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  1. Safety first

    Looks to be a Great Idea !!! If you've ever talked safety with me you've probably heard me say "Fire Doesn't Discriminate" Burning in a Eco-Stock is the same as Burning in a Modified or LateModel
  2. HMP Speedfest Super Stock Video

    Nice Footage Thanks for Sharing
  3. 90 hmp.jpg

    From the album #90

  4. #90

  5. 90 sas.jpg

    From the album #90

  6. 90 mms.jpg

    From the album #90

  7. 90 pits.jpg

    From the album #90

  8. 90 on 3.jpg

    From the album #90


    We may be slow but in the end we still had fun and only got a little banged up..lol I've got some ideas to get the ProStocks off the jack stands for next year. Hopefully everyone has a Safe & Fun off season and next year we can have fun again.
  10. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    Scotty I've never been what I'd call fast …. Yeah my same car on dirt 15 years ago was a top 10 car maybe top 5 if my brother drove it..lol I've only one 2 races and one was a B feature at Houston Raceway Park during the World of Outlaws show back in 2008ish and One A Feature at Monroe Motor Speedway after we went asphalt racing. I was just thinking about this very topic as I was headed back from a Wrecker call … I mean lets face it 4 or 5 years ago how many people had the chance at winning at HMP ? No really how many people had a snow balls chance in hell at out running that #13 car? Ole' Webster had that thing on a rail and was FAST !!! I don't know the answer but I do know that it's not just gonna happen without us showing up and supporting HMP …. If I lived closer and or wasn't in the 24/7/365 Towing Business I'd be there every race and I'd have bought me a 602 by now to pick up some speed how ever little it may be? Having said all that I was also thinking on the way back to my shop that I should Step Up and say that even thought it may keep me from getting what my original purpose of racing at HMP next weekend was ( Top 10 in Points) …. Hang on and let me get an OK from Gina before I get into trouble … lol
  11. HMP Point Standings after OctoberFAST

    I can tell you that myself and one other un-named member of this board that I just happened to meet and talk to at TMS Dirt Track back in September are interested in possibly doing just that. The whole build it and they will come deal can be a two way street. If we come …. I'm sure they will give us a platform to build upon
  12. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    I'm just gonna show up with my car and push it as hard as I can and try to have faster lap times then I've had before because I just want to race my "ProStock" around HMP and until they tell me I'm to slow or my car don't meet the rules that's what I'm gonna do. I'm there to race the track not the other cars, if that makes any sense? If not it wouldn't be the 1st time :-)
  13. HMP Point Standings after OctoberFAST

    "Lord Willing And The Creek Don't Rise" #90 will be @ The Palace
  14. TSTRS - Input needed

    Scotty here are King of the Hill times for the same driver Justin Whitehead for the last 4 years. 2016--- 18.692 ………...2017--- 18.392 ………… 2018--- 17.681...……..2019--- 18.232 Keep in mind these will be his fastest lap during the A Feature each year. I've always told everybody that " I'm Slow" my car is way way way heavier then others and my short block is BONE STOCK !!!! My car was built as a "Factory Stock" 15 years ago, it since has been set up for asphalt and has rear jack bolts and a front sway along with aluminum intake and a different carb. But here is what has kept me coming back to Asphalt ….. my HMP 3/8 mile lap times are faster then the fastest Factory Stocks and even the Limited's on a 1/4 mile dirt track, its the speed through the corners and the "cleaner" racing that draws me so much I guess????. In Bobby's link above Nathan was driving my car for the 1st time ever on the track and he got right up to my fastest lap times. I'm sure he could get faster as I'm also sure the Factory Stock guys that ran that night could get a lot faster if they had someone help them with set ups etc.
  15. TSTRS - Input needed

    OK so how many Pro Stocks or Super Stocks are coming off Jack Stands for this weekend? I wanna come watch... not sure if that will be through my face shield and my windshield yet though?
  16. 5d67476c6a094_RaceCar@HMP.jpg

    From the album #90