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  1. bristol

    not much bump and run like it use to be a when you have more grooves you have less bump and run ..
  2. bristol

    They ruined that track when it went two groove // YOU HAVENT really seen a dale and terry show in a long time .. .to many clean looking cars now days .. just like PHOENIX they made that track boring changing tha old dog leg turn i call it ...
  3. I-37 Speedway results 9-18-21

    Is that called shortening up the lap ..
  4. bristol

    Well thanks outlaw .AS MUCH AS I HATE TO DO IT PART REALLY MADE ME FEEL WELL . must have been really hard for you to agree with me ... RADICAL . i have been there two .. one was a team mate who for some reason just love to bounce off of me every time i got near him .. i finally told the car owner calm him down or lose a car i have warned him twice third times a charm .. , funny part is i built that car and its motors and worked on it every week when needed just to have the driver bounce off of me every night he never touched another car just mine .lol...and i didnt have to wreck it after all .
  5. bristol

  6. bristol

    ABOUT TIME we saw some after race action .tame as it was compared to the old days where a few knuckle bumps were the order . i think chase was in the wrong it was one of those just hard racing deal where a lap car played a part ..two racers not giving an inch all out racing they way it should be ... not really a harvick fan but that was just racing ....chase helping a team mate out i dont see an issue he didnt back up and block harvick just held up and took his line away .. harvick could not get to chase to move him ..when you race lap after lap that close and that hard things happen the nature of it .
  7. bush

    ..THEY DONT CARE .HE DIDNT HIT ANYONE / M&M keeps sponsoring him year after year ..
  8. bush

    HE WILL have a happy face sticker on his car this weekend .. laughing at nascar charging him a tip ..
  9. bush

    i could not stand his brother either for the longest time . BUT as of late i pull for his brother to win at times .. something about age will change you ..i dont think kyle has that in him .one reason i have never liked him .. YOU DO NOT PUT YOUR TEAM DOWN LIKE HE DOES NEVER ON THE DRIVER ... AND you do not just run over cones like that there is a reason for them .. IF 50.000 is all nascar is going to do .. THEN NASCAR has gone nuts .. innocent lives do not matter .
  10. bush

    WHEN IS NASCAR GOING TO PUT KYLE IN HIS PLACE . LOWER THE BOOM ON HIM . ok he gets wrecked the car was not handling and he is mad at his team .nothing knew . but to drive into the garrage area could have got someone hurt .. and he didnt give a damn.. those cones can hurt or kill someone just the same as hitting them with the car ... missing a couple of races make wake that idiot up .. MAYBE .. .........loss of points and a large fine ..boy have i been mad in my racecar a time or two ..but never did i speed in the pits or not pay attention to fans and crews walking in the pit area ..i could Not live with myself hurting an innocent or worst killing someone .. .
  11. HECTOR

    NICK your friend and ours MISTER SAMES FORD took the title at sts ..
  12. Terry Labonte story on NASCAR.COM.

    COME ON TERRY JUST ONE MORE POUND ...... WHO would have thought in 1971 15 year old punk as a few drivers said would become a hall of famer starting out at a local way out of the main stream racetrack no where near where nascar was . then i think it was called grand national . shows how lucky a person can be at the right time just before the 1979 daytona fight that sent nascar on its way ... terry finished 16 th 11 laps down ..
  13. buy it for me nick ..
  14. Crashes from 50's-60's-70's

    COME ALONG Way when my mother was 5 years old in 1941 her dad ran a track outside of san antonio . she was watching two men in an model a type car out running laps when the car flipped and killed both men ..they were drunk ..,, the main reason she never watched my brother or i race ....