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  1. South Texas Speedway

    i dont know why i have an affinity for red and white cars but when we movd from texas to tennessee they opened a half mile dirt track that got paved so nascar would come there. it was called smoky mountain speedway. my first year to see nascar in person was 1965 and David Pearson was driving the Cotton Owens Dodge #6..Geez what a car with that 426 hemi! He was my all time favorite driver. Then of course he went to the Wood brothers in the ....you guessed it red and white #21..
  2. South Texas Speedway

    Does anyone remember back in the late 50s a Hudson Hornet red and white with hearts all over. MY Dad used to take me to the races, i was about 5 o 6 years old. That Hudson had a unique sound. you could close your eyes and pick it out of a group of cars. I loved that machine.That was called CC speedway back then.