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  1. OK, soap box time again

    This problem is never talked about till someone gets hurt ..
  2. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    nah its the fact people will pay for it .
  3. Tecate Championship Night 10

    yep even my wife didnt know it not many did .I know brandon had permission …. anniversary of the lost of a brother sadly .that was brandons way to honor his brother . jesse said yes .and we agreed with him .no problem brandon is a great guy .. stevemacc .those 600s were super fast and some great driver .not for me .but they were leaving a lot of rubber burns and made the track slick down low .the track was mainly one groove middle .we set up to run lower but the track was not there for really anyone .
  4. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    yep but I am retired now got tired of them making to much money off of me . .doing my own thing ..working on a 48 ford for someone now less stressful .nice to be your own boss .with the new cars we dont spend half as much with any autoparts stores ...
  5. Tecate Championship Night 10

    someone left a wet spot up there ..skill alone didnt keep him out of that wall hard ..
  6. Tecate Championship Night 10

    .brandon skinner was in 7 car having fun playing around not a legal car for that class lol . ….no points no money and no damage ….
  7. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    HEY MAN we won a lot of races with that store bought junk ..be easy man .
  8. OK, soap box time again

    Hard to say reb flying objects knows no limits .
  9. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    I read it I read it . THAT WAY I MAY LEARN SOMETHING .
  10. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    we can all agree RULE HAS ITS LIMITS .. IT WILL ALWAYS BE LIMITED TO ONES UNDERSTANDING OF THE RULE AND THE RULE MAKERS LIMITED KNOLEDGE . it is just a baseline AN IMAGINARY LINE WITH NO END ..now can anyone figure out what I just said .because I confused myself lol.
  11. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    WITH you there reb
  12. Starting to see improvements

    SEEING YOU WANT TO BE AN AHOLE .GO BACK TO SLEEP .YOUR TRACK WONT OPEN .AND YOU JUST SHOWED EVERYONE YOU ARE NOT WORTHY .I wasn't being an ahole and I supported you and your dieing track up till your track died .. a person asked a question .and I suppose you were asleep and did not think to answer it or care too .your good at that . unless someone who supported u up till you shut down has anything to say that does not fit your happiness … did I hurt your feeling because I said it looked like a junk yard .sorry but it does and still hope you can reopen it .
  13. Ford 2.3 distributor

    IF YOU COULD FIND A 2.3 DISTRUBTUOR POINTS .IT WONT BE FACTORY . .raced those motors for 25 years plus and never saw one with a points factory distributor .now 2.0 and 1.6 had points .from 70 to 72 and 73 when a few 2.0s were left over for that year before .after that in 1973 ford came out with the 23 electronic distributor .. never found a 2.3 with a points system unless you went to Mallory ..duel points ..but I would like to see that distributor if one is available . .
  14. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    … FUNNY A SIDE CAR RIDER who thinks he knows what he is talking about .going up against A man who knows what he is talking about …. I just bet the side rider has many championships under his belt .. that is questionable at best ..the one who I wont question but will always rely on truth and experience with well mannered insight moderates this sight . .. its about time for dq in nascar .. needs to move up the highest level .
  15. results for 6-15-19

    Think we can get ross to paint that old 8 car .46x I painted that old green a few years ago ..lol . glad to see that old car is back racing ..good luck ross .. we will come up as soon as we get the 7 running good .new cars take time .
  16. Thank you’

    I WATCHED THEM AT STS last week I WAS SURPRISE to see those trucks there .and I may say being an old fan of them excited ..they didnt have the best show being they are taking a truck built for pavement .I know it will take time to for those trucks to get set up to run a side by side for position .. learning curve .we did it in 2017 with the old 7 car and darn near won the championship boy we had a lot to learn using a chassis not built for dirt …. I know one person close to us wants a truck and is looking at finding a good one ..that is the intent …. .anyway I hope many more truckers add their truck to the list and bring them out of the moth balls ..good luck .
  17. --- breaking SPEEDNEWS alert ---

    I watch them .those guys are going to put on a show once they figure out the set ups ..
  18. Tecate Championship Night 8

    neither do I ..
  19. Tecate Championship Night 8

    nah I thin
  20. Tecate Championship Night 8

    Getting the car better it takes time the driver is starting to trust it .that is the biggest adjustment you can give a car . the trip up to edna helped we wanted to run the same set up for three nights to see if the car and driver can become one . now its time to make a few more here and there to get the balance ..I have been wanting to take the car out myself and so last night I did / not been in a car enough in years to race it .but least I still have the feel of what the set ups might be doing ..I found something that might be slowing us down here and there . the driver and I drive about the same except I use two hands .lol …..I laugh because we have done nothing but practice all year .last night he was racing along with practice .when you see the fast cars and can stay with em of pass em . that's racing .. anyway I like watching that young man in the 74 .he will make his mistakes along the way and learn from them ..that is a driver in the making right there ...
  21. Tecate Championship Night 8

    I have not seen a truck race sense kyle closed ...those drivers get those trucks adjusted for dirt there is going to be some good close racing .. glad the track gave them a place to play ..i finally took a good watch on the bombers ..car count is growing .. that 13 years old is going to school and learning the right way take his time and take care of that car .thought he was going to hit the wall hard but a good save for someone so young .i see a young man with talent who will be a force before the year is out . that car is a tad bit Larger than his go CarT ….
  22. d.day

    YOU COULD feel the pain in his story . someone who most likely spent his life saying why me .why did i have the right to live when others didnt .. . THE WHY HONORABLE MAN .WAS THE STORY . we could not know if you were not here … THANK YOU ..
  23. d.day

    WE LIVE under the freedom these men and many others fought for .yet how many forget or never learned in school .just how much our men and women gave UP AND paid a price for you .
  24. Starting to see improvements

    sorry ..someday ..
  25. d.day

    I knew nick was that old ..just a sad time when our vets our lost men and women mean nothing to so many ..I was not on the baby killers band wagon … the biggest let down our fighting men ever had coming home .I have the upmost respect and thanks for my freedom our men and women afford this country .it wasn't cheap .