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  1. Race trailer for sale $2,200 obo Has all new (July 2018) Hartland trailer tires, All new hubs/bearings/seals, Buddy bearing per wheel, 2 new spare Wheels/tires, Warn 4500 winch, New LED tail lights and rewired, Heavy duty Jack, slide in ramps, 4'x4'x7' storage box and tire rack, 84 1/2" wide between fenders. Only reason selling I bought an enclosed otherwise I would use it this year. It needs some TLC to look new again-- A day or so of work and paint or load it up and use it as is....NO title 210-316-776 SEVEN ....Text preferred...if you call leave a message...I don't return calls on numbers that I don't recognise....
  2. points

    They are using same system we used before... and you can message them on Facebook... I-37 speedway
  3. Limited Late Models

    I dont think anyone is trying to be different Johnny, Drew is just doing what he was asked by our new promoter... Lets keep things positive here, if anyone has questions Andrew provided his number or you can pm him. Thanks, and cant wait to race at I37 again!
  4. schedule

    Thanks for the clarification guys. Just want to make sure I show up on the right weekend!
  5. schedule

    STS website shows LLM 1st race April 2nd, Am I looking at this wrong? Thx in advance...
  6. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    Free small bags of popcorn to fans...increase beer/drink sales.. popcorn is cheap
  7. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    Also, Promote clean driving from race director on down. More cars show up each week and keeps show going. Wrecks are gonna happen no matter what, but trying to win it on turn one thinking never works.
  8. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    Start heats random draw or high point to rear...(with exception to new/rookie drivers to rear) Top 4 finishers in each heat lineup by high points to rear in main. So, 16 cars total . 2, 8 car heats, 1st- 8th in feature line up by high point to 8th in feature,lowest to 1st, etc. If you miss heat or do not top 4 in heat you start 9th (or 13th if more than 2 heats, etc) or worse, this way Heat races count and are raced to make top 4( better racing) High point average leader wins a few from 8th place, he passed a lot of cars to do so and everyone in front of him had a chance to start ahead . Promotes better racing for fans.. ..........New/rookie drivers that want to start in back of heats or features should do so until they can maintain car control... Also, Black flag those that need it, Rough drivers just tear up cars and cause lower counts...
  9. 2016 Class Payout

    Well done on the payouts Ken... Building car now, look forward to next year in LLM...
  10. LLM race in December

    Hey, Thx guys... When will we know for sure? I need a couple of tires and dont want to buy em if we are not racing.
  11. LLM race in December

    If its on I can make it...
  12. Update

    It is on 1604 in between I-37 and 281
  13. Update

    "There is already a mud drag track in that area, wondering if thats the spot. Owned some land about a 1/4 mile from there." Ya...same place...
  14. Update

    I will be racing there when it opens...So will many others.. Thx for the update Drew.