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  1. I-37 speedway updates 8-1-20

    aint that the truth
  2. I-37 speedway updates 8-1-20

    SAW YOU LOOKING FOR YOUR MIND IN THE PITS .. looks like you found it .. .. rough night for some .. almost full moon rough driving was on que for the fans ..
  3. I-37 Speedway set for racing Aug 1

    well then bring me a dr pepper two ill drink one for me and one for nick .

    SAD FOR those who knew steven i dont think you could find nothing but a friend .I MET HIM IN 1980 hanging out with my youngest brother i thought man short with red hair bottle of turkey sitting on his center console this kid must be trouble ... turned out not even close .we were hanging out behind old suntide when he left to find some girls that got lost . my brother decided to follow a couple of minutes later then i .. well he found the girls after crossing the old lift bridge and turned around with out looking to catch up to them .. not thinking it wasnt a good move and wham pulled right out in front of my brother the side of that trans am he steven was driving didnt look the same and the newly replaced hard to get right front fender of my brothers 68 camero didnt look so good either .. they laughed it off no one was hurt ....had to wait for dad to come out and cut that fender off in the middle of the night .. four years or so later steven was at cc speedway sitting with his dad watching us race . he mentioned i want to do that its easy as most grand stand racers think.. i heard his dad say .you can not afford that and drinking you have to give one up ..how many racers back then stopped drinking to go racing ..a lot . i didnt give him much of a thought he raced the upper class but his dad joined our class and was not doing so well we spent more time trying to not run over frank on the track . so i helped them get the car running fast just to keep us safe ..lol.. .. from then on we were good friends ... you didnt see steve mad a lot and mostly he kept it to himself if he was .. we spent many years teamed up and hos dad pops was a hugh reason why the mini stocks ran through the 90s we built a lot of cars and in many cases steve and frank paid for those cars to help others out ... steve never set the world on fire racing and was not all that bad at it in that number 55 red bull mustang . but you knew who he was and for the most part knew you were going to get a race out of him on the track and a friend ....he was the smartest bearing and seal man i ever knew id call him tell him what i had and he always made it happen . and he found some crazy set ups for some of my repairs saved me tons of money .. ........................... in ending because i can go on and on about him .... I CAN THINK OF VERY FEW WHO I COULD CALL A TRUER FRIEND RESPECTED BY MOST THAN STEVEN ..........................RIP RED
  5. darn

    joshua was down in the valley the last couple of days some roads are still closed .. lots of flooding ..
  6. darn

    plop plop fizz fizz ..oh what a relief it was ..just had to rake the yard got lucky it moved just a little more south of us before land fall which was a bid deal . funny after all the hurricane i have been through all the way back to the 50s the south of the storm was the strongest .unusual at that .might have been because the eye was so large ..alan would have to explain that one .the north east side is what i worry about ... harvey took sorta the same last minute turn north as this one did just before land fall southward that spared us here in corpus .a lot .. if anything thing comes near celia.s power in 1970 my butt is coming to your house ..i saw a 1969 olds wagon lift up and move to the other side of the driveway during that bad boy a paper straw stuck through a tele pole .and so many other things that make you think dang ..180 mphplus winds have a nasty sound and seeing our back room breathing like a set of lungs and back glass door bending the glass with out breaking will get your attention too all six of us to pull the front door open before the house exploded .just in time .. .... i feel sorry for those down south of us .. they got it bad .. ..i always always give those storms respect .. the work getting ready for a storm will put you in bed early and you never feel like you did enough .but its worth it and you feel let down somewhat when the storm took it easy on you .. funny feeling sometimes crazy huh ..
  7. darn

  8. darn

    WHAT WAS IT 2004 when it snowed a bunch on christmas eve .. i saw guessy vessey the sports caster aka weatherman at best buys . here it was freezing and sleeting at 3 pm i asked him seeing he was standing in line right behind me was it going to snow tonight in front of a lot of us .he said no .i got 5 inches at my house 4 hours later .. you have me thinking of something for alan .. nick should have named him mike would make it easier ...
  9. darn

    AS FOR SPRINT CARS not getting to race we lost a points night .
  10. darn

    i sure hope nicks head does not explode reading all of this .. but who could blame him
  11. darn

    ALAN is for real arob ..he does not just go with what he is told by the national weather service ..he studies the weather patterns like a good meteorologist DOES ..waiting on nick and alan one day to bring the truck by i called and asked nick to ask alan if that nasty rain cloud two blocks away was going to hit me . alan said no and it would be gone in ten minutes .. he was correct and i knew then and there .. we have a good one .
  12. darn

    Father INLAW asked that you tell alan he is number one . the main weatherman they like to watch .. he takes the time to explain and teaches you what to look for .. / when alan in mentioned with charley saint john that is a big compliment down here for those who remember charley ...we all put our faith and lives in charley hands .charley was spot on 99 percent of the time .. .CHARLEY taught me and others how to read the weather back in the days personally.. priceless and alan is priceless ..
  13. darn

    Suppose to have been racing tonight .. BORED .. HAD local weather on all day watching nick holt jr keeping us informed ...