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  1. Not sure bout the size its hard to tell being banked .. map it up ..fm 70 and cr 63 .cr63 A older map pic track looks a lot better now ....time for you to get a big car ..
  2. Thank You

    hey you asked ...got you some new fans so when is the check going into the mail ..
  3. nah still need a drive wheel and clutch that takes money .a sponsor would help how much you got ... I am working on a customers truck and hope to have it finished in time to go out there ...
  4. Thank You

    Did you leave a tip .don't be cheap dude ..I leave a food tip.. lol.. those ladies can cook though ..if concessions at all tracks were that good id would want to show just for the food I would not see much racing ..
  5. you call that a car ..a go kart on steroids would be fitting .
  6. Don't follow a dream you know where it ends ..Follow a dream the sky the limit ...goog luck
  7. Test and Tune

  8. Test and Tune

  9. What if stock cars were stock cars?

    Funny part nick I have deep pockets .just a bunch of blank empty hollow deep pockets .....good part is we the team I work with strive to meet the rules as they are written ..and try to beat the ones with deep pockets full of green . to me beating them with what little we have to spend is a ton more fun ..and we can hold our head up . we darn near pulled off a championship with a car not near as good as others .we work hard at finding that little extra speed with hard work .lots of late night thoughts lots of lets try this .you have seen our cars up front and close and seen nothing special I bet you have wondered how does this car run as good as it does ..your class helped a lot ..
  10. What if stock cars were stock cars?

    Racers buy nature are always looking for that edge and no matter the rules some company can help them get passed that rule an still be considered legal . like one brand of pistons could be and are 1 gram lighter than the other brand cost more but as a racer if it will give me just a tad of an edge ill spend the extra if I can afford it and some can 1 gram times 8 sounds good to me . that leaves the guy who cant afford it on the outside and adding enough of the outsides he parks it .THAT is what happens now , the only way to contain that is you have to tear down that motor or car from top to bottom and local tracks wont do that anymore . racers have gotten to the point you take it apart you pay for my gaskets mister track .hard enough to find a good tech man who knows each part and by model of car chosen by that racer ..I have been around racing for well over 50 years and I have never seen any track be able to accomplish this feet . wished it could happen . .. you could start a class that way but it would only last a short time before someone ventures out with that 1 gram ...not saying it cant work anymore if it ever did but it will take so much to accomplish it and cost just to a track could not be covered ..go back to your no one has made the effort to actually curtain the cost . every track starts out trying to make a class affordable and fair . . the honor system does not work . I talk to bob labonte in the 70s why was terrys car so fast it was that one gram, he taught me that you can beat the system ..racing will never be fair and no two car are alike .
  11. Cart build

    he would need a pit crew just to change that tire after every lap ...
  12. yard kart

    took you that long to read our bs ..your slow .
  13. yard kart

    don't feel so bad no body has droped a wheeeel off yet
  14. IF we texas were in the main stream like those other states up north and east we would not be having a problem like we do in this state .texas is football baseball and basket ball ...racing you notice does not have the backing from a commercial point of main entertainment from our city and government ..racing has to generate its own life line . and the racing community is the life line and we don't do enough being outside in the public with cars shows and such .. I watch people while going to the track looking and pointing at the cars on the highway and gas stations as if it is the first time they noticed we had a racing community .they would say there is a racetrack here .but it is already to late to get em to come out when they already had plans .and then it becomes out of sight out of mind .. I know it cost to advertise on tv and bill boards .and you really don't reach the ones you hope for ...racers think its the tracks job to bring in fans only wrong attitude ...we took our cars to car shows and schools back in the 80s and 90s and even a few times to the malls and Walmart . their are a few drivers who started racing I know of because we did that the track had no part in some of those shows we the racers took the bull by the horn....we figure get the fans help fill the stands and help build the purse plus help with sponsorship and help keep racing alive and help build classes back up .the track needs us and we need them goes hand in hand and I have noticed that both seem to forget that point at times .
  15. first time watching that race just going through the channels and found it ..heck of a race show and that would have been a better race without a blown motor those two can drive .