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  1. 1980 El Camino parts car

    Thanks nick for fixing the problem and posting the pics .. everything shown rear glass forward is now stripped from car ..
  2. South Texas Speedway Chase

    arob we just want to get back to racing and come what may it will be ,we have had a good year better then we would have thought , their are some young racers that have an edge just like we did when we were young and are really good racers .you cant take away what the those drivers add to the show .and its been fun ..
  3. 1980 El Camino parts car

    don't know why it printed out that way ...may be coming up to i37 this week end ..
  4. selling 1980 El Camino. windshield back and front. interior parts. dash mint .door glass and parts. front grill and bumper. has a 1982 duel headlight set up all in great great shape. new radiator. a chrome alternator works great - looks are ok . too many things here to mention I may let go . Joshua has pics on I guess facebook .... motor is not forsale and if I did sell it it wont be cheap 350 .. fenders I may sell for right price but may make a deal for some used not too bad a shape swap outs, has a edelbrock 650 all there carb runs ok could use a tune up ..may let that carb go.
  5. South Texas Speedway Chase

    WELL as for purestocks ... I hope we all get through each race battle it out to the end have a ton of fun and be friends after words z..we as the 7 team are going out to do what we have done lately and all year .try to beat one car at a time till we beat em all .winning a feature fair and square is our goal and has been all year and championship racing is second place to all that it is no pressure ......and good luck to all classes .....
  6. looks like a stinky job and is if you open the doors ..in the 90s we took apart cars dried them out at our local dodge dealership and back on the road .made a ton of money doing so todays cars are garbage with so much electronics ....back then we saved 200 car verses two cars lost now its two cars saved verses 200 ... I found many times diamond rings and such while drying those cars .and many happy owners when giving what I found back to them .one set of ear rings were worth 10,000 in one car I worked on man I wasn't crooked enough to take em even if I found change it was given back ...
  7. danica

    Now that's funny reb . heck she was even really good at wrecking her boyfriend and nascar and go daddy had their version of playboy ..
  8. danica

    I notice you posted in the twilight zone budman while most likely eating a banana . hint bud apes played a part of his life .... I must be old enough ..
  9. danica

    paposse. sponsors are a big reason why nascar is going down the tubes .they want the dog and pony show not real racing of old ..remember the days when ford chevy and dodge complained the other make was getting the advantage that [ is what began this problem ] and finally forced nascar to go to the car they have now with out the nose piece you could not tell what the hell each driver was racing just by looking ...sponsors were the greatest thing to come down the pike .and I would never turn down the money but they can also hurt the sport as it is now dog and pony show .
  10. Out of Touch With Reality

    Fixing to build a new car .we still build ours ,,but as age tells you it is easier to buy ..there are some great deals on ready built and wont say if a time come where we wont build and just buy .building one would cost more in the long run with time and light bill with other cost tagged on ..a lot of folks don't have hundreds of hours to build one anymore nore the place to do so ..sadly ..but as of now what we have running against the bought chassis isn't doing so bad ..that could change and most likely will ..I know I am old school and enjoy seeing what i and we built running with or beating bought cars .. but buying is starting to look like a better deal ..overall .
  11. danica

    hey hey hey goes with the rest there reb. wonder what budman is going to do now ..
  12. danica

    I suppose the luster has lost its way I know this sounds mean and really not trying to be that way but she was never going to be that great in nascar as a driver .. by the 3rd season she didn't get good enough to expand her horizon as a top driver .it wasn't that she did not have talent .she just didn't have the talent she needed to race such a car .. she reminded me of cole trickle I can drive you just make the car go fast ..
  13. Is there racing

    come on arob drink a root beer you will feel better ... but ill think ill drink a beer this lack of racing withdraw symptom is killing me ..
  14. WOW .that pic with the hug sent a chill down my back ..that lady and family will have a memory a story that money cant buy ..
  15. It is sad a lot of people died for that pitch . the one pitch that never ever should have had to be thrown.....ill never will forget sitting in Houston at fed ex ground office buying my route and truck and taking some test and looking up at the tv watching the second plane ......