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  1. VIva Las Vegas

    .. you have to give thanks to the president . our economy is doing very well .. fuel cost is low .. poeple have more money now . tracks lost a lot of families traveling the cost was more than many could bare ..
  2. VIva Las Vegas

    Blaney .bowman . Byron .. hum ...I figured Byron had the best chance .. he just keeps on sucking on restarts ..
  3. dont start that kinda talk ..hold your chin up . we will be racing .
  4. Daytona

    Those seat were the cheap seats .the first race in 97 that wet muddy weekend where we parked at a ranch two miles away walked to the track were the best I thought TO REB .. 20 minute walk out to the free way and hitched a ride total on the road . 1 to 2 hours getting out the other side ...I have sat at both ends of one and four and once in the middle .. I like the back better .
  5. not racing related

    I got it budman . just has to make you shake your head...… did she tell you how many from California moved here ..I have met way to many from there . I spent two weeks in California in 1988 .. you could not get anyone to speak to you if you were Texan . zeke my friend who passed away live there for 9 years .it took 4 years before he could get enough poeple together to build a band …. he loved singing .. his son goes back every now and then and half the poeple he grew up with wont talk to him . he is from texas now . yet he was born in California .. that state sucks .. ..
  6. Daytona

    I will never like the chase part ..I dont even like it at a local track .. I still believe in the over all season championship
  7. LEAST many of us have one thing in common … I am thinking that is how nick came up with the chassis none of us have seen ..fact I dont think he can find it .must have lost its aroma .
  8. not racing related

    just got to shake your head ..
  9. Daytona

    AROB what brand of coffee you drink and what do you add to it .. why I ask sometimes you play with our minds and get lucky to come up with something everyone could agree on .. me I just get lucky once a year or two ..
  10. Daytona

    I bet they could have sold those 50.000 out .
  11. Daytona

    The new drivers THIS YEAR has my attention including some over the last couple of seasons .. . nascar its self hasn't done much to get my attention . the teams are bringing in some really good young racers and that helps .. just have to add a new dessert once in while ....will I sit and watch more races .. to many cookie cutter tracks so NIO most of those tracks look the same to me .. . I will keep up with the young drivers more ..
  12. not racing related

    no reb in 2018 when I started this I f I remember lol about a story of a family losing a pet by force … a wild pet they saved .. .. now being a Texan as I think you are . I could be wrong .. . in 1986 a big deal nation wide and world wide story on. bubba . that pig lived next door to my dad .the thorns were a great family friend ..it sure took you long enough to ask a question .. missed u
  13. daytona

    always a good thing .
  14. daytona

    my years long best friend who passed last year said to us in the hospital . man I was somewhere else ..his wife told him you passed away twice ….. the moment my mom passed away hugging me the last time I happen to look over at her clock in front of me .. 11,11 .. many poeple know about that time .. I didnt at the time .. but it seems like just about every day or night I just happen to look at the time and its 11,11 …even when I am around poeple I say high mom thanks for checking on me ……… its great that we didnt lose another racer .