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  1. Starting to see improvements

    well the road is finished .just like the track its finished ..
  2. Lead - SOLD!

    looks like 300
  3. 1986 GMC Sierra 2500

    THANKS BUT I ALWAYS MAKE SENSE .. not heck sometimes i read what i write and have to say that does not make sense
  4. 1986 GMC Sierra 2500

    come on man cant you tell that is a pressure release valve in the bed .truck is so fast needs to keep planted on the road.. the one on the side its for personal use i bet ... nice truck and good to see one of the best years still running ...
  5. Richard Snider burned at track

    how is this man doing
  6. Seasons Greetings

    i think the person who named that state was either drunk freezing or was related to mel tillis had a nasty stutter ...
  7. shoot i would settle for a cotton candy right now from those days ..loved those sticky fingers .. remember the open flame cooking going on the smoke and smell from the concession blowing into the stands made you keep going back for more real food back then no frozen burger patties .. and old ken cessna last name not spelled right i think playing well the race is on, buck owens and roger millers dang me .... arob did u ever visit with ken at the court house working the jury room he and i never missed talking about racing from those days he would light up when you mentioned cc speedway and at 90 something was very clear in memory i think he announced for 15 years ..missed him with his greetings after he passed it was the only time u would get to see him out and about ..ill add arob those old cars were called jalopy back then
  8. NO SURPIRSE if that be the case ..once it shut down and became a cement plant the writing was on the wall .. it would take a ton of money to put that track back in action .plus most racers have moved over to dirt like us ... spent most of my racing life at that track spent a lot of time working on that track before the last owner tons and tons of memories .my father in law use to sneak out there in 40s and 50s when it was dirt to ride his motor bike his dad didnt know he had .. fact i road my mini bikes around that track a few times in the 60s and early 70s . .took our bikes and rode wheelies with old walter a few times ..my neighbors son is looking for a 71 program his dad had .many of the drivers poeple would remember i think those were 25 cents back then .
  9. merry

    Its hard to be merry with so many losing their lives this year but i find a little cheer here and there knowing all of my family and many friends are still safe and carrying on through the daily struggles this year has brought .. .......... SO I LL SAY THIS FOR WHATS ITS WORTH . Merry CHRISTMAS
  10. wow

    DID YOU SEE where 2.5 billion break for speedway racing was part of last nights bill trump turned down .. speedway lol ..nascar can sit and make money off of the fans in the stands just like our local racetracks who do not much profit as it is .i see no where does our local tracks get a break ..good for trump ..
  11. SECOND TO NONE i agree arob ... the man had grit toughness and knew just what he wanted and won those battles i know i lost a few battles with him fact most of them .ok all of them .. the first time i met him in 1988 he had his show at cc speedway .he looked over at me when the field was coming to the green and said now ill show you how a show is run ..i did not know how to take that at first ..seeing we were running our own class at that time .. so i wrote it off as learn something .. 2005 WORKING on our second car jesse was on the sas track in practice i wasn't paying attention and neil walks over to me a first time and said what did yah do to the 7 car this week .. i said nothing why i asked , he said that car is flying around here jesse looks fast , i looked up as jesse went passed us neil was right .i said when it runs like that its ready to blow up he said hope not good luck .. well we did have an issue with the oil gauge going nuts in the line up and decided what the heck its only a few thousand dollars to replace the motor ... the motor stayed with us and we pulled off what was at the time the closet finish ever at the line in tps at that track at least, starting from mid field . that moment with him showed me he did have a heart and did pay attention to his drivers on the track . i came off with a different outlook about him .. a greater respect .. CHANGING THE OLD SONGS WORDING ..NEIL DID IT HIS WAY ..RIP .
  12. stock cars does that mean factory stocks .usra imca
  13. DROVE BY YESTERDAY someone was at the track dont know who it was grass was cut . never seen that car before .. .so who knows .looked like the concession door was open ..
  14. i take it nick does not think dirt trackers can produce top grade methane , well being the last four years running on the dirt i have to disagree with nick, there is plenty of top grade bs going on that will produce the grade nick seeks .. so nick show up at a local dirt track next year get some dirt mud and dust in that old grey hair and bring your evac system for some top grade TRM. ..
  15. STXR Night 2

    dang lets take a break to rebuild cars ..