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  1. Complete Sportmod $4000

    bobby teamed up with us back in 1990 .he helped build a few cars with me back then ..he and my brother are best friends and both bikers . really good guy except when he jawed me for my lack of driving skill one night ..lol ... I know this would be a nice car to buy my brother told me he spent a lot on this car ...
  2. Complete Sportmod $4000

    lets play clue here .orange .gypsy .pumpkin and the name jester .looks like a car bobby burrows most likely owned ....I never saw his car but is a friend of old ...I know he would not spare a penny cheap on parts .
  3. E mod

    it is a class where old guys upwards of 30 teach the young guys 20s and up who in turn teaches the even younger teens how to race . dang that hurt does that make sense ...lol..
  4. RIP Billy Ruzicka

    I seem to remember him from way back .not sure but I think he won a championship or two at cc speedway cant remember what year or years ..was he in the boyscouts if so and be the same person then i met him at the scout fairs back In 69 or 70 at the coliseum ..along time ago so being clear here is sorta hard this is all that comes to mind and I could have some of it wrong if not all .any other info may bring other memories back .
  5. South Texas Speedway

    well I hope you didn't lose.
  6. South Texas Speedway

    Thought I was dreaming when I saw the headline .. I think you mean sts speedway ..cc speedway is a dead horse nothing but echo's from the past life ...
  7. ok nick a master of all trades what category would we find you in ...as the inventor of the wheel and wait for it ................ the lighter than air chassis and the one and only person I hear trying to invent the flatulence recycle canister not to mention your a pro golfer a man who stands taller than me sort a up there in the ozone layer ... I try to find a fitting respectable category to honor you our most respected and not so respected friend ..
  8. ill team up with you reb ..hell I don't have nutten to lose ,I am just a few short dimes of buying nascar so I think I may have to wait it out bit the price will drop .
  9. If nascar dies not going to bother me don't watch it much anymore, nascar started the down turn years ago . . I don't buy the fans are getting older stuff ..nascar left the older fans behind with all the bs racing they do now ..the thousands of fan who do show up to a nascar race a better part of em would get their fill at a local track if nascar died they wont have to travel and spend a ton of money for better racing anyway so I say a boost at some local tracks .and just maybe sponsor money may find its way back home ..
  10. Thanks for the schooling as for sealed I am old school and like to see what is inside our motors and be able to overhaul it if needed at a much cheaper price ..some folks may not like doing that kinda work or have the place and time to do so ..
  11. Nascar buys ARCA

    .Poor teams from arca know the end has come .nascar use to be a golden catch now they will go in and change every thing just to screw it up ...reb don't waste your hope on nascar .
  12. SORRY SORRY if I piss anyone off not meaning too ..but here is a rule being put on a motor that was pushed by many tracks and drivers for being cost effective and built to take a beating .that made the guys who did not like that motor to spend more on an open motor they would not or may not have had too to begin with just to try and keep up or hold up . we did not like em cause we could not work on em under the valve train seeing the 602 was sealed and had to send them off and spend how much to either have something fixed or rebuilt . but those who did buy em has an option or found to up grade that motor to be even better that over the counter 602 . I don't know if they still would be under the sealed rule after upgrade I don't own one ..we have a Robbie motor and an ace motor .... but either way seems now that motor wasn't the way to go they have a rpm restrictor now .. I am not knocking a track or tracks for a rule that seems to be needed for whatever reason , just look where it has gotten too though ..I am sure someone will enlighten me on why the rule ..or jump me for speaking ,but I bet everyone would agree if I just shut up ..
  13. Super stocks @ HMP

    Man that red monte looks good really nice car . weight or restrictor plates or riv limiter ...always seems to help ..we use to have two of the three on our car in a class we use to race in and it worked .
  14. NA$CAR Listening to its fans?....Say it ain't so

    Hello nascar can you hear us now took you along time to respond to the those lost souls who once thought they could not live with out you, and to think you believed you were invincible you dipsticks .I am one of those very long lost souls you did not listen too the ones who watched from 1979 on up till two years ago I and we are the ghost of Winston cup past the ones who spoke of how much fun you were , the ones who were proud to say we raced at a local Winston track and dreamed we could someday make it to the big time only to find you have to have millions clean hair cuts hansom cant speak their mind goodie two shoes driver some with no talent other than they are good for the dog and pony show you have become . we the ones who dragged their friends and families from the threshold of those other sports you go up against we fought long and hard to help make you the god you thought you were we lost friends wives sons and daughters and such just so we could live and enjoy the sport we help build some even went broke just paying their way into the gate s and buying hats jackets and every other thing they could get their hands on, you became the drug in which most of us thought could not be cured but yet you became the cure by running us off thank you .and now you want to try and drug us again and I think the last hangover the withdraw may have been to hard on us to give a damn . you will have to change much more and beg for our forgiveness and pray a lot to even think you stand a chance to redeem yourself and may get back some lost souls who can get over the last hangover . in fact a ton of families probably found they did not need you after all to get their kicks and the big one they learned is spending time with the family with out the cost of your drug did not turn out so bad after all . good luck in your savior venture I for sure will look in from time to time just to see if your still breathing I wont take your drug like before I am stronger now and better off with out you .... sign me the ghost of nascar past .... oh I am sorry when I do flip the channel once in a while it is really only to take your sleeping pill . darn I love those nice snoozers your like soft rain on a tin roof I fall to sleep . ....
  15. Racing this Saturday

    i think it is 10.00 ,we race there and always get a pit pass ..