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  1. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    DIDNT NEED A REASON for them .. good .my brother in law goes he ask me if I wanted . I said the same thing .I dont go to cota .thanks
  2. 105 Speedway 2019 race schedule

    .. last year opening on my birthday .good day lol.
  3. Mini Stocks

    LOOKING AT PULLING THE OLD pro sedan out clean her up go thought the motor making sure its fine no stuck rings ... just about all it needs otherwise its ready .
  4. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    seems to me then racing wasn't what people were there for .. ..lol..got you on that .. if it takes a singer to bring in the fans cota has major problems ..
  5. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    .. . Nick why dont you just call up tavo .. SEEING there wont be any real answer to two questions asked ..
  6. i know

    HAPPY COMING UP BIRTHDAY .. mine isnt to far way . with our age time flies .. .. I had way to much junk food this year way to much .. have a bike now to work that all off and more .. I made it around the block last week . then one and a half blocks yesterday .. that darn thing will let you know right off . just how bad a shape you are in .. but man does it feel good to be able to ride one .. my knees have had problems lately .. this bike riding helps as trump says bigly ..
  7. Lawrence on RUSS

    I SORTA GREW up with Lawrence lived near each other . he was just a tad older . his dad james was one of my first and favorite drivers and enjoy talking with him from time to time .. not enough words to describe this family .. .. Joshua raced against marcus back at cc in the pures .. he and Joshua would battle it out and one time they got together while Joshua was leading .. marcus backed off and let Joshua have his position back . that told me how respectful marcus is .. following his dads footsteps .anyway the next race or two Joshua broke a trans .we did NOT have the money to have a new one rebuilt ut saved and pushed the pennies to go ask Lawrence how much he charged . he said the price and Joshua left knowing we didnt have that much yet …. sometime after Joshua left something hit Lawrence between the eyes I guess . he asked who was that someone said Joshua .. not having a phone number he tried to find Joshua to help him out . he saw that Joshua didnt go after marcus for hitting him I suppose it impressed him something like that . Joshua left an impression as marcus left one on me ….well Joshua went back a week or so later once we had the money and found a trans that had been ready sitting waiting for him .. like I said there are not enough words to describe this family … …. I suppose to pick one FANTASTIC …….. IF YOU HAVENT BEEN TO HIS GO CART RACES YOU ARE MISSING OUT BIG TIME .. .. …
  8. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    one wonder if Toyota has first hand knowledge or assumptions .. does he sit with tavo . does he hang out with tavo .. . inquiring minds want to know .I bet my money on tavo anytime .
  9. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    YOU THINK MAYBE IF I DR PEPPER BOARD YOU . would you tell us what you wont tell us that is common knowledge … ….. HAPPY NEW YEAR we lived to see another one .
  10. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    .. I wont even give it a thought … tavo knew what he was doing and wanted to do with cota ..
  11. Under stand dash. ,, same back to you .Happy new year and God bless ....
  12. Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

    oh man you beat me …. funny how a hamburger is that important . .but food does play a big part ..racetracks need to sell good food ..sas had the chili .. kyle had the wraps and burgers in the pits …. IF YOU ARE GOING TO feed poeple take the money make sure the food is worth it ..a great burger or food will bring poeple out to a racetrack .. ..i will have no problem paying more for good food ..and like racing there when we can make it .
  13. Paint does not make a car go faster or even sell . .. . . I dont judge a book by its cover ..i look how it was built who it was built by .how many races it has been in ..and so many other factors .. paint job isnt on top of my list ..or many others who are looking to buy … fact i would rather it not be painted.. primed would be ok if anything …...the tires we run today you can by four for the just over the price of one those tires on this car … a steal ...the motor was built by Robbie before he passed .. we ran two Robbie motors over the last three years .. one is being refreshed right now after two seasons .. i dont know what he wants for it .most likely the owner is going to lose . they hardly ever get the money back ..i never did .if you want to race . this would be one to look at ..