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  1. TSTRS Question

    I had a media person ask me what tracks in Texas would I recommend visiting on a road trip across Texas. And the question stumped me a little because I really do not know what tracks are still operating to recommend? (besides the ones close to me of course) Can you guys help me give them a good answer? Texas tracks dirt or asphalt, please. Is there a Facebook Page for this question as well that you may know of?
  2. Help me sell the track signage! I have new signs going up next race - I want to add some more to it! Here are two highlight videos that show track signs and some of the 'walk-in' signage. And don't forget - All the track signage gets talked about by Rodney our awesome Race MC during the race! When they buy the BIG THREE, they get the drive-in coverage, walk-in coverage and track coverage too. Additionally, if they give us stuff to throw into the audience we can make sure to plug them as BIG THREE track supporter! Pass a name along to me - I am cold calling this week and will include them. If I sell them, I will have a check for you for 10% of the selling price at the track OR additional $ on the class purse you choose. Gina (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com
  3. TSTRS - Car Counts

    Changed it. Sorry about that. Thank you Bobby!
  4. TSTRS - Car Counts

    I will double-check Bobby. I had (4) and one that did not start. I based my numbers off of starts.
  5. We have an event this weekend that I would love for racers & families to come too! We will have some TSTRS racers there helping us get some new faces in those stands! We are helping Phillips 66 kick off a year-long campaign to support children's literacy and to commit to reading to your family & friends. This is our first official event with one of our newest marketing partners! Here is a link to the page with some more info. If any other drivers would like to participate in future events with Read Strong All Year Long, shoot me an email. You will get some extra exposure for you and your sponsors at the events, links back to your racing pages if needed. https://www.cmhouston.org/readstrong Doors open at 10am and close at 4pm We will be in the FlowWorks section on the back patio through The Dragons & Fairies area. (I thought you guys would love that ) Parking is on the map below, green checkmark. Tickets are $12 for Adults & Children Seniors $11 and Military $10 Come out and help us kick off a great cause! The Children's Museum 1500 Binz Houston Tx 77004
  6. TSTRS - Car Counts

