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  1. memorial day

    I just watched the last 10 minutes on fox news of some of our finest heros. …...even at my young age of 63 I still learn something in a different perspective .those men taught me to enjoy this memorial not in sadness .but in celebration of the freedom we at times take for granted .go out with the family or friends and bbq party hardy what ever you enjoy .but just take in memory just one vet you knew or find ones name who gave their life for you and honor them with thanks .. the Red white and Blue flag isnt just stars and stripes and looks good flying in the wind it isnt just to show we are America …. its much more then that .
  2. ok ill change one word .from a rope to a wet noodle .
  3. Official Race Results - May 25

    ADD .give the person who came up with the opening show a raise ……..wow they had flags as far as I could SEE ON every car in the honors … … the whole show to honor our vets was great . WHEN THEY PLAYED TAPS IT it started to get to me ...a week ago one of my best friends pasted away Zeke Martinez WHO SERVED 10 years in the navy .. and whos daughter has been in the service for twelve years and spent time in Iraq …. with out him I may not have met my wife in 1982 .I remember he said hey I think she likes you .I said ok .he said go after her or I will . I said you dont have a chance .and I proved it .he honored me when his son was born way back then ..GODFATHER .. we played guitars together every where we could plant out arces .he could sing I cant …. going to miss the guy he built person to person bridges along his whole life cause I sure didnt like him till we met ..then I loved him ..RIP MY FRIEND .GOD BLESS AND HONOR OUR MEN AND WOMEN TODAY AND PAST . they are the true HERO.S
  4. Official Race Results - May 25

    like 80 pounds lite I think ...we checked the out of town rules and made sure our car had the fuel to put her over ..3200 at the end just in case .not that we thought we would finish near the front .still working bugs out .but we found something .jesse finished 5th on the track starting 12 th . over all 4th ..car looked to be the fastest through the middle but five cars were right in the way lol... we had fun practicing this is a fun racetrack nice track we enjoy coming to texana .a few screws to turn on the car and then go racing ….I know jesse made someone mad on the last lap but leave the door open and both cars side by side going into the turn . outside car cant turn down and then kick another mans car for the body to body contact after words ..racing just racing ….anyway we look forward to coming back .
  5. HANG them by the ears up on the power wires and whip em with a wet rope … I dont know how long it takes but if they are working on one it wont be aslong as never .
  6. fuel cell

  7. Bobby Labonte in NASCAR Hall of Fame

    … Must be In the salt water .
  8. Great fun today

    just grab the shaft ..least something to hang onto ..I wonder did you inhale a ton of dust when that happened .
  9. Bobby Labonte in NASCAR Hall of Fame

    FRoM SEEING HIM as a 7 year old running around cc speedway helping his mom at times sale tickets . to following his brother into the hall of fame . how could one city be so lucky ..who knew where their lives were headed back then I didnt . .working the pit box back then bob sr talking with frank hoch about someday maybe running grand nationals .a dream he had back then grand national was far away from most peoples minds . I suppose bob wasn't just dreaming ……...
  10. fuel cell

    no takers .might be going up to edna .so far looks that way this weekend ..anyone up in that area ill bring it ..I am going to give it away or soon destroy it and throw it away ..still in really good condition . just hate to throw it away .
  11. Building my shop

    just now taking a look at this finished product ..nice ….added an ac yet ..looks warm for winter ..and the white looks great lol.
  12. Tires

    if its dirt ask the guys at i37 .
  13. CLEANING up .if you need and good used fuel cell come and get it .hate to throw it away or let it ruin ..16 gallon came out of Joshua 8m pure stock last year .car is gone to the old grave yard and dont need this laying around …..your welcome to it . someone is building a bomber somewhere . . mike 361.290-2096
  14. nice

  15. I thought I was me .blowing it .