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  1. Chase Night 1

    heck I dont even know who won .. wasn't us lol after Joshua lost it in turn two he was back there with jesse . so never looked at who won .. so who won .lol.
  2. Chase Night 1

    oh heck better add some ice to you're water .
  3. Chase Night 1

    you can get back .your are having too much fun in that cool air ..what it today 65 ..
  4. Interesting

    yep forgot to mention that … he is a winner right there . hope he makes it back .
  5. TSTRS - Input needed

    I just want to see racing really does not matter much to me .
  6. TSTRS - Input needed

    me too .fine with what they have to run ..
  7. Interesting

    I am sorry this happened and hope he makes it back soon . but you are racing in nascar and should know what the rules are and what you can not have in your system .. I am sure nascar has a list of no no's / if it isnt listed then nascar need to put this man back in his racetruck ..
  8. TSTRS - Input needed

    mell I know jessie would be looking to take a factory stock just as it is and should be just as they run to that tracke would not want the rules to change .to many cars from all over would want to run with all the same rules most tracks have here in texas .
  9. sr and was looking over them .


    JUST WATCH TERRY on nascar America .. good fun interview about old races at Bristol . final question asked .. where did terry get started .. old cc speedway in corpus Christi .. he said you raced some then fought some .raced some fought some .. . sure makes me feel old .he is right .. racing back then was tough . its tame way tame today ..dont see many tire irons jacks tools what ever flying around today .. old rick rapp slick . norrels and all the flanigans going at it .dub and jarret rollins Nichols gang . so many to mention .. maybe racing needs some issues like we had back then .. then you came to the fights and a race would break out stands were full ...… nope dont need fighting ..

    didnt stop me from spanking my son my son belongs to two of us and no law was going to keep me from bringing him up .. lucky he only had maybe three . one he asked for ..so I gave him one . but never did I spank him like I got . didnt need to .. .. and I turned out ok ..haven't shot anyone .didnt go out and beat on poeple .. sorta think I am a nice guy .my son turned out great . once my son brought up he could call the cops if I spanked him . so I said go ahead and call them but seeing I may go to jail I may as well earn the trip they are not here at this moment SO WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN BEFORE THEY GET HERE .. he got the message … I say what I want and take the moderators chew out .. and nick has chewed me out enough over the years ..
  13. I will take your place just send me the bus ticket . dont want you to catch a cold . tell that son of yours good luck he is giving up the blue jeans for a dress she will be the boss .. FINE COUPLE .. WE miss him in tv land .
  14. TALK TO NICK a couple of times this week checking on him .the first time he sounded like 6 votes in his battery . the second time I talked to him way up there in maine .he sounded like a 9 vote .so he is getting better …. with that do you believe he left us for finer weather 75 degrees daytime . the nerve .
  15. TSTRS - Input needed

    we have a new car but still racing the old crossed over purestock we ran for years at cc . and kyle speedways .. we would not have a problem with running the old car or both .I think it would be fun .
  16. Sames Ford Back to School Bash

    DANG THAT LOOKS LIKE FUN .. I would love to do that .and promise not to need the depends .
  17. Pulling for you nick .
  18. Sames Ford Back to School Bash

    Every where I looked I could see a 58 yellow shirt. Lorraine came home wearing one and had a sticker to put on the 8m ...the same time all those yellow shirts took me back to cc speedway when pat was racing along with other family members .. ANOTHER NOTE you ever ate humble pie .lol..man we did . we worked on that car trying something to help it out in the turns . the driver had a huge smile after hot laps when the track was wet .that car was flying not accustom to him being so happy on a wet track ..so we left it alone by the heat race time the track dried up somewhat and that car went right towards the back .would not turn .we built a plow ...talk about eating that pie nasty stuff … head shaking went on my head hurt .from scratching it … so we made whole sale changes on the front not knowing for sure I helped it .we didnt back up off what we did .so feature time first lap might have been ugly ..turned out good enough to be where we finished . still tight in the turns but hey didnt hit the wall .. and some lead cars helped us out by not being near the lead .so top five maybe and that would have been a win either way ….load a car up on four tires is always a win … who owned that baja truck well balanced landing .heck I didnt even know it was there till I heard him hauling arse up the bank and go flying out of the pits .cool ...I wanted to see more ..I would have shot a video ...did anyone get one …. and nick would have been happy to see us in his tech line .we never have a problem with our car being teched and do so with a smile .so felt good to finish high enough to make tech .sometimes you dont know if your car will pass till then .
  19. Sames Ford Back to School Bash

    HAD to be hard on both kids ,racing after their dad passing .. never got a chance to tell them sorry for their loss .. a great tribute pat received .was a fan of his way back in the 70s .
  20. WATCHED pat and his brothers burn up tires at cc back in the 70s . . …. good names back then . dub and jarret rollins .billy hardcastle don yokum and many others had some great races with the flanagan's … RIP.
  21. Austin Racing History

    2 00 . 250 TO GET IN TO WATCH THE RACES … lol... from then to now .15.00 is a deal .. you could take the whole family to the races back then . but then again 2.00 bucks bought you a lot .. gas food a movie .. i still remember getting paid 80 cents washing dishes at the astor and tipps restaurants . when i hit a dollar an hour i was in the money wahoo that was something to brag about ...lol working the pit gate in 1971 and 72 i got in free. frank made sure i got a burger and 5 bucks ..who could turn that deal down ..martha labonte was working at cc back then ..
  22. Andrews Distributing Night

    Something outstanding done for the FLANAGANS .I know it is SMALL gesture I added to the pot but the racers love and respect the Flanagan family .going all the way back into the 60s I have seen a Flanagan race somewhere an I know it was hard for the family to race last night I hope they saw it as a honor ,. .great family .. I heard somewhere up there many fans and racers showed their support .
  23. full moon

    the moon ..THIS DAY 1969 WAS SPECIAL .America went to the moon . KENNEDY announce to the whole world we look to put a man on the moon before this decade ends ... .I can not remember word for word. but what I do know and the rest of the world knows America did it …. too bad he didnt live to see that ..every step of the way the feat to get there was amazing ..as a young man I could not wait to see a liftoff a landing and the first man to walk in space … and the day we held our breaths hoping they landed on the moon open the hatch and step out ..old black an white tv with rabbit ears watching CbS as Walter Cronkite carried us through each minute …. the world stopped to watch .nothing sense has gathered poeple from all over the world to stop what they were doing ...the country was in a can do attitude we wont fail ...we had our divides we had bussing we had racial tensions .we were fighting a war and cold war with Russia .and 50 years later we still have the same issues ..but looks of the can do anything has faded ..the pride I see poeple have has lost its way ….America will always be great at what level is yet to come ..me I have hope just like I did back then that our best times have yet to come .the moon landing our space program shown us there is no limits we cant achieve ….. this sight we have the luxury posting on started in partly from our space program .. you see it in your hands your cars your home every waking moment and you sleep at night with security systems seeded from our space program ……. AMERICA IS SECOND TO NONE JUST STUBBLING RIGHT NOW .
  24. full moon

    Get over it arob .your too tight man ..
  25. full moon

    well the ipad was created in your time ...that should count for something ..ask not what your country can do for you .but what you can do for your country …. that seems to be gone .