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  1. RIP .. . never met him . BUT HIS NAME WAS EVERY WHERE ,every conversation about great short track racing always seemed to have freddy the first one mentioned .. GOING to ad a thought .. listening to freddy talk .. I thought if this man had gone on to be a 7 time nascar champion all that could not hold a candle to life of racing he had .. .. a true storied life that many have never had the chance to live ..I tell a lot of stories but I could sit and listen to this man for weeks on in .. and still only hear a third of his life .. ONE LUCKY MAN and many lucky poeple who knew him and watched him race ..
  2. 1951 Langhorne National Open

    . LOOKS like bbq pit racing .. love the sound effects lol .. thanks I watched every second of it ..
  3. WELL budman you are lucky you are out in boondocks . me I live right dab behind the malls .. but they are closed and man have I loved the short trip over to jesse house not much traffic ..a drive that can take half an hour to make is now around 3 to 5 minutes . as long as I get through all the red lights . maybe a mile away .lol .. I wont go into a fast stop if it has a lot of poeple . or HEB . I stay away from Walmart nothing changed there always full .. . I clean my hands most of the time getting out and getting back in my truck . I will tell someone to back off in line many dont like but I dont care .. . I retired a while back from public service and when I can make money at home and I chose who I help or work on . and we wear mask … I cant hide from something I cant see but I do what I can to be safe .. .if the state has to open I am fine with it . but it need the marshal law on mask you must wear one .in public .that is where I have a problem with those protesters .If they dont protect themselves they are helping the governors argument …. so many poeple have to work and just cant force poeple to give up their life like that .. they would rather take the chance when knowing for sure what will happen if they can make a living .. look at how many delivery drivers are being hired . that defeats the purpose when you have so many .. .. all I can do is follow the safety rules the best I can . I wont question no one who needs to be out working .. just that they should when possible wear protection .. . beaches race tracks all sports night clubs we dont need though I am wanting to go racing ..
  5. Nick on RUSS Weds Evening

    .well darn it why did you have to use pumpkin pie I hate that stuff .. and yes nick I meant it ..good buddie .
  6. Nick on RUSS Weds Evening

    I WONT GET INTO A BATTLE OVER WHO TALKS THE MOST . but one of us is a close second … lol … when I started on speedzone nick was not one of my favorites not even close . .I suppose the nick name could be used .. nick was always on me . he would say your car is fast but not fast enough and I took that as a personal shot . I would see him at the track and wanted to punch him ..lol .. .. I cant say when things changed but I think it was one time wHen he said to me .. said something like man mike I watch you and jessie work hard at what your car can do . I admire the never give up attitude .but the car can be so much faster its amazing someone like you can get a car that good and not understand the finer points to get that tiny extra .. I then realized he wasn't attacking me all those years .he was trying to teach me .. get me to realize he is right .. I really didnt understand those fine details .. why this and why that .. now I wont say I have learned all those fine details . he spent some time at my home pissing me off why is that cage built like that why isnt the old weld not grinded off why is the bolt there and that rivet there and and so on .. . my head hurt just about every time I thought I did something right only to be question about why or something else . after he may have said good job there was always a but right after words .. man what does this man want .. . well I am oldtimer my way and it took some reflection to realize this man is good he is right he does care about poeple even when you are in a battle with him .. his heart is always heading the right direction ..to bad sometimes his demeaner isnt with his heart .. but heck no one is perfect .. we jumped over to dirt in 2017 I never thought that would happen us dirt farmers .. but what I learned from nick helped me and us to take a none dirt racer in an old paved car . stop look listen and use some of those tools he gave me and darn near won a championship not because we won races . not because we were the fastest car with the best driver . but good luck helped A LONG THE WAY BUT MORE IMPORTANT working on set ups where I understood a tiny bet more using what nick taught me .. .. the new car jesse had built last year was junk all year long . we could not find a happy medium at all .lose or push or both .. .. off season we checked some things I learned from nick he mentioned part of one in that interview ,, bottom line is nick does not look for fame . he care less if we say thank you out in public . he wants no glory other than he helped someone move up the latter some more . that is always a win .. .. there really isnt anyway you can show just how much thanks you can give a person . it seems so little .. ……… BUT THANKS JUST THE SAME ..…
  7. Nick on RUSS Weds Evening

    I HAD TO ROLL OVER AND LAUGH ..YO NEVER CHANGED .. TEE PEE triangle .rebuild car .. boy do I remember that .. .. I thought you were crazy .. but after all the hard work and driving the car owner nuts with I need to cut here and here and there and well . build a new car ..lol it was worth it ..I got to that point and will listen to the rest later /
  8. Nick on RUSS Weds Evening

    That long white thing wasn't there earlier ..lol .. NICK OH NICK both of us are use to long conversations .. either I am talking or you are when we are together .. nothing new .FACT I SOMETIMES WONDER HOW WE ARE STILL BREATHING AFTER WORDS ..
  9. Nick on RUSS Weds Evening

    I gave up on my check from nick .. so when are we going hear the playback on here .
  10. wow

