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  1. 76 Vega Bracket Car

    VEGA wasn't built for racing they were junk motor wise . but I have seen a few bad @@% OVER THE YEARS .this one is the best I have seen ..very nice .
  2. Is this another Nick Holt creation?

    stock price going up .. I am ready to buy in .
  3. Look who I ran into!

    Wow real racecars .
  4. Look who I ran into!

    lol .. well you could have helped him out translate ..what kinda car was he racing .. is it a nascar type series ...
  5. Look who I ran into!

    BOBBY was thinking man I cant even leave the states ..Texans will find me ...was he surprised ...the wife looks great have not seen her for some time ..
  6. A true champion ......I hope he got to pick all those stickers and chose where they went . RIP number 11
  7. I LAID three weeks on my back after getting hit by a car .lost muscle on my left leg and was very close to loosing my whole leg by a hair .this was 1971. ..the doc sent me to driscoll childrens hospital I was over age then but the emergency it was the only place that could handle game green .. here I was laying there thinking this isn't good if the skin graft wont take what about boy scouts bike riding and every other thing I need legs for .. and I realized its just a leg ill be fine with out it if needed ... .. I had spent many nights trying to sleep with all the sick babies and kids from I day old to 12 years old crying in sickness and pain that carried down the halls the families crying from loosing a child ...for many nothing could be done to heal them it just a matter of time and for three weeks I heard that time come more than I want too or can remember ...those nights come back every time I see or hear a child sick and knowing they don't have a chance .I remember a 9 year old boy who came back time and time again from sickness the doc could not find ,he goes home fine and comes back a day later sick .his parents never came to the hospital that I never seen . that leaves you with a thought .they could have been the problem ..anyway he would come down to my room and visit and watch tv share my cakes, fruit with me ,his name was billy and when I could get into a wheel chair he loved to push me up and down the hall ways ..after a week he died and never knew why makes me wonder did I give that young man a happy life he had left not knowing it, was I a brother .a friend he so dearly needed I hope so .... the words on that roof ring true ..it will change your life forever ......
  8. SAD .least he got to enjoy what time he had left he got more than he expected from people he will never have a chance to meet and thank . the family was able to have and give their son something they will cherish this is one of many reason face book twitter speedzone and others are good . I READ of him here . .we would have never heard of this young man otherwise ...RIP YOUNG MAN .
  9. Looking for 1982 - 1993 Chevy S 10

    They sold it nick .ill keep looking
  10. Looking for 1982 - 1993 Chevy S 10

    trying to get ahold of em ..
  11. Looking for 1982 - 1993 Chevy S 10

    Sounds like a big v8 jobber .I know someone who had what your looking for I will check on it ..
  12. KING thanks a lot now I need to know where to send the check that was a lot of reading my bs ..its been a pleasure
  13. Yep and even I had to hire someone to translate