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  1. Picture update

    wow! thanks for the memories ...... keep em coming
  2. Harold Oatman

    Bobby, You may have to correct me on this, I seem to remember the 57 chevy from 1970 was red and yellow (Highway Department yellow, our cousin was working there at the time) The car looked like a giant hot dog with mustard on it. I guess that was his last red car, wonder where the orange paint came from?
  3. screen names

    oatey220 = Don Oatman Jr. Jim - isint dat howe wei lerned two spell @ Lea hi skool?
  4. Best Driver you ever saw (in person)?

    Freddie Fryer .... the smoothest Leroy Brooks .... if the car was loose Jimmy Finger .... the slyest John Kelly .... the most patient Hubert Bean ... the most versatile Ed Sczech….. the most consistent They were all the “best” at one time or another- as were many, many others
  5. A few old Pan Am pics.

    Tom, I think that the trophy girl is Lucian Wallace's daughter Debbie ???? I remember a story about that #70 Schwabe camaro, after one of his many feature wins a group of racers were talking and of course having a few beverages, one them said he knew he was in trouble a couple of weeks ago when Glen passed him on the outside, another racer said whats the big deal he passes us all on the outside! To which he replied but when he passed me he had a bent tierod and the left front tire was turned all the way to left and not even rolling!
  6. Long Time Friends

    I hate to point this out, but with all that grey hair Tom looked an old timer as well.
  7. Who/What?

    Is that the car that a lady, I think here name was Janet Guthrie, drove at Texas World Speedway?
  8. Pan American Speedway - 1970's Photos

    Tom.......That is not right picking on the elderly
  9. Pan American Speedway - 1970's Photos

    Craig, I bet you meant 1972 in your previous post, it was too hard on the horse to go all the way down the front straight upside down. However if Fred was alive in 1872 he was racing!
  10. Pan American Speedway License

    looks like Willie Charro #10 behind/under the 99
  11. Pan American Speedway

    54 is Don Oatman, dont remember Don Meeks driving the 99
  12. Harold Oatman

    believe me Ryan your grandmother knows who Bobby is!!
  13. Happy Birthday Tom Taylor

    Happy Birthday Tom
  14. Terry Labonte

    calling Texas Tom ....... I bet he knows the VIN# on that car
  15. SAS

    Oh no! here we go again......