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  1. GCRS at Houston winners

    Got that,. If you dont put a knot on their head in the pits for spinning you out on the last turn, last lap, for second place, they will continue to bully you. Bullies tend to take over tracks and run them. You know, the fans love that stuff, boys have at it, etc.
  2. GCRS at Houston winners

    Lots of punting going on, two guys with a chance to win it got punted. One poor guy in the street stock got punted on last lap for second. Not good. The same guy punted him twice
  3. Aw man, you should hear the racers talk about it. But, yea, stirring the pot is fun, it brings out the action
  4. bristol

    Yea, I didnt know what to call them, I guess i meant slow cars. But at the racetrack, when a racer has a slow car, he calls his car a sh__ box, junk or trash. Just using racers lingo
  5. I heard they required a tetanus shot back then to race and not a covid shot
  6. Are mud grips allowed in the trucks?
  7. bristol

    some gimmicks are fun, like inverting the whole field in qualifying. Put the trash in front and the high dolla cars in the back and turn em loose. They did that at one race, i cant remember, but they had to take a break to get enough cars fixed to race. I think they ran another few races after numerous attempts to start. Now that was fun to watch
  8. bristol

    I am paying for a ticket, not the cars, It is cool to see the action and wrecks are part of it
  9. bristol

    It was a gimmick that was a big dust bowl. This is just not what I like watching. I like the high speed tracks that when they wreck, there is lots of noise and metal crunching, with sparks
  10. bristol

    Well, Nascar is officially in the Circus business now. That was a clown show without the elephants.