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  1. NASCAR race at Cota

    Door Dash, Bubba Wallace’s sponsor supports Defund the Police. Fact
  2. TSTRS/HMP Sept 26

    Rodney, we cannot hear a word you are saying over the pa system when the cars are at speed on the track. Many of us are new to this track and would like to know where all these drivers are from and a little about them. Can you announce the lineups and where the drivers are from before each race starts or when they are not up to speed. The Labor Day races drivers names were barely heard and no hometowns were announced. This is not a complaint, it’s just a better experience when we as race fans know a little about the drivers without the roaring engines.
  3. Texas Trucks $10,000 to Win TSTRS/HMP

    Let’s hope the word gets out far and wide along with a decent pay down to make it worth while to travel.