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  1. Great fun today

    just grab the shaft ..least something to hang onto ..I wonder did you inhale a ton of dust when that happened .
  2. Bobby Labonte in NASCAR Hall of Fame

    FRoM SEEING HIM as a 7 year old running around cc speedway helping his mom at times sale tickets . to following his brother into the hall of fame . how could one city be so lucky ..who knew where their lives were headed back then I didnt . .working the pit box back then bob sr talking with frank hoch about someday maybe running grand nationals .a dream he had back then grand national was far away from most peoples minds . I suppose bob wasn't just dreaming ……...
  3. fuel cell

    no takers .might be going up to edna .so far looks that way this weekend ..anyone up in that area ill bring it ..I am going to give it away or soon destroy it and throw it away ..still in really good condition . just hate to throw it away .
  4. Building my shop

    just now taking a look at this finished product ..nice ….added an ac yet ..looks warm for winter ..and the white looks great lol.
  5. Tires

    if its dirt ask the guys at i37 .
  6. nice

  7. I thought I was me .blowing it .
  8. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    well weather has hurt sts .but they are running darn near every weekend ...three to four weeks out of the month,,
  9. .. Friends in high places . JUST WRITE A CHECK .everything will be ok ..you and I are paying for it .
  10. Happy Birthday!

    He cant afford those facelifts you get SHOOT sorry nick I wasn't suppose to let your secret out .... fact I am starting to think you guys are brothers .
  11. Happy Birthday!

    I think tom is a few years behind you nick ..but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM ..
  12. Happy Birthday!

    . dang time passes fast didnt you just have a birthday two weeks ago .age misses things up .. what you thought was yesterday is a week old .. .AT YOUR AGE EVERY DAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY ., HAVE A GREAT ONE .
  13. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    . ..my wife scored my races for many years before I parked my cars .it wasn't easy for her to just count the car number .she never gave me a break and I did not expect one I was put to the back when I missed up .and never a word back and forth once we left the track .she had her job she chose I had my fun I chose .I am sure your mom has done the same thing .. Joshua is racing and she wont give him break .good thing is most tracks have corner workers compared to the old days where the score keepers had to make the call ..it is mostly left up to the track now .they may get asked what did they see .but that is far and between .so makes it easier on them for the most part ..I only once in the years she has scored ever said anything mean to someone .back in the 80. I got on a man who started cussing my wife over a position ..we cleared that up fast .. you can argue with her all you want disagree with her all you want .but to start a nasty attack on her .well I wont let that happen .other wise I stay out of it …. .professional score keepers are hard as hell to find .probably the hardest job to hire .. they seek no praise .just respect ..my wife as far as I know does not know what I have posted I dont tell her .if she finds out someone else pointed it out and then she never says to much other than I know about it .and I dont ask her to much on what they saw or why they called it that way ..
  14. Made another trip out to L87

    well go kart is dry rotting tires ..
  15. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    oh com oh come on .I thought you were a beasty boys ,the sex pistols and blondie fan .
  16. Forged Eagle SBC Short Block

    i will take a shot Lozano brothers maybe .
  17. For Those Not on Facebook

    darn worked on both cars had em ready .well easy week ahead .
  18. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    WOW THE EPA wont let us oil the tracks today . .use of old hacksaw trick ..who needs grinders .no push carts . just a few leg starters ..clear on car cameras .. pushing those cars looked like they are very heavy .large steering wheel for quick steer .64 i was riding my new Schwinn banana seat bike rubbing elbows with the road rash trying to master wheelies . that is why i have no freckles on my elbows . playing with toy army tanks cannons and men in the dirt .drinking fresca and making homemade ice cream . deer hunting .playing with tarantula spiders and horny toads and watching gun smoke and lone ranger and at times captain kangaroo ..lol … learning how to work on dads 56 desoto and 59 el camino i miss both cars and mom and dad water skiing behind that old merc . just about every thing else those were the fun days ..how could i forget living just down the road from the best show on earth auto racing .cc speedway .
  19. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    still running for the same purse we had back in the 80s in some classes .car count is up in some of those classes and still get paid diddly yet the cost of lets say special build chassis .shocks and just parts over all have cost us ..I never saw the need to spend so much to have the same fun with a cheaper system .poeple want to see racing and they dont care how fast the cars are ..tracks cant charge a higher gate price to pay other classes a higher purse .but paying high price for low car count for upper class is just well you add a word .you have 25 cars in the lower class paid less than a upper class with ten cars .. i never had a problem with having upper classes .i have a problem with five or ten cars getting a large payout over a larger lower class ..
  20. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    I DO know what really makes it hard on the scorers …..not seeing numbers on some of those car .many look great up close .but the scorers are not up close and have to learn the color of the car and sometimes a lot of cars run the same colors. or numbers with a letter that is even harder to see . . just think how hard that is to see the number while trying to write down 2 or 3 cars running side by side ..on our cars we make sure those numbers can be seen all the across the track from way up there ..a black car with red numbers do not show up well in the night time from up above
  21. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    Never once thought you said that buddy ..TRANSPONERS help .and I am sure those two ladies would welcome them .
  22. Haven't missed him ..I KNOW this is going to look bad towards me but I dont care .. if he failed to pass a drug test he should have been band for least the season . there should be heavy time off for illegal drugs in a persons system in racing ..this isnt paddle boat racing .
  23. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    THANKS I will tell Lorraine you are thinking about them ..I really dont understand how they can do it and not lose their mind .lol both of them have probably 40 plus years combined scoring .they have a system down that works .scorers are the hardest poeple to find .that I have to say is the hardest job one of the lowest paid so isnt the money job out there but the most important job once those racecars hit the track .sitting up for hours with races running back to back with little time between no time to adjust your eyes and relax at all .heat races are the easy races ..get 20 cars in a race and that is where the work starts or new cars with numbers they have to go sit and watch and learn some numbers are really hard to see from where they sit ....intermission does not give them much rest ..they have to finish the finishes of the heats and them get everything ready for the features ...they dont have really anytime to eat and some times to go to the restroom .they do snack on junk food my wife takes ..not very healthy …. its really a thankless job that most poeple take for granted they are out of sight out of mind from the outside that booth world yet they are the ones who have to know where you are on the track and make sure they dont have you out of position in the end .and sometimes they get it wrong and pay for it .. their job isnt over after the features .. they may have to sit there for hours waiting on tech ..lucky that does not happen every week ..even when they are not at the track both ladies have meetings to go over things that pertain to the next race or computer system changes and many other little details on their time .or they show on their time to sign up drivers before the season starts and during each night … JUST think . scorers would love to just watch a race and enjoy em at times .but they cant ..think about it .Lorraine has a son racing and we let her in on what was happening during the race the detail parts she cant watch .she is counting car numbers ……………. EVERY RACETRACK has to have score keepers period even when you have transponders those help a lot but someone still has to do eyes on scoring ..// BOTH LOVE DOING IT .
  24. Dega Baby

    well they have video and it stumbled across my eyes ...I needed a sleeping pill and nascar has been a good one for many years now ..but I did watch this race with out sleeping ..taking a break and the dogs would wake me up every time I started to fall asleep .. so least I can say that was a good race ..never said I hated nascar . . just dont like a lot about them now ..and it was the only race I watched from start to finish this year ...