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  1. Thierpits are large 40 cars will not have a problem being kept apart ….. SMALL COUNT ..we would not have had a problem with that at all .. . just getting back into town and then driving home from the shop .. .just too chancy seeing we are right near a police substation and I live right behind the malls ..
  2. I would be the same .. nothing done but fun .. starting to like that idea .
  3. chuck do you have something like this .
  4. WELL we wont make it .. one thing to get out of town during the day .another to get back into town with out being pulled over after 8 pm …
  5. 3,500 FANS .. SHOOT NOW DAYS IT IS HARD to find that many at a local track ..fans who show up for the love of racing ..
  6. well a friend who is in the know up front and center said they tested 18 poeple yesterday ..out of those four were positive .. all spring breakers ALL TEENS …. parents its no joke . our local news wont tell you .we also have two poeple on vents ..
  7. We are trying to figure out the gamble .. WE HAVE THE RACING SICKNESS , no cure EXCEPT . but getting out of town wont be hard coming back in late at night might be pushing it .lucky we have a sealed trailer ...ill be picking the buds off a rose tomorrow , $500 A pop ticket sure makes you think ..anyone want to sponsor us ..lol..
  8. looks like it is more trouble than its worth .
  9. I remember walking pit road after the winston west race I think the 250 . and meeting an up and coming Clifford Allison . very nice young man wev talked for while about his dads bad wreck . I was sad when he was killed ……
  10. sorry nick but you can edit this if you like .good buddy .. but that black mop on top and black skirt below the nose sure hid a lot of ugly ... but ill add those were the good oh days
  11. all that and at the bottom nick with his advertisement ..I would say john spun Anthony . john and scott were good at that .cant beat you move you .. . scott moved me alright 6 laps in the opening race at cc in 1989 /.. I found out tires have no traction when sliding 193 feet upside down .. I was the leader when an impatient driver decided I didnt need to lead anymore .. . least my car numbers didnt change double 0... lol...
  12. VIRUS

    my wife said we have least six people tested so far all have traveled to the states and cities hit the hardest .I did not see the report so just going off of her . and tomorrow the city will have a meeting about what to do .. . and it was mentioned shelter in place .. enforced ..best have a good reason for being out and about .got to get ahead of this fast . just have to go out back and get my winter time work done ….early of late either way ..