    I thought I would share car counts with you guys. Trending up, even with 2 back to back Holiday races! I am excited to see growth. I am working super hard on the Sept race, I hope to see everyone again! MAYBE it will be just a tad cooler? June 8th July 6th Aug 31st (T-STARS Series) (NEW TSTRSeries) TSTRSeries Super Stock 4 8 7 Outlaws 6 8 9 Pro Mod 10 8 13 Pro Truck 9 13 13 Eco Stock 7 14 8 Dwarfs 6 N/A N/A Legacy 14 12 13 NASkarts 9 14 9 **please note Bandos & Legends won't be racing with us until next year per Kenny Brown. We hope to see you then! I do welcome you to the track on race day to show some racing love! Gina (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com
  7. Hey guys! I want to start out by saying the comments, the participation, and efforts of all the racers, teams and family on getting things back on track and moving forward has been just awesome. It is truly what propels me forward. I cannot stress this enough, it is contagious and makes a huge impact on racing as a whole - dirt and asphalt! And while you are giving continuously, I need to ask for a little more help. As you know we are new guys, a new team. We are still putting the grease on, as the wheels start turning. We have a great team - I mean great! I should sell radio access to Brad Bush race directing. It would knock your socks off. That grace comes with a strong right hand, and he has that in Tiffany. That's for damn sure. Todd and JT can be put in any position at the track and be able to do it. And Denny in Tech, Jack..... - someone should total the years of experience in that one building alone. Mark Stevens has helped us keep the internet-connected so we can stay up and running, and that is a monumental FEAT. Wow. I feel like it is coming together, and am super excited at some things coming. However, there is something I need to get under control and need more help with. What I need from race teams is help keeping up with your passes you are paying for. I know this is a lot to manage, but it is even greater on our side. The radio calls I get from the front gate about people not having passes, or wondering why they have to pay or was told they get in free by someone they support....is off the charts. What results is a lot of people not paying, getting discounts or getting pissed off at the girls upfront. And then what results is I lose a good employee because of the frustration of the whole thing. We are going to offer early registration to all teams to help with this. But if you come to the track please bring your pit pass list and leave us a check or credit card info. If you want to pay for people coming out to watch you race, then we will have a list for that that people sign in on that will be added to the full tab. If there is a limit, tell us and we will cap it off. I am kind of disheartened how some underestimate the importance of paying for things right now. I ask you to please not take advantage of our growing pains, when we make an error on charging you please pay us correctly. If you rent a golf cart and we did not collect on it - please pay for it. If you hear someone say they somehow got in free and was not supposed to, pay us for them or give them crap about it. I am amazed at how many people claim to be someone they are not, to get a free pit pass. And then when that person comes up to collect their paid for pit pass, it takes extra time and results in lost revenue. Not to mention the stress it puts on the worker having to do it multiple times throughout the evening. Or having to ask for an ID for a dang pit pass. And if we make a mistake - tell us! We cannot get better if we do not know. There are new ways of doing things that we are evaluating so we can get you guys on the track as seamless as possible. Please help us with this process! Share ideas and thoughts with me - gina@tstrseries.com. If you want to prepay for anything, email my daughter, Taylor - taylor@tstrseries.com. Entry fees, pit passes, etc If it rains out, it will roll to the next race. If for some reason you cannot make it, you will get refunded or can apply it to the next race. For those of you racers who bring your list with a check or credit card, THANK YOU! Thank everyone for your patience and support! Let's get to racing! Next race Sept 28th Gina (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com
  8. Do any racers need their sponsor mentioned during your specific race this Saturday, August 31st? PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP - so we can get it to the RodMan, Rodney Rodriguez -- our fantastic announcer/Race MC! This is a good way to say THANK YOU to your sponsors - so shoot me an email or text or call letting me know your name (driver/team), your race class and your sponsor you want to thank! Thanks guys! See you Saturday!! ******OH and a quick reminder --- --- take some free time to walk to the fan concession stand in your race suit and say hello to people! If you are not thirsty, go use the concession stand bathrooms! Go get a $1 Can of Coke from Hannah & say hello to some fans!****** Gina Schild Knowles gina@txarp.com (713) 907-0906
  9. Weather is looking good - can't wait to see you guys at the track! I am looking forward to being able to focus on watching the show some this time. I will have some potential sponsors coming out to enjoy the evening if you see me with them be sure to say hello!
  10. Hey racers! We have an event this Sunday for some promotions to get some people out to the track next weekend! If you are in the area, please stop by and show some love! Let me know if you can come out and help hand out flyers! I still have room for someone to bring their race car or truck just let me know if you are interested. This Sunday, August 25 NOON - 4pm Extreme Offroad and Performance 20235-A Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77450 Let me know if you have any questions! Gina Schild Knowles (713) 907-0906
  11. Below is a sponsor package for the track. Please share with a business that may be interested in promoting. If a racer sells or sends me a lead that purchases the Big 3 Package, we will add $200 to his class purse at the race immediately following payment in full of the sponsor package. (I do have payment plans for sponsors if needed.) Big 3 Package $1750* for all three locations - Drive-up, Walk-in, and On-track. (Individual signs can be purchased at the prices listed below.) This package includes three large signs at Houston Motorsports Park. All signs are put together to last, and the package cost does include a change out if ever needed. We will change out any banners that tear or fade as needed. Drive-up Sign (Placed where fans come into the track and wait in line to purchase tickets. We recommend this sign contain the company info and logo.) 4' x 10' $275 Walk-in Sign (Placed where fans walk into the track. We recommend this sign to contain the company info and logo.) 4.5' x 7' $275 On-track Sign (Placed on the inside perimeter of the race track. We recommend the company logo as big as possible with little info. A logo or some form of recognition that ties to the other banners.) 8' x 12.5' $1350* Signs will be up for the following races: 2019 Races Aug 31st Sept 28 Oct 19 Nov 9 2020 Races March (1) April (2) May (2) June (1) July (1) August - OFF All sponsor deals up for renewal. All signs taken down will belong to the sponsor if they want them. ADDITIONALLY - If they purchase an individual track sign ($1350) OR the Big 3 package they get: - Added exposure at race events when the announcer talks about track sponsors in downtime. His script or verbiage comes directly from the sponsor when they fill out a sponsor sheet. We place this sheet in the Announcer Binder that Rodney takes to his announcing throne each race day. - Featured Sponsors at specific races that we share more detailed company info on. The sponsor can use this at any race he may want to promote specific things, entertain specific vendors or reward specific employees. - Our Announcer Rodney Rodriguez is not shy on the mic in thanking our sponsors. Rodney is a nationally respected motorsports personality, co-founding MC on the Revved Up Sports Show and a Sports Personality on 104.9FM The Horn in Austin. - A 1/4 page ad in the race day programs coming in the fall. (Sept - Aug 2020) Please share guys - let me know of any interest or questions you have! If you would like more info on other packages we have, please let me know. We are pushing the signs to get the track dressed up and looking fine! Gina Schild Knowles (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com Texas Asphalt Racing Promotions LLC dba Texas Short Track Racing Series
  12. I am looking for quotes from companies for some track projects. Please take a look and let me know if you can help! Painter- VIP rooms in tower updated. Glass- Need Tower windows tint done. Someone to install vent fans at the top peaks of the grandstand bathrooms and pits if possible. A contractor that can add an exit door in the VIP Tower area (metal building)on the southern facing end of the building and add a paved area outside of the tower extending out some for a VIP outside area. A pressure wash company to pressure wash the grandstands in increments, starting with the walkway in front of the grandstands. Painter to repaint the start/finish line, doubled and extended. Painter - Pit road wall facing grandstands painted and re updated with past track champions. Painter - Pit road wall facing grandstands updated with sponsorsโ€™ names. Also paint large logo directly on the apron in front of pit road wall and some other small custom paint work done in that area as well. Concrete/Asphalt work- Help smoothing out the driveway into the track. Send names of businesses you would trust to do a great job. Thank you! Gina Schild Knowles (713)907 0906 gina@txarp.com
  13. Attention RACERS! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ You will be getting a couple of quick headshots done at the next race in the media room at the upcoming Aug 31st race. These shots will be used for any promotions we do throughout the race year and one of the shots will be in our official race programs coming out in the fall. So make sure you bring your sponsor hats and smile big! Wear driving suits too. You will all be getting a copy to use for your promotional needs. If you have any questions just ask them on here or reach out to Gina at (713)907-0906 or email gina@txarp.com. Thank you Game Changer Sports Photography (out of Friendswood) for your help getting this done! โค๏ธ๐ŸAss (if any of you have kiddos in baseball and they need a good photographer for all the teams - call this photographer and get him in there - he is amazing with team photography & posters! Jon Riveira is his name) Be sure to drop by his Facebook Business page, and check it out and give it a like!
  14. TSTRS - Input needed

