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  1. TALMS making history again!

    Why isn't Monroe running?
  2. Truck Race at TMS

    Have to agree with John on that one!
  3. I saw the pictures that reb posted but where there any other camera guys at the track or any videos of the races
  4. June 6 Race Canceled!

    What a waste of time the whole trip was
  5. Qualifying

    Keep the top 6 since the only reason heat races weren't ran was because of the threat of rain let everyone that wasn't top 6 and the new cars qualify and keep the top 4 and make everyone else run heats just my thought that way guys that were there aren't cheated out the new cars would start 7 thru 10
  6. With this crazy weather how wet is everything down there and can the track handle any more?
  7. It's in the body rules where the picture diagram of the car is same rules as imca southern sport body wise
  8. Ain't nothing wrong with them dirt tires on asphalt I practiced at cts on them and had a set mounted and ready for HMP but the rain won that weekend.
  9. Is there going to be a dirt tire bonus for the Corpus Christi Speedway race. Maybe some of the dirt guys that haven't been able to race can come over and run with if there was a little bouns for them included.
  10. Does the track still have a deal with the hotel over by the airport and if so what is the name of the hotel?
  11. USMTS Move Poll

  12. TALMS Registered Drivers

    I'm very sorry about my post sir.
  13. TALMS Registered Drivers

    That's all I have to say about that.
  14. TALMS Rule Clarification. & Apology

    I think there a little closer then that.
  15. TALMS Rule Clarification. & Apology

    This year only one the 87 car I'm going to try my hand at dirt racing have never done it before so if I suck that can be my excuse.