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  1. And so it begins

    I live half a mile from salt water and 8 miles from padre island .. and I never lost anything out there .so I wont go looken …..
  2. No Nascar till may

    I wonder what Toyota tim is going to do from now till then .. go fishing ..
  3. No Nascar till may

    you know who Kenny Wallace is … I am sure you do ..after Harvey he flew down to corpus and areas like Rockport and other small communitie s with cash to hand out from him and nascar drivers ..hundreds and hundreds of dollars were handed out to poeple who he thought needed it .
  4. HOT Speedway Suspends 2020 Season

    I dont think it will be the last track to hold off ..
  5. And so it begins

    Well dont strain those eyes and heart .. I TAKE IT YOU ARE GOING TO RELOAD UP ON SOME DREAMS .. ..
  6. And so it begins

    ten bucks a bag .can you smoke it .. wash rag rinse dry reuse ..
  7. And so it begins

    SHOOT RAN OUT LAST WEEK and got my case .. just in case I need them to clean something ...went to a stop and shop earlier man buying paper towels said he could not find the back side wipers ..his words .. Lorraine has hundreds and hundreds of rolls at work .so we are safe in that department ..
  8. DCRST dwarf car - SOLD!

    I believe my son mentioned it was sold ..
  9. And so it begins

    shoot my son and his girlfriend will be in sa all weekend ...not stopping them ..
  10. No Fans

    I take it the presold tickets will be reserved for a later date ..
  11. And so it begins

    Hey watch to wording ………..we may lose some racing for a time but wont last forever ..
  12. No Fans

    who are the couple of guys .. lol ..we may have to shut down local racing .what ever it takes if you are dead it wont matter ..but i will not live my life worried ..
  13. ugly crash in the tuners ...
  14. Ryan has been released

    truthfully watching him walk out with his two young girls after a crash like that and hear him say what he said and the look in his eyes tells me I do not think he will be back in the car ..and no one could blame him .. he knew just how close he was to death .. the good lord warned him not this time .. . IF IT WAS ME I have nothing else to prove out on the track I would have said I had a good run over the years and my girls are more important he put them through a scare they will never forget and will relive it every time he gets in a car and worst if he wrecks .. ITS TIME TO WALK .neil bonnet comes to mind
  16. Prayers for James and Janette Huff

    PULLING FOR you James very nice man .. 39th birthday again .. happy birthday James .. . had my second 32 nd Monday seems like the first half of that took 39 years the other half a month ..lol... so stick around for us OK ..praying for both of you ..
  17. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    ONE of the best things and the best thing really about being on here is we get to meet poeple we would never have met before ..we get on here and go back and forth over our beliefs . sometimes we get mad .but heck happens everywhere every day somewhere . but one thing is for sure we can turn this off …. I HAVE LEARNED alot here I have met many I call friends now even if we never see each other in person ..but when we do we become even closer …. this is where I have met some of the best poeple around . budman dano and even someone who has jumped my butt a few times .. nick holt .. ...but ever grateful for it .. dano dan the man was one I respected loved and enjoyed every minute I knew him even when we disagreed .. he never failed to find us in the pits in kyle along with budman .my son loved him my wife loved him .. and we all have missed him .. .
  18. Blaney and Bowman

    They are old news time for fresh young blood I dont pay them no mind much anyway .. I like the new crop of talent coming up ...poeple are watching them closer good time for the hats ..
  19. Blaney and Bowman

    nascar could use one .between the good guys .give blaney the black hat .lol . as for the IF. there is always a lot of space between the letters ..
  20. USMTS Delivers

    WE had a great weekend loose at i37 .and fast at sts after finding some issues won the heat but that darn ben boy is fast along with 747 . but I think we had something for them just to far to catch back up after the little help in turn three . lol .. restarted twenty second or so finished 7th shorten race smashed up fender ..shoot that was a win … the tech poeple are very professional ..learned a lot from them .. over all score a 9
  21. USMTS Night at STS

    [Edited out by Admin]
  22. VIva Las Vegas

    so you think travel cost along with the economy played no part with families not going to a race … .. wake up tweety bird ..
  23. VIva Las Vegas

    .. you have to give thanks to the president . our economy is doing very well .. fuel cost is low .. poeple have more money now . tracks lost a lot of families traveling the cost was more than many could bare ..
  24. VIva Las Vegas

    Blaney .bowman . Byron .. hum ...I figured Byron had the best chance .. he just keeps on sucking on restarts ..
  25. dont start that kinda talk ..hold your chin up . we will be racing .