    If anyone has any input on a new dirt/asphalt class or series for Texas racing - please email me about it. Tell me what dirt class you think would be the best to do some crossover racing with so it is cost-effective and will not take away from dirt or asphalt but could enhance racing as a whole in 2020. I am thinking maybe 6 races next year? Maybe more if it works - and possibly introduce the class at TSTRS last race this year - Nov 9th? Just possibilities. Please accompany each opinion with a 'why' I have been talking with a few of you, but I am told how there are many others with very strong opinions by the handful I have spoken with. I would like to hear from you! gina@txarp.com In the subject please add: Dirt Crossover Class/Series I need some more help! Gina Schild Knowles (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com *******Don't forget to come out to HMP - Saturday, August 31st for the Advance Auto Parts Labor Day Classic!!
  15. Hey guys! I have totally dropped the ball on utilizing LoneStarSpeedzone.com, and I apologize. One of the most challenging things about promoting TSTRS is communicating with the drivers away from the track. You guys use cell phones, HOME phones, email, LoneStarSpeedzone.com, text messages and Facebook. Not everyone uses Facebook, some only use their cell phone, some don't talk only text, and some us email but forget to check it regularly. That is on my punch list of things to figure out a 'best' solution for! I am not posting this on the tstrseries.com page, because sponsors and fans see that information too. This is more of an after the first race update of info and status for the teams, drivers and racing family. So if anyone knows someone that only uses Facebook, please share this with them somehow for me. Race Day was absolutely crazy, from about 10 minutes after we arrived until we walked the last fan out to his car. To say the day controlled us more than we controlled it would be a huge understatement. But, on Sunday morning my household felt very appreciative. Exhausted, humbled and appreciative. Which brings me to the point of this post - to tell you guys thank you for getting behind this. Thank you for the positive environment. Thank you for sharing posts, liking posts, coming out to events, participating in events, listening in on the shows, liking sponsor pages, liking their posts, shopping sponsors - just on helping every effort we put forth, out. Just helping out in any way you can, even if it meant coming to watch the race or liking Facebook pages. Every little thing matters. Those little things are what a company like Advance Auto Parts sees directly. If you cannot make it out to the track to support racing, make a commitment to support racing by supporting our sponsors. But when you support them, you tell them why you are supporting them too! All of this adds up, and all of it helps us race more often. Here is a list of current sponsors you can show love too, and new ones will be being announced next week and leading up to race day. Advance Auto Parts KBR Towing LLC inkDOTS Precision Piping Products David Starr Racing In Wheel Time on ESPN 97.5 RaceonTexas.com RevvedUpSportsShow - RUSS Ok, I will stop preaching. Advance is happy with us. We are in a good place heading into the August 31st race. I am closer to announcing the date for the media/open practice day. Two options are mid-September or mid-October. We cannot afford to have an open practice without choosing a date that is smart on accommodating the media and potential sponsors. And that is the delay in selecting the date, so bear with me. Any questions, complaints, comments - please reach out to me. If you have a sponsor idea or need help with your sponsor call me. I will help in any way I can, and some of you may have a sponsor that has been with you for a very long time that needs a thank you. Please reach out to me and let me see what we can do to help make that the kind of thank you that helps you race more in 2020. Because we will be racing more in 2020. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Gina (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com Texas Asphalt Promotions LLC dba Texas Short Track Racing Series PS Next race - Saturday, August 31st Advance Auto Parts Labor Day Classic Gates open at 5 - Racing starts at 6