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  1. SilverFox

  2. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    AGREE .. ….I suppose tim has no hands on with local racings ..it hurts some teams to get a dq over something small .but rules are rules and if a track wont run by its rules that hurts every one .we strive to meet the rules as written ..interpretation has its bearing ,,
  3. Harvick Penalty after Texas

  4. Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Race

    THANKS AND not bad for a worn out car ..looks like the off season it may get a rebuild ..or drive a new car under the radiator cap .
  5. Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Race

    I tried hard to not sound like a bash did not want it to look that way ..Joshua pulled a 7th place finish may have picked up one or two positions .but cars were in the way lol.. he got pushed on a few times .but I have to give those doing the pushing on the white 8 m . they did it clean never slowed him down .
  6. what two more cars snuck in …………..
  7. Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Race

    line up .the transfer number was 12 .. wasn't till cars out on track when it was announced they were taking only 8 ..one problem .they fell to let the drivers know of the change or mistake they made on writing starting board .4 cars raced into those four spots .thinking they made the feature .[ pictures taken of the 12 transfer number before change ].only to get a shock …..in the heat of all that was going on with I think the management was surprised by 142 cars .great turn out ..the drivers going out on the track should have been told of the mistake they had many warm up laps to tell the drivers waiting on another driver to change car and join the race …… there were some very unhappy drivers and cant blame em ...The remark from manager was should have raced harder …. first time ever at this track and other than some glitches .they had a very good show.. I liked the track a lot of cars racing was good food is good every one said hello and smiled .. just work on those mistakes something to learn from ….for drivers keep double checking ..
  8. Nascar Martinsville

    KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK …..ok sort of boring race for 495 laps .. bump and run was good .
  9. Any word on racing the 27th?

    if you really have the need to break them in .I have some yardwork needed done .. the old saying it isn't nice to mess with mother nature , who messed with her I didn't ...someone made her mad at south texas racing ..
  10. Talladega

    Well said nick.AND INFORMATIVE ...
  11. Talladega

    FUNNY how gb calls some us hypocrites .thanks for the laugh gb ..did you not go on facebook or was it twitter and throw a temper over you car getting a dq ..I was read what you said about that track . wasn't very nice was it and you have done that with most tracks that hurt your feelings …….. now someone talked to nick and unfortunately he allows it and apparently condones it ….bash ..no different than some of us not agreeing that every thing is a happy song bird .. and yes I can be hypocritical just like everyone on here ........
  12. Talladega

    Its a good time for a snoozer ..and a good excuse to use to get out of yard work ..thanks nascar ..
  13. way to go // thanks I am not on facebook ...
  14. THE RAIN is expected to get worst tonight and Friday.. starting to look bad for an ending of the season .. be tough for the points racers .
  15. Talladega

    I agree with arob ,hard to stay awake..