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  1. I'm thankful today

    Sorry nick forgot to take an e out and add the u MY BAD .. THE MILL ON THE RIVER OVER IN GRUENE . or anywhere you like in sa .
  2. I'm thankful today

    thanks nick .. i hope to see u sometime go eat next time lorraine and i are up . YOU saw first hand just how bad i was with my knees .. well i can run and jump work all day almost get off the ground roll around you dont hear me saying give me a minute ill catch up to you .. other wise i can handle alot better .see i learned something in your class ..lol . lorraine an i will be up soon she loves to shop . ill get in touch with you TO see where you are at or up to .. LUNCH ON US .. We love to eat at greene but you can pick the place ..take the wife if she wants i will be on my best ..i promis. i miss the times you spent in my garrage listening to my bs ..
  3. I'm thankful today

    i said i have drunk enough water to fill a battle ship .. not that i have drank enough lol.. i drank water but not enough i realy dont OR DIDNT like bottle water and i was a big tea drinker big tea drinker i repeat .. i am not good at keeping a thermo mug i tried that and they got costly replacing them . id loose them or break em or something .. .BUT i am getting use to bottle water . my wife has to bring a new case about every other week now . i have no tea in the house and when out i dont order any i get water from the ice box with ice .or i drink milk ..every morning i ate a taco and stopped at stripes to get a 32 coke .not anymore if i get a taco i bring a bottle of water with me ..and no more kit kats or kisses or cake or hershey bars .. man i am starving . thanks giving i turn down my favorite brownies . and fudge ..fact if nick comes down i will have to watch him enjoy the dr peppers in my ice box my wife drinks . over all thankful for what i have and furture health looks alittle better ,just got to lose about 30 pounds and working on that now that i have energy ..i have done more heavy work in two weeks than i did in three months just didnt have that energy then ..my neighbors say i am working to hard to early .. well least i am not wasiting away in my recliner .i change what i am eating all the time now and not eat as much .i cant even eat a whole regular whataburger i am eating the small ones my wife eats no fries no onion rings .no drinks just .water ..
  4. I'm thankful today

    SAW my first doctor sense my reconstuction on my face oh over 8 years ago i think .. created an ulcer the last week of october taking over the counter meds for a pinched nerve in my lower back a pinche i ussualy get over soon .. .. nieghbor is 30 plus year nurse she like to fainted when i told i was going to see a doc . . . i tell you what in reality the best thing that happend to me .. i cut out all my favorite junk food . .sodas candy tomatoes and many other things i crave for .. .. best i have felt in 5 years or more .no more hurting knees and stiff legs .no more pains in my shoulders can play the guitar again .sleep more at night lot more energy that started to back fire from working on to much for two weeks . shoot even went to edna to help jesse on thursday night practice i could walk again yahoo ...oh and drinking no tea . DRINKING ENOUGH WATER LATELY TO SINK A BATTLE SHIP . ..corvid is here to stay hard to hide from something you cant see .
  5. I'm thankful today

    THANK you senior ron for your service you earned it .. .....i have my vaccine i figured 50.50 shot of not catching the virus or catching the virus and giving it to my elders and or not making it through it myself or making it through if did .. .. lost a friend or two with this virus and one never had the chance toget the vac past when this all started .. i am not one who runs to the doctor unless i really really have to, .... i am a freedom loving person .its your choice to or not to .you have too live with that choice .
  6. I'm thankful today

    amen ..march 2 mine and my moms birthday i will think of your wife on that special day she was born into heaven ..
  7. One More Big Show To Go

    ALOT of the asphalt drivers left to go dirt racing it was cheaper then but mainly i think track managers were one big issue .. had kyle stayed open we would still have least one asphalt car if not more ..i grew with blacktop in my blood and still have it .but the cars now are dirt set ups and so on . hmp at one time talked about haveing a factory stock race there .and we were for it ready and willing but that never happened .and if they want to have one we would show up no problem .i think it would be fun as heck watching those drivers hang onto a car built for dirt .as for arob you would show up if there was some great racing going on .. admit it ..you love great racing just like the rest of us .
  8. One More Big Show To Go

    if you are racing factory stocks now buying racing shocks 5000 plus motors and such like special chassis .. it isnt cheaper traveling still cost alot just entering a car each night cost per car . . i travel with the car most of the time and havent saved a dime to go . my son sold his out the only thing left is the motor and trans and trailer .. .why because it was going to cost to much to run ... ..racing all the way around is costing to much now .the toys are not cheap .
  9. I'm thankful today

    RON the whole world changes at 65 . you get the right to say i am a senior.. . never thought i would live to this age working dangerous jobs the odds were not on my side and i beat them .. have my wife of 35 plus years .my 30 year old son .a couple of friends on speedzone some racing buddies and still breathing . what more can you ask for ...
  10. CC Speedway 1995

    VIDEOS cant show the real speed these racer are going .. . does not take long to get around that old track .i ran around it in upper 15s and lower 16s with a near stock four banger some of driver were in the 12 to 13 second times in those cars . fast enough to create a vortex to keep rain off of us we always thought .many times been at that teack with rain all the way around us just blocks away and not one drop till the last flag flew .. too bad never to happen again .
  11. Happy Thanksgiving

    NO ONE REALLY MAKES ME TO MAD ON HERE .I HATE NO ONE EVEN THE ONES I DISAGREE WITH .. nick an i use to go at it all the time .well least sending me those cute little reminders i have to be good ......... . WIFE cut he finger making green rice so i learned how to make it .. fun we didnt have that last year no get togethers and such . persay .. SO EVERYONE HAVE A REALLY GREAT THANKS GIVING ,
  12. Texas Classic

    3 bucks 12 and under shoot that is what we paid to get in cc speedway late 60and early 70s .. i know we went to a race in 1985 at sa but not sure it was that one it was a big race but still not sure ..
  13. Texana results

    SO ARE YOU ASKING FOR BETTER PAY ..checks in the mail darn may take sometime to alnd in your mailbox . it has alot of bounce to it ...sorta missed you with your reporting ..
  14. One More Big Show To Go

    looks like it is for sale and no leasing .someone has to buy it .