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  1. Eldora

    well many have said nascar needs to run dirt ,, back to nascar roots ..I am sure somewhere in history nascar brought dirt racing to the fore front before my age was old enough to notice nascar .. nascar is not killing local tracks least not on their own.......
  2. memory

    u have memories that's old enough don't rush it too sr .
  3. memory

    I think it was the same cigar . lol never lit the darn thing up .. a couple of memories of sas was the poorboys run in with the fire ex. fun from where i was sitting . and what was that evil knievel thing nick tried that night ..dipstick ......Sitting up in the press box while Lorraine and RIP our friend kim scoring ,or sitting with my then very young son never once thought he would someday race on that track much less win two or three races, He just moved out of the house a couple of weeks ago and of all the trophies many he has won the one he loves the most was the feature trophy that was hand made out of the sas grand stands ..even his championship trophy takes second place ... You are correct on seasoned citizen or should we say SR citizen has its gifts . drives the young folks nuts with our stories and if they are as lucky as us they will someday get that SR title and carry on the tradition ...its coming.. growing up one of my favorite things was to sit and listen to old folks and their stories . you learn so much none of this electronic social media crap that the young folks have now dumb down system .. so with that old nick give us the youngers sr, citizen some more of your wisdom ... what did it feel like to invent the wheel ...
  4. memory

    Just a thought came to mind eating a Whataburger just now ....thinking about What, A, Burger it was back in the 60 and 70s before government took over with regulations . back when no fries onion rings were even a thought .back when you could smell a Whataburger cooking from a mile away or more ..real milkshakes yum.. root beer floats .... ... then a thought of the old buc days parade with smiths old model A,s and such while walking down leopard as those old cars passed and selling bags of peanuts to whom ever wanted them for 25cents boy scouts back then and no permit needed ...... then Saturday night could hear cc speedway ramping up from my home two miles away .. I say a lot of people are still in my memories that show up from time to time and it would take years to type them here ..so ill pick a couple or so outside from Whataburger and parades .except .....walter schumacher . who could ever forget that lighted train trucking down leopard during the parade and at times having it out at the speedway .makes me wonder if it is still around . walter pulling what wheelies he could on his bike with my brother and I doing the same with him and old franks head shaker hoch .you had to stay a few extra inches away from him not to get hit .... just a few memos .
  5. Daytona

  6. Daytona

    well king you have me confused .on one hand you agree with me some what on the other you agree with Toyota ...so does that mean you are really undecided ..
  7. Daytona

    From what I saw he was already beside the leaders before he dropped down below the line so that looked to me like a clean pass .that would have been my call there is a grey area and nascar needs to look at that again . bad call from my view ..had he been down on that line before he got beside the leaders then that I would say was a good call by nascar . ...I think the young man deserved the win .nascar called it too fast to me long before they took another look ..the kid got burned .
  8. practice

    How many cars . fun track ..
  9. Here's what went wrong with NASCAR

    nascar and other types of racing have the same problem local racing has .hard to get or keep sponsors ..just the day and age of things with so many other things to do . other sports are starting to have the same problem ..advertise on social media is cheaper and reaches twice the people . just look at all the pop ups .. I may not read the pop up but I see enough to get who advertised ......
  10. THE driver liked what he saw ..he knows who runs the track as I do and always enjoyed racing with them at their other racing venture . he said wrecking ,banging up others isn't a good track to try that on .I like that . like to see drivers from up there race with us here at sts sometime though not sure bout the rules ...the driver owner tells me what rules are with his class and I have to build or adjust around that and try to make it work . never would like a dq ..he said his car should be fine rules wise for cotton bowl or close enough to be able to race there .
  11. jesse made a trip up a couple of weeks ago and loved what he saw ,it has been mentioned more than once about making a race night I know for a couple of years or more he has wanted to race there . so I am sure we will find the time to come .looking forward to it I think it would be really fun ....we might just see some old friends and make some new ones ,,,
  12. Thanks for the info dirtracer .but no thanks I wont spend a dime going back to that track ...and that is sad . the racing is really good there and I have many old friends who moved to dirt and miss talking to them . ...
  13. dang ... That means we will still hold first place title for the pure stock feature for two more boring weeks .we want to race........
  14. Nascar

    only one stage would be ok with me not that I am a fan of stage racing anyway ....the last lap was fun that's racing hard and I am not a fan of kyle bush but I would have done the same most likely .he did bump him a tad hard though ...ok hit him....kyle Larson had no problem with it and that says a lot he knew what he did and held himself accountable for the outcome give him a thumbs up .. love to have some local drivers hold themselves accountable just the same ...that would be asking to much I am afraid
  15. South Texas Speedway Rained Out For June 23rd

    its that last ten percent that's hell ..john....