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  1. South Texas Shootout

    track is fast ..
  2. Building my shop

    Well there you go and make some of us feel down and out all I have is a two car garage and the wife owns half of that .go figure ...now just so I feel good bout something I do have a 10 by 12 shed ,. storage building .out house, crap holder ,barn what ever you want to call it seems the cats and other animals love to live under ,planning on moving around the other side of my house so I can make noise at night with out the lady next door mad as hell .cant park a car inside but hey cant win everything....... what did you use to move the shed ..
  3. Nascar

    reb I have to agree
  4. good luck

    yep bet the track is loaded with purestocks
  5. Nascar

    it was ok something different .. am not knocking the trial there was something missing and am not saying the points outcome would have been different .maybe cuz I just like what has been run on the local level from the beginning it keeps us from looking like nascar ..want to make interesting maybe run a midseason championship and start over points the next race ...I know its been done ....but then again I like running full season points system ..plus imo starting the top 6 up front with draw and invert isn't as much fun as if they all started in the back up and up points wise with maybe an invert thrown in on a race or two I know my driver would have had no problem with all starting back there .. ..that would have made a better race for all and a lot more interesting
  6. Nascar

    Get rid of the chase . but keep chase I like the squeeze play he pulled he gave the other driver a chance to back out ..he never touched the 11 during that move ,.you have three choices either back out turn left or hit the wall .and two of those weren't taken. as for nascar they have already hurt themselves for years now I don't know what they can do to grow again other then get back to some shorter tracks and let the teams be innovative again and go back you win you finish good you can win the championship .I am really not a fan of the chase format even on a local level...
  7. Sutherland Springs - Kris Workman

    Any good news on this driver .

    I have the melody and the music sorta narrowed down .the lyrics have adjustments left and there are a few minor additives I did not add .yet the first few words sorta throw you off and sound funny or weird when you first see em .. anyway i cant sing a tune . I have talked to a couple of friends that can sing and soon will get together .have a lead guitar player and bass player across the street how lucky lol.. another friend has a recording studio that will help ...as for the waltz it can be done the way I have it now ..........its hard to tell how a song will go when you are just reading the lyrics .....i met a Iraq vet who was shot in the back .i have a friend who daughter was over there and the way our flag is treated today i added those other words you read ..the four wheel he sat in .saw that set up in a friends pick up he was giving it away .. Joshua is racing dirt now along with many others from the old tracks . I teamed up with jesse this year we got good enough to finish second in points this year still have work to do . Joshua should be a force next season ..

    Say budman you still playing the guitar . I try still but hands just don't work like they use too .so I bore the family with what I do play ..now speaking of vets I am going to send you a song I sorta finished .. .it is a story of a vets life years before and after service .I think you may like it .. ill give you a rough cut through here on yur pm

    I was one who never questioned a soldier or treated anything less than respect ..I was never in a fire fight the war ended before I would have been drafted .and yes it made me mad as hell to see a bunch of worthless ################### don't want to be in trouble here do and say the things I heard about towards our servicemen ..the problem today is the stories are not being told or heard when they are spoken by the generations of today ....and yes the credit is still not been given to those who were drawn into that war mostly not on their own free will ..and sadly never will get the credit or respect they and you deserved nick .so many say we should have not been there and yes might be true and I agree but that wont change what our vets went through there and here ..vets should never be looked down upon ....the worst part so many have never come home .those K.I.A or some who made it back alive .

    You beat me to it budman ..how did that happen ....;;;;;; A BIG THANKS TO OUR VETS
  12. wishing he heals tom..
  13. Ryan Carlucci

    Wow .god speed recovery ryan .... your too young to have problems like this lets get this fixed and back on the tracknext season Prayers McCain family''
  14. Sutherland Springs - Kris Workman

    WHAT hospital was he sent to ....they have top notch hospitals around sa ..university saved my brother .ten broken ribs one which punctured a lung and many other injuries that should have killed him...they worked hard and did not give him much of a chance with so many broken ribs around 20 percent chance