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  1. $100,000 bounty

    I like they are racing ..but this racing on the same track three times in a role is getting sort of old .. yes I know why they are doing it .. but I cant get fired up ..
  2. California racing seen on TV

    might be ok for a couple of times down here .. but I see very late nights .something we already have .plus it gets very hot ..
  3. Under the lights

    with you arob I bet the women get better looking towards closing time .. hope it does not Rrrrrrrouch this weekend ..
  4. Holy Smoke

    Finally I found something to agree with .. dang we may make good buddies some day
  5. i-37 speedway updates 5-16-20

    yep that will do it .in order to meet the rules if you use the old spacer you must have it milled ..if not you can order the right spacer … hate to see a little thing dq someone but it is the rules ...and that is a good thing .. it could be us on something over looked you just never know ..
  6. 1979

    TRUE . MORE THAN TV NOW . I usually dont compare nascar drivers from driver past ..each has his own .. but bowman stuck out like that for that reason .. he proved to his boss he is worth the time .. ..
  7. Not to often I ever used the mark my words I will win .. FACT NEVER .. but I did warning another driver and marked them when they didnt take the warning .. … when asked if I was going to win tonight .. I always said talk to me at midnight ..
  8. i-37 speedway updates 5-16-20

    I suppose drivers haven't noticed .the spacer we were using has to be milled down or replaced .. the thin gasket alone will put you over the rule .. not much .but they have a rule abide or dq ..
  9. 1979

    I kept trying to push the 88 out in front . who ever was leading was winning .. bowman reminds me of a two time champion ..texas terry .. you dont hear much from him .he isnt a show boat and is coming into his time .. just kind hangs around finishes races .. I suppose I wasn't blowing enough of hot air .must be getting old .. .I thought the race was good .. just way to quite .. that one man standing in the stands could have made some noise ..heard them say the race was number one subject on facebook ..
  10. i-37 speedway updates 5-16-20

    scratched my head on that one too..
  11. i-37 speedway updates 5-16-20

    heard carb spacers .. I haven't made the last two races with the team .. been worn out from major yard work .lol .. my wife put the hurt on me .gotta love her .
  12. i-37 speedway updates 5-16-20

    very good job reb . thanks .. still need that raise or are you good ..
  13. i-37 speedway updates 5-16-20

  14. i-37 speedway updates 5-16-20

    you prefer blond .