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  1. I-37 Speedway updates 10-23-20

    funny thanks reb .. FREE OF CHARGE HONESTY COST NOTHING . NOW i will charge if he wants me to lie .that will take time to make one up .
  2. Fans in the Stands?

    Haven't seen any restrictions . BUT the teams do what they can to keep the distance ..the fans look to do the same .less visiting i have noticed for the most part ..so far so good .i think ... and all the tracks have had fans in the stands .more than i thought would .. but poeple want to get out of the house and you see newer faces ..
  3. I-37 Speedway updates 10-23-20

    HE ISNT A WEATHER GUESSER HE IS ACTUALY Darn good .the best we have here i will take his word over anyone we have locally or just about anywhere else .. he proved his worth and i say this not because of nick ..... ill put it this way in the 60s and 70s charley st john was number one .if he said it was going to rain and at what time you could take it to the bank.. oil field and even shrimping industry my grand father and uncle spent their lives working as i did at time relied on charley he was spot on . charley even showed us personally how to read weather ..i aint bad at it he saved my life by knowing a lot ... I PUT WEATHERMAN HOLT right up there with charley the only person i have ever trusted as i did and we did with charley . took along time to find another great one .. if u ask anyone in corpus if they are fans of holt i havent found many who dont like him ..he is a favorite ..besides i havent watched the weather this last week ..
  4. I-37 Speedway updates 10-23-20

    WONT BE THERE TONIGHT .who ordered the cold front saw a lot of shivering going on poeple caught not knowing .i didnt .. one person asked me if i had a heater on my mini bike ...i dont get cold that easy.. ....
  5. Tecate Season Championship Night

    it is hard on two poeple they have to go back to the last lap and count each car and adjust when someone has to go to the back . i hardly ever ask my wife about much of anything about the score keeping and sometimes things go wrong . ..as for hearing anything over mistakes they may have made . i have not asked her and really i rarely do anyway .. she can handle herself .. only twice have i ever got involved when someone is arguing a call with her and that was many years ago when score keepers had to control most of the calls .. as long as you argue your case with her with out getting personal name calling and such you can argue all you want ..once you step over that line i am not a good person to deal with ,besides their job is the line up .the track has control over who goes to the back or stays where they were ...that take a big load off .
  6. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    i hate the chase
  7. Tecate Season Championship Night

    well i will join u in not ever wanting to do it least for me again.. three wide is a killer .. lorraine will go up before hot laps and watch them to get a visual .hoping she has the right car . alot of it is by color local cars she has no problem with .but they do have a system where one person will count the first half of cars and the other counts the second half of the cars .. how that works out i dont know but it works .
  8. Tecate Season Championship Night

    No he isnt score keeping . just running the radio along with his regular job tough enough ... he is good but score keeping would be impossible with all he does .. .. .you ever tried score keeping lol.. i tried it once 10 lap heat race with ten cars and no one passed and i still had it wrong ..you have to be on top of those cars all the time no time to enjoy the racing .. i dont know how my wife and others can keep up with so many cars with same numbers and even alike paint jobs and its twice as hard with traveling cars show up .... i am tickled we started 23 lasted through the wrecks and finished 8th on track off track 7th . good night for us car is coming around .
  9. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    not crazy money talks bull shot walks .. good thing base ball looks at the talented young ball players and watch them for a few years .. we have a young man playing on a major league team now who i know first hand didnt have the money who use to play on my sons team spent time at my house traveled with us with help from his coaches his school hard work and such he made it ..the days in racing you have to bring money with you . sadly .
  10. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    matt needs to win .. he will get it ..
  11. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    LOOKS LIKE A great driver a very personable person who wears his feelings on his sleeve who has the drive to win cant keep a ride .. i didnt really know of him till last year and i cant find one thing negative about him .sponsors play a big part in who drives and who does not . he does not have to win a race to be a winner with me . shoot nascar has many drivers new and old who cant even run near the front and matt has doe more of that than many of the old racers .. wallace who i lost any care for is front and center for what we all know .. he hasn't won a race yet ..least petty got rid of him .
  12. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    aint that something blocking is illegal in nascar .. we dont need a video we have spot on sight king 237.. matt is proving he needs to stay in that car .
  13. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    ..ok .. was pulling for 21 . its time ..
  14. I-37 speedway updates 10/3/20

    FUNNY to settle for this . but when you have had so much bad luck this year at that track and others having nights where the car was fast enough to win only to lose a tire or something .to starting 14th and not be as good as we should have .finish 11th restarts killed us we were 6th with five to go restart . and go home smiling and happy with that would make most drivers mad at that finish ..not us we didnt have to change one darn tire wont have to work on the body or rear ends or tie rods or control arms front snout or radiators . or touch up paint ..wow exciting night going home . at the payout the lady said well you finished 11th jesse smile and said that was great something of the sort ..least it wasn't 12 th.. a win over all .our other car tuner 46 won his heat with some help and gave jamie a run for his money for the lead early in the feature race .darn car let him down .stopped running at times got to find that ghost ..

    yep ..watching that dirt race i wonder how much they lost with the fan count looking so low .. .but nascar will bring a few thousand more than that .sure looks like fun .