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  1. No Luck in Corpus

    . least we got some laps in last night .. KEPT hoping it would sneak past us .....
  2. CBS Sport Compact Race April 10

    i am a fan now .. i saw two racers giving thier all . i didnt see anyone trying to take the other out that race would not have lasted that long ... those are the best races . boyfriend girlfriend so what .if you are a racer you race hard no matter who is around you .. i never gave my brother any slack and if i was racing my son he would not get any either ..i am there to race and win if i can .. that person racing me is just another racer i have to beat .... i like their attitude . we dont want to take one another out . but cant just sit back because of it .. looks like two drivers with a good future ahead of them ..the thing about those cars they race it teaches u to slow down and find a way to get that little extra knowing those cars are not designed for that ..that will go along way in thier future ..
  3. fun .

    you know that takes time to do all of that and the cost added . but in the end i bet its worth it .. i know i am a happy camper where i can pick up what i want and finish the making at the pit .. it is alot cleaner and faster ...the folks in that concession know what they are doing and have it down pat .. i love the queen of ticket booths .. she has been doing that for 30 plus years ...didnt get to see alot of racing dealing with a starter issue and what to change on the car .. ..
  4. fun .

    HECK OF A GOOD SHOW .. MISSED the set up starting pole in first heat our trusted wet set up didnt agree with the track condition just a tad tacky .. . started 19 one lap more or one yellow less could of had a top ten .. finally found something that worked better than last few times there .. . starting back that far with just so many laps in the race makes it hard to go forward.. ....... FINALLY just before our feature the line went down to get a burger thought we were going to starve that is how many fans were buying good food . i love the hamburgers .not many tracks have all the trimmings just waiting to be added to the burger .. that pays off i tell you .. .. great job owen ..
  5. GCRS at Houston winners

    alot of that had to do with track management at some tracks .. seems some like torn up cars to keep the fans coming .. in the end they lose when drivers like you park them ..i figure each driver comes with least four crew members .and maybe that many fans in the stand min... add that up . concession loss .good advertisment loss .. and just the thought of fans not going back to any race anywhere ....
  6. GCRS at Houston winners

    SOMETIMES emotions can get the best of a driver . last year we had a bad half season and still finished iN the top five in points at two tracks and think top 15 in usra .. too many nights going home with a torn up car mainly rear ends and one blown motor . loss of too many tires and rims and use of hammer and revet gun way too many times . tie rods center links . and not once did we wreck anyone on our accord . driver does not like working on his car for no reason . many times we could have knocked heads around and some of those drivers are top tier who cant seem to have enough talent to race door to door or patients to boot . JESSE will do what ever he can to keep from wrecking others .. .after the races he will ussualy go over to the other driver to see what their excuse was or give them his.. . so far in the last few years we have kept our tempers more that we should have .. but we are there to race ...not saying a time will come when we forget its racing .. plus you have young fans who should not see that stuff going on in the pits between teams .. fact i never say anything to another team about their drivers action i wasnt driving and what i saw does not matter and i dont care what the other team mates think unless that teams brings it up to me ... two drivers are the only ones on the track THEY BOTH KNOW WHAT HAPPENED . LET THEM FIX IT . pit crews can make it more than what it should be .. ME I LIKE TO HANDLE MY OWN ..
  7. GCRS at Houston winners

    SO ARE YOU SAYING YOU ARE A BULLY .. .......i never let a bully get away with knocking me around . but its how you handle it makes a different ..ussualy the threat of a destroyed car the next race stops it or we agree that wont happen again . i have offered to meet them out on the track with our cars and see who last out the longest ..never had one take the offer ..i go to races to have fun not to fight .you can go anywhere for a fight
  8. GCRS at Houston winners

    Nothing better than good drivers and good cars going at it .things happen . i have lost races by inches and won them that way .and have ran poeple over and have been ran over .. when its that tight that is thge most fun ..and never get mad about it .. you chose to push it just like the other driver chose to push it and i bet they all had smiles during that race .... THAT IS CALLED RACING ..and darn i missed it ..the best thing is the fans saw a heck of a race and that is what they paid for ..it just takes two to make it a show ..
  9. GCRS at Houston winners

    There is punting and then there is bump and run .. BUMP AND RUN MUST NOT BE THE CASE HERE ...
  10. Austin Street Races

    That is funny tex. I get a laugh when first timers come out and watch practice .man those drivers are hauling the mail .. i said a couple of times wait till they turn on the after burners
  11. bristol

    UNDERSTAND .. being part of racing in some form or another for a good 59 years or so .and hands on full time starting in 84 up till now i have been in all those worlds as a fan .as an owner as a builder .a driver and anything else to do with racing i suppose .. except owner and operator of a track . this is a fun sport but its hard work long long hours and very costly the pay sucks off season you spend umpteen amounts of time and money getting ready for the next season the cost gets higher and higher every year and tracks can not charge the gate the price we really need for a show for track and teams we get paid about the same as 20 years ago it isnt about the pay that wont cover the investment anyway .. during the season and in dirt racing a very short off season seeing cars torn up and poeple loving it just sort of puts a bad taste in my mouth .. . if you have never been part of a team been around a race car being built never go down in the pits where you can see what goes on . i will be the first to invite you to come out to a dirt race . LOOK FOR THE black number 7 factory stock stop by during or after the races or just go up to any team get to know them , racers are family and anyone n the stands is welcome .EVEN THE WRECK LOVERS .
  12. bristol

    i try not to look at a another teams car as trash ..sometimes that is all the team can afford and think about it with out what one would call trash you could have no class of cars over A short period of time .. .. i have had what would be considered trash when i started but i showed up and gave it my all .. THE GOOD THING WAS and is still around today is some driver or team does not want his car torn up by so called trash would help that driver or team out .. i was helped . and i helped many others along the way . todays trash might be your best competitor in a couple of years the family grows you know . MANY OF THOSE WRECKED CARS wasnt caused by trash cars .. BY DRIVERS WHO LOST TALENT AND PATIENTS ..i welcome all new comers ..because we all were there at one time ..
  13. i need to find a new vhs ..havent seen my glory years in years lol .. yes i liked the video ..forgot all about old C H IN THE 21 WINNING
  14. bristol

    you are paying for a ticket praying for wrecked cars .i bet that ticket you buy when there are no wrecked cars gets burned after you stomp it on the way out the gate . the others are hanging on your trophy wall .. this ticket was worth 10 cars .this one 15 cars .. YAHOO . but least you show up ..and tracks thank you .
  15. bristol

    wrestling is a gimmick and fake ..racing isnt ..its real