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  1. USMTS Night at STS

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  2. VIva Las Vegas

    so you think travel cost along with the economy played no part with families not going to a race … .. wake up tweety bird ..
  3. VIva Las Vegas

    .. you have to give thanks to the president . our economy is doing very well .. fuel cost is low .. poeple have more money now . tracks lost a lot of families traveling the cost was more than many could bare ..
  4. VIva Las Vegas

    Blaney .bowman . Byron .. hum ...I figured Byron had the best chance .. he just keeps on sucking on restarts ..
  5. dont start that kinda talk ..hold your chin up . we will be racing .
  6. Daytona

    Those seat were the cheap seats .the first race in 97 that wet muddy weekend where we parked at a ranch two miles away walked to the track were the best I thought TO REB .. 20 minute walk out to the free way and hitched a ride total on the road . 1 to 2 hours getting out the other side ...I have sat at both ends of one and four and once in the middle .. I like the back better .
  7. not racing related

    I got it budman . just has to make you shake your head...… did she tell you how many from California moved here ..I have met way to many from there . I spent two weeks in California in 1988 .. you could not get anyone to speak to you if you were Texan . zeke my friend who passed away live there for 9 years .it took 4 years before he could get enough poeple together to build a band …. he loved singing .. his son goes back every now and then and half the poeple he grew up with wont talk to him . he is from texas now . yet he was born in California .. that state sucks .. ..
  8. not racing related

    READ about a javelina in the news sorta same deal as babba . FROM 1986..babba was a family pet the state took away from buddy and patsy thorne .babba was very friendly ate ice cream cake and mainly people food .I knew the thornes well and babba the pig .my dad younger brother and sister lived fence to fence with the thornes and babba … my dad was a wielder and always had pipe right against the fence , one day we needed some pipe for Robert driggers race car I took him with me, he did not know babba was next door no clue ,so I thought I would have a little fun I positioned Robert facing away from the fence as he looked for what was needed .babba walked up against the fence and if he did not know you he would take his natural alert stance hair standing up tusk showing and then snorting Robert heard that strange sound and turned face to face with babba he screamed so loud and jumped so high I thought he had a heart attack .I have tears from laughing as I type this .he had to make a fast run to clear his pants wasn't good .but funny as hell .WHAT WASNT FUNNY the game warden was called after 10 years of babba living there ..and many of you should remember it became a popular news item all over the world .. I moved to leon valley in sa just as that was going on and got a shock walking into circle k .and finding every one knew of this ..I handed out where is babba stickers a few days later and later on I am mad too babba stickers ...the thornes never gave up looking for babba and when I drive by the house I think of those two fine people never getting the chance to see him again I know buddy died I dont know about patsy ..I do know many tears for years pasty cried over this .. you know I missed babba too.
  9. Daytona

    I will never like the chase part ..I dont even like it at a local track .. I still believe in the over all season championship
  10. LEAST many of us have one thing in common … I am thinking that is how nick came up with the chassis none of us have seen ..fact I dont think he can find it .must have lost its aroma .
  11. not racing related

    just got to shake your head ..
  12. Daytona

    AROB what brand of coffee you drink and what do you add to it .. why I ask sometimes you play with our minds and get lucky to come up with something everyone could agree on .. me I just get lucky once a year or two ..
  13. Daytona

    I bet they could have sold those 50.000 out .
  14. Daytona

    The new drivers THIS YEAR has my attention including some over the last couple of seasons .. . nascar its self hasn't done much to get my attention . the teams are bringing in some really good young racers and that helps .. just have to add a new dessert once in while ....will I sit and watch more races .. to many cookie cutter tracks so NIO most of those tracks look the same to me .. . I will keep up with the young drivers more ..
  15. not racing related

    no reb in 2018 when I started this I f I remember lol about a story of a family losing a pet by force … a wild pet they saved .. .. now being a Texan as I think you are . I could be wrong .. . in 1986 a big deal nation wide and world wide story on. bubba . that pig lived next door to my dad .the thorns were a great family friend ..it sure took you long enough to ask a question .. missed u
  16. daytona

    I hate being right sometimes .. I just cant help but being perfect .. I knew if any driver was going to cause a wreck it would be rick..that idiot has a reputation for it ..
  17. daytona

    always a good thing .
  18. daytona

    my years long best friend who passed last year said to us in the hospital . man I was somewhere else ..his wife told him you passed away twice ….. the moment my mom passed away hugging me the last time I happen to look over at her clock in front of me .. 11,11 .. many poeple know about that time .. I didnt at the time .. but it seems like just about every day or night I just happen to look at the time and its 11,11 …even when I am around poeple I say high mom thanks for checking on me ……… its great that we didnt lose another racer .
  19. daytona

    I DONT WATCH THIS race to see the wrecks .. but I sure hope those who love this kind of racing and wrecking wakes up and takes notice there is a live person inside that bucket of bolts .. glad he will make it . its easy to forget a human is driving that car .even a low speed wreck at our local tracks can hurt you but to admit to and want to see carnage isnt sportsman . a more destructive nature ..I want to see wrecks but dont want no one hurt . sorry cant have it both ways .you can bet many drivers wont tell you but they hurt during the following days or weeks after even a local crash .. BEEN THERE . . THIS WRECK I could hear my wife scream out behind her closed door with the dogs and I bet she heard me .. a lot of omg hope he isnt hurt .I could cared less about who won or how many finished ..
  20. daytona

    LOOKED TO ME RICKY HIT 24 TO HARD AND TURNED HIM . .that was what Byron said .. so who knows but I am in line with Byron .. and yes nick I watched the race and I know Toyota will have something to say .. but knowing Toyota he loved the wrecks and hope ryan is ok .. I dont like wrecks like that you just never know as an old driver what the out come will be .. that was why after I wrecked one driver I never went out to wreck anyone else ..
  21. daytona

    I agree .they turned his car over .. I hope he was talking to them during that time .. but I did not look good at all ..
  22. Daytona

    NICK with trump there put the icing on the cake even if Obama would have been treated the same .. It was not so political to me .. what it did show was America is still the greatest country and politics aside what party you conform too . didnt show up .. everyone was one ..that can still happen in this country and if anything nascar helped showing America we can all still be free and get along .
  23. Daytona

    here we go again . the stands dont matter .. I PASS BY any eatery that has no cars when its lunch time or supper time .. when people dont fill the stands advertisers lose money the tracks lose money nascar or not . the feel of a live race will keep poeple talking than seeing on tv . . when the stands are full like that . the economy is doing great and nascar is doing a better job .