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  1. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    YOU THINK MAYBE IF I DR PEPPER BOARD YOU . would you tell us what you wont tell us that is common knowledge … ….. HAPPY NEW YEAR we lived to see another one .
  2. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    .. I wont even give it a thought … tavo knew what he was doing and wanted to do with cota ..
  3. Under stand dash. ,, same back to you .Happy new year and God bless ....
  4. Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

    oh man you beat me …. funny how a hamburger is that important . .but food does play a big part ..racetracks need to sell good food ..sas had the chili .. kyle had the wraps and burgers in the pits …. IF YOU ARE GOING TO feed poeple take the money make sure the food is worth it ..a great burger or food will bring poeple out to a racetrack .. ..i will have no problem paying more for good food ..and like racing there when we can make it .
  5. Paint does not make a car go faster or even sell . .. . . I dont judge a book by its cover ..i look how it was built who it was built by .how many races it has been in ..and so many other factors .. paint job isnt on top of my list ..or many others who are looking to buy … fact i would rather it not be painted.. primed would be ok if anything …...the tires we run today you can by four for the just over the price of one those tires on this car … a steal ...the motor was built by Robbie before he passed .. we ran two Robbie motors over the last three years .. one is being refreshed right now after two seasons .. i dont know what he wants for it .most likely the owner is going to lose . they hardly ever get the money back ..i never did .if you want to race . this would be one to look at ..
  6. i know

    go for it bud. I am good .. send them .. I wont get into a pie fight . but my wife makes the best took her a long time to master what my grandma and mother could do .. you know from scratch isnt easy anymore .. .lol ..

    DANG IF IT WAS AN 850 WE WOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT .. have a 468 in a jet boat and the 1050 dominator is just a tad to much ,, can not get it to I idle long enough below 1250 . it has been modified for strip ..688 roller ..1250 is to much for backing up .. if you have something in that area let us me know ..nice carb .
  8. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Cant find a way to disagree with you rod and you cant push her around .. she loves the rub too . I have only seen a few laps of her in one or two races .. impressed right off .
  9. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Must be getting old like me I never heard of her till a friend brought her up last year .. just old poeple out of the loop .. she can handle a racecar … better than your favorite ..lol..
  10. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    BUDMAN I AM SURPRISED you never heard of her .. ...she is becoming popular ..
  11. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    I DIDNT KNOW THE TECH MAN but the one who checked us was good at what he does ..HOW many tech man carry a wrench ….ready for work ..
  12. Sport Mod Cheaters, Need more tech

    MY WIFE called and said the score keepers were not coming home soon they were moving the cars onto the bar area .. tech was going to take a while .. she got home around 3 am .. 12 hour day ..and many others longer .cant say sts wont tech ..
  13. Shootout didn't disappoint!

    no let down from me .. I enjoyed it .
  14. I will lone you a buck after I save one up ..may take a while .. I HATE TO SEE THIS TRACK SHUT DOWN ..
  15. Shootout didn't disappoint!

    .. Yes it was/ DID YOU SEE THE FOUR WIDE IN TURN THREE .LOL.. cant remember what car jesse was trying to pass right there . tj came in under him and someone else joined in .. you could not put a tooth pic between them .I almost fell over lol.. all made it through .. I asked jesse what he thought .. he didnt know it was four that is a testament on just how good these drivers are .. . darn I just wished the track hadn't dried up enough for our slick set up .. watching the track and weather made us think to go wet and slick FAST SET up we found Thursday night . ran it in the heat and worked jesse just didnt GET clear soon enough to go after first and second place soon enough .. . dry slick like that feature the car has not liked that all years .but we found a problem we will fix before next year the main reason why it does not like dry ….that weekend was I say the best weekend for factory stock ..DRIVERS FROM ALL over showed you just how good they ….are .. THE TRACK WAS IN REALLY GOOD SHAPE OVER THE WEEKENED .
  16. sad .. the 7 car has raced that track a few times over the last couple of years .. love it ..not many tracks you can go to you would love to race on every weekend . this was one of em .. hope nick takes it on ..
  17. South Texas Speedway Practice

    lots of cars ..I think 48 factory stock and 50something sport mods … we just missed getting into the main a blocked in restart with two to go hurt ..that's racing .. we had fun though what else could you do .. ..track was way to dry for our set up after Thursday night .. hope the track wets it down just a tad more ..lol .
  18. South Texas Speedway Practice

    practice. was good we found some things and hope the car repeats this weekend .. looked good I will add going to be some mean racing going on .. a lot of fast cars coming down .more than years past the weather looks to be the best in years long sleeve shirt time only …

    WEATHER FORCAST looks to be the best weather for this weekend races than many other years before .. summer time ..
  20. Perry fanily

  21. One more to go

    just got home from the track .. got some practice in ..thanks sts .
  22. Happy Thanksgiving

    Back to you rod ..
  23. CC Racers

    if it was james car .call ace transmission .you will get the answer I guaranty it ..no one knows more than the family ..