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  1. well the concession ran out of food .. LOL.... THE SHOW turned out good .we had fun .hopefully get our new car to get a tad bit more forward bite .. got a few dings and front bumper torn up .. loaded up was a good sign . and get Joshua back on the track ..someone was nice enough to loan him or should I say sponsor him a car till he builds one ..
  2. Night 3 Jerry Whiteaker Memorial

    THE FIRST night for practice was touch on go with the track and smog keeping it slick ..but steve and crew worked hard to make it right .the next three night the track got better and better least for us who run slicks .. have no problem with giving steve and his crew a shout out .very good job each night improving the track condition under the moister in the air …. we brought the new out and sent the drive shaft out the back practice night ..so one lap .second night missed heat with a water leak in line up .no laps ..only maybe 8 laps total with new car before we finally made into the feature .and ended with a good finish ...new car bugs you know … now here is the kicker ..I dont know who it was and hopefully wasn't a regular racer or friends of a racer ..the heat race jesse was going to take the win more than likely, Not that we were running for a win just trying to get some set up and learning time . ,but a win would have been ok ..jesse had to pull off leading from smoke coming from under the hood ….instead of a fire or blown motor he pulled off ……… WE PULLED THE HOOD AND FOUND SOMETHING DESTURBING ..AFTER RACING CARS FULL TIME FROM 1984 and never had this happen or forget to make sure they were tight … someone unscrewed all 8 of our valve cover bolts . not just loose from normal gasket shrinkage .. backed off so far you could turn them with a wet noodle most all three or more threads above contact with valve covers ..we made the mistake leaving the hood off for a few hours that day and parked just inside the gate where everyone could walk right by the car .... .and hope it wasn't a racer or team person who did this ..I have had problems with other drivers to a point of wanting to punch them out and be parked next to them .and never ever would have done anything to their car ..that aint right .so we lost a race and track time over that …. funny we ran the feature the night before and check our car the next day even those valve covers were checked the next morning .we had no leaks in that feature …...so if you know who might have done that best keep it a secrete ..a whole lot safer for them ..you never want to be known for missing with a car …..well anyway we had a good time the system they had worked out just fine for most .we changed the car for better and for worst and now need to practice it more and learn what it likes ..over all grade for sts ..way up there .
  3. yep going to roll out the new car and practice ..then decide if time to race it .
  4. Nascar Vegas

    The best part of that race .was I never turned the tv on to watch it .I saw not one lap even in replay ..next weekend will be the same ..I lost all interest in watching a cookie cutter tracks ...three or four high speed tracks in a row .. boring ..
  5. Daytona 00

    get off those cookie cutter tracks and run more short tracks
  6. just waiting for you to get a yard cart running … I noticed you made your rounds good to see you out there .had to work Saturday so didn't get to make it back out .missed the turkey visits ..
  7. old jalopies .thanks for sharing .almost 63 march 2 .
  8. Daytona 00

    uncle nick is right .Toyota tim may have been wet behind the ears back then …
  9. Daytona 00

    . SPENT THE DAY WITH JESSE race was on in the shop listened more than watching ,watching that long race puts me to sleep .so why not have a lets keep building this new car party .Daytona and building a new car .what else could someone ask for .. and you know what the car came along way while having fun .getting really close ..
  10. Daytona 00

    Say is that my Yugo in the middle .a true collector …...
  11. Gives us three practice nights to work the new car in ..
  12. MY FIRST AND ONLY race tps ever on this track was the last race there . had a very fast car with no driver lol .turn three and four are I could not get used to . one and two I was fastest there . . I loved the bump car did not bother the car and used to my advantage . .did not do to bad seeing I had a lean out on the carb during the race and instead of taking a chance to burn a piston give Lalo and Sergio a run .I backed if off and finished third after starting forth ..so not to bad for a first timer on this track .I always wanted to turn a lap on the track and thanks to my teammates and car owner I got a chance to live a dream ..I will never forget the win we had in tps in 06 and my son winning four or five races and getting that coveted home made out of the stands trophy . Joshua of the 30 plus trophies that one stands alone his baby … Lorraine scoring for nick when Joshua was about five years old with kim .meeting Clifford Alison and many more memories I will enjoy ..sad ..all good things to come and end .but memories last for ever .
  13. its called I just gotta win something .sorry every one / but what they hey .have new crew chief and that makes me drive stupid ..come on 48 you knew you screwed up ..

    free something was free .