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  1. Please keep an eye out for Stolen trailer

    A few pics of the stolen stuff. The last pic says it all.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/tiffany.simental/posts/10205610876084199
  3. Kyle Ministock Questions

    We use raceceiver http://www.raceceiver.com/ for transponders you have a few options think the track might rent them. Or you can get a flex transponder that you have to buy a yearly subscription or you can buy one that will last for ever http://www.mylaps.com/en
  4. July 27th TALMS Race #2 @ CTS

    I am sure if 30 asphalt trucks can run on dirt. pretty sure 30 or so dirt limited mods can get around an asphalt track.
  5. 9-Feb Novice/Arrive-Drive Austin 16-Feb Novice Austin 23-Feb Novice/Ice Breaker Austin 2-Mar 9-Mar 1st Annual Charlie Wolfe Memorial Austin 16-Mar 23-Mar #2 Race San Antonio 30-Mar 6-Apr #3 Race Austin 13-Apr 20-Apr #4 Race San Antonio 27-Apr 4-May #5 Race Austin 11-May #6 Race San Antonio 18-May 25-May 1-Jun 8-Jun #7 Race San Antonio 15-Jun 22-Jun #8 Race Austin 29-Jun #9 Race Austin 6-Jul 13-Jul 20-Jul 27-Jul 3-Aug #10 Race San Antonio 10-Aug 17-Aug #11 Race Austin 24-Aug 31-Aug Labor Day Monza Austin 7-Sep 14-15 Sept Fall Classic Double Header #12-#13 San Antonio 21-Sep 28-Sep 5-Oct #14 Race Austin 12-Oct 19-Oct Pumpkin Race Austin
  6. 2013 PICS

    2013 paint
  7. 2003 Ford

    No after market alarm Had the windshield replaced. Come to find out it leaks had lots of water in the fuse box. Hope when it dries out the truck starts acting right.
  8. ?

    What is the best way to promote a race track or race team.
  9. 2003 Ford

    I disconnected the battery to quit it from honking threw the night . I hooked up battery this morning the horn chirped a few times and quit . Now the radio is turning on after about 10 min.
  10. 2003 Ford

    When you turn the ignition off on the truck the horn honks a few times and then starts blowing and will not turn off till you turn the truck back on. What can cause this to happen.
  11. which full containment seat?

  12. Saturday

    If you want to see some fast pace racing action we should have jr novices senior novices jr hondas sr hondas 160 world formulas Admission price ///// FREE come on out and watch the race at River City Quarter Midgets. Then head south down to Thunder Hill and watch some great 3/8 asphalt racing action or head north and go watch some great dirt racing. http://www.austinquartermidgets.com/
  13. Killeen? Rain?

    have had a few sprinkles. But ground is as try as can be I am about 10 min from the track.
  14. HOW ?

    A few weeks ago at Texas Thunder the i stocks tied for a win using electronic scoring
  15. River city