running and smoking tires through Washington ..do not want to mess with the racers ..
  10. I take it runs good once you start it .,. start motor and lightly spray starting fluid around small spots on the motor . if you have a big enough leak to keep that motor from starting with out using stating fluid . it should run at high rpm once it is started . . makes me wonder if you have weak spark . bad or rusted grounds .. low amped battery . .. battery can still turn the motor over and draw down enough amps to hurt the starting /
  11. It is on for tonight!!!!

    jesse spent the night at the track .. . rained hard and long but didnt look so bad .he said still cracks in the ground you could fall onto ..lol . just some mud at 10 am . but race will be on ..
  12. Harry Osburn requesting prayer

  13. rain?

    jj I left you a message . my number is 361 290 2096
  14. rain?

  15. Cool Commercial

    now if we could just a racecar to build itself id love it ..
  16. ..is bill the one who built so many of those vw motors for prosedan drivers .. …...RIP
  17. bad

    DR PEPPER ..GOOD ENOUGH .. /I SUPPOSE YOU ARE BACK IN TEXAS .. yes I left it on cap locks .. remember everything in texas is big... ok racing related .. I have a lot of respect for bubba Wallace . . but to throw water on a competitor while he is heat exhaustion wont cut it with me .. I suppose bubba does not know it isnt good to cool off that fast cold water can put someone in shock … so I hope nascar plays a big visit with bubba ..
  18. Those astros are bad to the bone …. ok go ahead hit me with that isnt racing related .. ...
  19. be truthfull

    lol .. famous words of a wrecker ill have a good day when i get this right knee from keeping me awake at night I jammed it ... … . and tim now I understand your reasoning .
  20. be truthfull

    WATCHING DALES SHOW with ron .. he made me go back and think .. HOW MANY POEPLE HAVE I WRECKED how many poeple I moved out of the way and how many I jumped on or been jump about my driving ……… ,my first full season racing at cc started out in the first heat of the year driving 00 leading the race with out my race motor so down on power 6laps in I found upside down wasn't a good place to be .. the 14 got mad at me thinking I was blocking I wasn't ,decided he had enough and sent me into turn two wall and ended up in turn three .lots of sparks and roof burn right through from that long slide .. long story short he never said a word as to why or any word at al to me ..so I played I wasn't mad for most of the season till one night I was on the pole and he was outside of me . I figured this would be my best chance to pay him back ..so I did aimed him right in the gap at cc speedway under the flag stand .. his car didnt look so good after the race .he screamed at me what the hell .. I said learned from the best . after words . I thought .. I could have hurt that driver .I wasn't so proud anymore .. I never took anyone out like that ever again . did I move poeple out of the way yes . but the one thing I learned and have told my son to do .. if you hit someone wreck someone always go and explain what happened .if you did it on purpose tell them why if not tell them why anyway … yes that driver is going to be mad but least after he says what he thinks . you respected him enough to go clear it up ..
  21. be truthfull

    maybe that is your type of driver ..it does not take much talent to wreck someone in order to get a win .. so I dont call them great drivers .. I never took anyone out for a win . our team moto is if our car is fast enough to win . we will win .. bump and run is ok but wrecking someone to do so isnt .
  22. be truthfull

    I have moved poeple on purpose mainly because they were mirror driving and blocking me . all over the track .. when they were not fast enough to race me .. when I wasn't fast enough I gave plenty of room high or low giving that other driver somewhere to go and if he pasted me he was fast enough if not I least gave them an open door .. .dirt is another story no mirrors … I never move anyone thinking they would never give it back . I excepted that … and they did ….lol.... that 14 car in my first post .a couple of years later i raced another mans car trying to figure out why it would not get up to speed .. . well I was lined up in 14th and the 14 was 15th .. I was just fast enough to keep the 14 from moving up through the pack .after a couple of laps I felt something I remembered a hugh push from behind .. the 14 was pushing me through the pack all the way up to 3rd and then I let him go past me . he needed 1 foot to win the race … after the race the driver came over to me and said . I was hoping you didnt think I was going to wreck you again . just pushing you forward I could not out run you like we were … I just laughed and side yes the through we there at first but i figured out what you were doing and I waved lets go .thanks for 3rd ..
  23. Friday the 13

    I didnt know l87 had a grand pa class .