    NOT A GOOD TIME TO SAY THAT WORD .. now if poeple would just get up in arms with the same wording in rap music we all be happy ..
  11. The way things are today not many racetracks have enough locals racing .MANY DEPEND on drivers pulling from surrounding cities to help .. how many tracks have shut down trying to get cars .. where many had one set of rules and the next track had another set of rules .. kyle had one set cc had one set sas had one set and so on just like dirt over the last couple of years had their own set .. now most of the tracks are getting on board of having a common set of rules so others from another track can show up and race .. the days of a single track having its own set of rules and filling the pits and stands each and every race night is almost gone by the way side .. . ../ we can now MAKE ONE CAR AND TRAVEL to least three tracks min with out going nuts with rules ..
  12. IN 1989 near the end of the year we were losing too many mini stocks ..frank hoch told us do something or you may not be racing 1990...so frank carpenter . me and steven set out to figure what to do . the cost got to high tires motors and money teams . I didnt have that money lol ..frank spent many many days and hours looking for a cheaper tire . we pulled our modified motors which cost some of us a lot back in those days .. and made some rules that got us all close and cheap ..stock....and then the battle and work was on to find new drivers it made a few others leave the class but we knew the class was dead either way if it didnt work out .. .I cant remember just how many new cars were built out of the shop something like 13 or 14 but a lot of poeple came together and frank carpenter spent his well earned money on pipe and so many other things .with out him we could not have done it .. we took a car to the car show showed videos and that paid off .. some poeple are still in racing starting from that class .we ended up with average 15 up to 20 cars by the next years season end …. THE DIFFERENTS was we had rules and we hired our own tech man . cost 2 dollars per driver each night to pay the tech man . had drivers meetings away from the track on rules and changes and if a driver was a driving problem and would not settle down or if something needed to be changed we all took a vote. yes or no and that was the rule .. majority vote .. WE DID GREAT FOR TWO SEASONS TILL FRANK PASSED . out of respect I wont go into how the new track owner and us got along .. but the mini stock class lasted for years and over time started losing cars again and thumper went in and carried on where we left off till finally the class ended …. I37 loots to have a really good class of todays mini stocks and doing well even a driver are two from back in the 80s I raced against have found a home in that class .. I agree with nick and Rodney .. racing evolves right back to the beginning every few years .. every class dies only to rebirth .again and again . reading what nick has given us here lets us reflect on how racing never changes .. EVERY FEW YEARS YOU HAVE TO PUSH THE RESTART BUTTON .. . we the older generations drive the wet behind the ear newbies crazy .that was then and this is now ..nick . you have proof … some of the very things tracks didnt want was racing series where the series had any control .. I have to say neil was able for years to work that out ..agree or disagree with him it worked .and the birth I suppose many would agree changed of todays lets say factory stock rules that most dirt tracks run on now .. . look how long it has taken for that to come around ...cars are not and will never be cheap again to build .but it never was anyway if you have the money it isnt a big deal if you dont would not matter .. but least with that class and the tracks working to run the same pays off in the long run .. least that's my take .. still isnt cheap but cheaper as long as they can keep the fancy parts down to a minimum in the long run .. SOMEDAY HISTORY WILL HAVE TO REPEAT ITSELF AGAIN / and some young driver will say to the old racers . that was the past stop living in it . you dont know what you are talking about yada yada ..
  13. Happy easter

    I hope every one a safe easter THIS IS ONE FOR THE RECORD BOOKS FIRST time in over 30 years I and we wont be having easter with our families .. no old poeple chasing each other around breaking confetti eggs .. oh great wont have to run wont have to be careful with the old folks …
  14. well is

    bet you have room to play in the back yard with that car .
  15. well is

    RACERS AND FANS .. HOW MANY of you have gone out and fired up your hot rod just to get some relief ..dreaming of the day you can haul that bad boy out to the race track .. all winter long you worked hard in anticipation of a season starting . .. fans who do not have a racecar can go out and start up a lawn mower take the muffler off .. their own private daily drivers .. / anything .. go over to a racers house and make him fire his up .. … not going to get any better for a while .
  16. well is

    very very important made you feel better ...
  17. VIRUS

    dodged the bullet so far mike . hope it stays that way .. good luck ..
  18. VIRUS

    IS everyone ok . do any of you know anyone who has this virus what city town anywhere .. .. I hope not but let us know ,.. sp far fine here in corpus I think just one person has it .
  19. VIRUS

    well it keeps me reading … after all this ill drive up to sa for a dr pepper party .nick .. you buy .
  20. VIRUS

    shoot ghost town around here .. looks like Christmas day .. good thing I suppose .. I dont even see many of my neighbors when I walk the dog .. cant blame them old folks around here .. .
  21. I-37 Speedway results, 2/28/2020

    GLAD IT WORKED OUT wanted and was ready to go BUT THE COUNTY was not working in our favor ..darn we could have won every race ..

  23. VIRUS

    I would like to see the stats on how many are on vents .. age limit .. I know of two on vents at this time here in corpus ..