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  1. Racing rumor mill....Track reopening

    its you reb come on tell the truth ..you would make a great mascot. just have to figure out what you would be called
  2. TWS photos

    The number 12 pinto I bought from david in 1989 ..fast car two cc championships with david driving it . david blew up every time he raced there ..1991 I loaned the same car to irene wilky under number 25 .she finished the race somewhere 14th or so after being spun by 27 bill on the last lap I think she was in the top 8 at that point .. I would have raced that October race in the car but momma to be would not let me go seeing Joshua was just about to come in to this world …. looking at the first pic of the 12 car .looked like19 85 or19 86 year .car was new .
  3. Thank You

    all about the kids .it is their day to shine .
  4. Great story about CBS Mary Ann Naumann

    would you believe you .. THINK NOT ….. MAN 47 its been awhile I felt 47 … when I turned 50 almost 13 years ago .Joshua asked me how does it feel to be 50 …. I said dont know yet .but I can tell you 25 felt really good ..now 13 years later I had to move the felt better .47 felt great ….. now if nick could slow down and wait for me to catch up to him we both can tell you 63 felt great .sorry by the time I catch nick .you would have already felt 63 ..
  5. not racing related

    Heck of a dog ..my grandparents had dog just like this dog in the late 60s ..she had the same energy attitude and love this dog has for everyone around her .her name was cassy . she would go dove hunting with me and spent time with us on the shrimp boat ..always wanting to go with anyone of the family who would take her …. I can see why you miss sailor and did not realize till I watched the video that cassy .sailor and this dog all looked so much alike and acted so much the same way ..they are very smart dogs ..
  6. I left my autograph a few times all the way around that track ...even tried racing on my roof . came up three laps and one turn short of winning the race ….I manage to leave a 193 foot skid mark from exit of turn two to turn three .burned a hole right through my roof .funny how the 14 who flipped me look like 41 . with an upside down view ..I often thought once you rub the wall that is as far as you can go .the limit ...and dont go pass that limit .
  7. Rest in Peace, Carol Yocum

    any news on where the service will be .
  8. Great story about CBS Mary Ann Naumann

    .hope it works out this year .. WE WANT TO and will be coming up with least one of our new cars this year . and try out some other tracks to boot .in the plans .. I told jesse this track of all tracks we want to travel too .is number one … I have not missed the travel time after kyle shut down ..staying home and racing local is a ton cheaper ..but the new car should be ready to run every where .the old car was cc speedway and kyle built .this one is dirt ..looking forward to seeing mary ann and racing this track ..hey rod 47 years old .still wet behind the ears ..
  9. nick looks like you never go straight on either track .wonder how long the tires last ….walls never bothered me much .
  10. RaceOnTexas Hiring Paid Position for SA area

    heading back up north .
  11. RaceOnTexas Hiring Paid Position for SA area

    there you go nick .its not like you have anything else to do ..
  12. SAD NEWS

    HEARD SADLY Carol Yocum. has passed on .. Spent many years knowing this fine lady and true racers friend .she could drive the wheels off a racer .fearless lady many have seen her race many types of cars at cc speedway including train racing .my wife scored for her and don for many years at cc speedway .. I think it was 1969 when she and don were married at cc speedway ..riding around the track with the kids in chopped top I believe in a ford galaxy 500 I will never forget that night ……...she was a tough lady and would go toe to toe with you on any subject and was respected for it .I know I respected her ..I have missed visiting with her she always had an educational word lol she never turned her back on you . RIP carol you are back in the drivers seat ..
  13. you might be let down on that ….racers good ones will figure out set ups and how to race this track ..
  14. Merry Christmas

    everyone go the same school they all say the same thing .working on it .
  15. Merry Christmas

    what you get me for Christmas Rodney ,,MERRY CHRISTMAS bud