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  1. tps 48 was that you sitting with him what happend in sa you was not up there running with the leaders.
  2. New #21

    well tea dr pepper and water all i drink. dont know whoo jack is
  3. New #21

    i thought ya was drunk so i called it a mustang .i figured it would make ya drink more if you thought it was .a toyota.
  4. gb same hear. i had to race for the money to. in order to. run next week. in racing it kept me out of the bars .where the bartender did not give you a return of somewhat.that cost to much drinking .i believe stevens dad told him he could not afford both he chose to race .if your rich fine. if not then you have to race for the money .what ever it is .while your having fun .i never made money in racing ..but i darn well made more than drinking. btw i havent met a driver that does. not injoy getting that winning money .they are the first in line to collect
  5. New #21

    when is the motor going in
  6. New #21

    needs paint ps looks like a mustang . look good with neon blue on it
  7. Run what you brung

    lets go racing
  8. btw owen thanks for your honest and hard work .and taking such a challeng.
  9. i.didnt think neil was knocking any tipe of track just inviting cars .unless i cant interpret worth a darn . cc.will open agan .i have said before i like dirt .just inviting people to run sas.sometimes .heck neil get with owens .see if yah can get tps on the dirt .at the same time why dont some tps cars run down here on open night.we have talked about running some races on the dirt soon owen gb idont know what to say other than yah have fun i wish the best have a great time the way yah talk has got me thinking .i.ll never give up asphalt .but support you guys out there.
  10. Run what you brung

    pappy put your nerves on the back burner and run sas in april .go fast for the first time i know you have a fast motor.
  11. Run what you brung

    just one word neal tps could not believe how fast don was in sa that to me was just somthing i have never seen like that in sa what does that car have that no one else can have way to fast. you dont come back from straitaway down. power by 27 and 2 like that .i dont think we have anything over him .not mad . just dont want to hear about doing your homework .cuz homework does not make that car that fast .
  12. Run what you brung

    i talked to big don last night .had along talk .nothing .settled. . didnt find anything out about the race .he didnt know. what was going to happen at that time we talked .was a plessure to talk to him thow yah need to visit him he misses all of it .
  13. Goodnight

    well saddle them up and ride ride ride
  14. Goodnight

    i hear they got them stangs roped together now .yippie kye yea . . a rabbit hunting they came.unplugging neons lights is their game
  15. Congrats Rick

    well shoot i guess i.ll have to deal with is oversized head at work now . oh is me . way to go rick .
  16. Run what you brung

    jessie said he herd the same thing .that something like don and doc had it out . and they were pulling the plug . but im sure we.ll know soon .hell sad deal if true just spent 400 dollars on tires in sas last night .for the run . guess we.ll save them for pro sedans .
  17. will the vets help the rookies?

    one thing i didnt do pull somthing like that tim .when i help somone ihelp the best i can. it happens to all of us thow.but thats racing .when ej went up and asked jessie .and i how to set up slicks we gave the best he could get with what he had and beat us and darn near won.and knowing we could help . was great .i was rooting for him .funny thing i didnt even really like yah that much.cuz i didnt know yah then. funny how things .change .iwas with 00.back then when stevens dad started racing and aganst my teammates wishes i helped pops car go fron 17 s to 16 flat in one night .i didnt even know pops. just steven i drove ernies car onepractice .told him what i thought .they made the chainges.and thathelp ed thim win a champ.same with randy lee .sounlds like im braggan but i am not ; so steven your wrong somewhat .i gave .your dad everything i knew . and he won a champ . with what i and you knew.so there is still a fool out there me .but i injoy helping, even if i am a pain in the buttttttttt.
  18. congrats will

    gb.s dreaming of a neon blue moon
  19. congrats will

    aint over tell wrestling wheel [will ]say.s its over .good thing will .did you shorten up gb throtle cable.jk congrats on the win
  20. will the vets help the rookies?

    cant let front wheels have all the fun soft set up on right front. plug right brake line. kick bootie .fits your stile of driving i think .
  21. will the vets help the rookies?

    jack disman has or had alum head forsale prob .call neal to get his number . as for as the clutch only have one .. and you know where it is sorry .
  22. congrats will

    gb push the gas pedal down . j.k
  23. will the vets help the rookies?

    thank you sir
  24. Weather

    just hang a carret off the back of the honda abottle of lettes juse problem solved.corral those mustangs .dont let them breed .so they cant give birth to pintos hook a plow to rick rachet jaws farm truck .that will keep him busy. make sure he has plenty of stogies and beer and a potty pan . your sure to win
  25. Weather

    somebody going to knock the king gb off his throne tonight.and win a race