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  1. Good luck to all going to the big show

    lol.. Joshua is use to racing and when you dont have the car with you and nothing to do you get really bored …. after being involved with racing starting in the 60.s I wait to the last minutes to make it out to the track , when none of the cars need anything why sit around in the heat . .. I just dont like sitting around anymore .. I want action ..
  2. Good luck to all going to the big show

    Joshua said dont go up with out a racer .boring but .the racing was great .
  3. rain

  4. Daniel Suarez

    I call IT pocket national bank .
  5. looking

    looking to see if anyone may have some racing heads for a 454 . cam tunnel ram intake or high rise single … brother has a jet boat . looking to modify the motor some .. … so if you have something let me know so I can let him know .
  6. Daniel Suarez

    I did not know of matt till this year .. . you see a driver who loves the sport of racing like we do . not a sun shine and money driver .but a true patriot to racing .. I see the pain he goes through . he is real . he remind me of many of us who strive just to win on a local track and would love to have a sponsor and backing we need to get that extra push .. a blue collar man . he does not have a famous daddy to help him . and his family has given it all to help him . he makes me want to watch nascar again just to see how well he does .. ..I hope 21 team can give him the wheels to prove he belongs .. we already know it .he does well he will stay . and I bet will be a fan favorite ..we need more humble drivers in nascar .
  7. Thank You South Texas Speedway !

    old age does that to you .
  8. nick is that an official answer .
  9. Thank You South Texas Speedway !

    oh come on dont slap yourself on the back .. the drivers read and know where to line up .. lol most of them .. you need us slapping you on the back . ….sure had a fast WRECKER driver on the job this year he knows time cost money EACH second a drivers life could depend on his speed . the field crew did a fantastic job they move fast they were on top of steve gants wreck in no time . I hope I spelled his name right .. .. I shook the managers hands as we walked by . I said good season .. and got to give a shout to the tech inspector. he is good . and fast .. ill add the line up for each team is easy now with the app … ok I am partial here .so what BUT THE TRACK HAS FOUR LADIES who dont get much love .. two work the pit gate .they always smile and do their job outstanding .. then we have the other two who go home with fried brains . the scorekeepers .. we have our fun watching the races being part of the party ...two get to see every lap of every race but dont get to watch the race like we do one has a son racing . that is tough .. .. two get to sit in the pits and give me a hard time .. love it .….. I know many more work the track behind the curtains .. THANKS ..
  10. Chase Night 3

    not just a cut tire broke a tie rod . with the hit .. that's racing ..
  11. Interesting

    NASCAR is proving to everyone .we will not except drugs . and pointing out if you race for us you best read and know what is in the products you are taking … I would never suggest any of these driver knew or intended to have illegal SUBSTANCE … ..they have too much too lose to be that stupid … ...heck I could be found illegal ..
  12. Interesting

    AMEN I dont want any driver on a track under anything illegal .
  13. Chase Night 2

    the two top classes had good close racing . one mistake ruined your night .
  14. poor snake . … JUST FINE SORTA BEAT UP A KNEE THE OTHER DAY TWICE .LOL ..im fine .just not mentally .but we all know that anyway .. talk to nick the other day he is just fine . still waiting for my ticket to ride up to main ..must be in the mail .you know nick is to old to realize we dont need the mail man as much . old school ..glad you are still around to enjoy traveling ..
  15. Chase Night 2

    you missed it the track was nice and tight all night , great . pick yourlane and race .
  16. TSTRS - Input needed

    we have been running the same 10 inch pull offs all season long on two cars .down south . . we would most likely wipe them out at hmp . .but the cost is cheap and we would not have a problem running under dirt rules ..at that track ..would be fun .and would show up .
  17. TSTRS - Input needed

    dang I guess we over paid and got took we are fools you say . call out the navy … .we looked at building a new factory stock our selves we have always built our cars . but time and age and getting lazy would have cost us more ... it was cheaper to order one than build it we actually save money ....our 10 year old car was getting well .. OLD . .
  18. Watermelon man

    my sentiments exactly .some thoughtful words .
  19. Chase Night 1

    ..Joshua was top five till the car decided to come around .if that car had not spun on its own he may have made it one more position or won . would of could of should of . .. oh and jesse would have won if those other fast cars weren't in his way /…. it isnt over till the flag man throws that checkers flag thingy .
  20. Chase Night 1

    heck I dont even know who won .. wasn't us lol after Joshua lost it in turn two he was back there with jesse . so never looked at who won .. so who won .lol.
  21. Chase Night 1

    oh heck better add some ice to you're water .
  22. Chase Night 1

    you can get back .your are having too much fun in that cool air ..what it today 65 ..
  23. Interesting

    yep forgot to mention that … he is a winner right there . hope he makes it back .
  24. TSTRS - Input needed

    I just want to see racing really does not matter much to me .