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  1. TSTRS 2020 Schedule

    Here is our 2020 schedule - if all trends well as Houston & Texas start to open, we will stick to this! Practice this Saturday - gates open at 10am close at 5pm. If you need to stay a little later - I am open to that just ask! If any racers are going to have trouble getting to the first couple of racers bc of a job loss, income loss etc. PLEASE reach out to me! Gina (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com
  2. RACERS: If you would be interested in competing in iRacing events against other NASCAR Home Track racers please email, text or message me your email address & phone number. I am making a list for NASCAR - they will get you on their list and schedule events for you. I need this info ASAP. They select tracks and drivers randomly from NASCAR tracks across the US. You may get put into races with racers you never compete against. Email: gina@txarp.com or Text (713) 907-0906
  3. Hi Josh I do not know what else to say. I suggest you get with Nathan. Like you, I paid for a promo video, track rental, put together a presentation to sell it AND went on multiple appointments, one about 120 miles away. This is racing, nothing I can do. My Alpha sponsor cannot be associated with it, which means I cannot run it with my series as we planned. I am not sure what other info you are looking for. I spoke with Nathan after my meeting with AAP when I found this out. I apologize but my hands are tied. Please call Nathan for an update. Did you make it to the last practice at HMP - this past Saturday? Gina
  4. Truthfully, when the cornerstone sponsor to our whole racing program tells me they cannot be a part of the Sprint Car event, I did not ask why. I posted the reason I was given.
  5. Hello, Racers! Here is the 2020 Race Schedule with the Divisions/Classes included. You guys will find it a bit different than the racing norm, and I am depending on you guys, even more, this year! I cannot express my gratitude for how supportive you have been, and I thank you greatly for it because it is the only pay check in everything I am doing right now. I rely upon a handful of you for advice and input when there are decisions to be made. No change is made without consulting a few of you. This schedule was a big one for me, and when it was first proposed to me I thought no way would this work. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is what we need right now. We have 10 - TEN classes wanting to race. Last year we ran 7 classes, and I feel we were successful in doing that. We got the show done by 9:30 almost every single race, with the latest being 9:40p. But the pace was crazy for our TSTRS team, and in my opinion, that takes away from our ability to see how we can do even better in connecting to the fans to grow. Continuing at this pace will ultimately have a negative impact on our presentation to the fans, and that is our job - to present you guys to the fans and build those connections to get them coming back as often as possible. We could do it with a bigger team, but that increases our cost. We just cannot afford to do that just yet. Slowing the show up some with a focus on fan engagement through on-track driver intros, a celebrity grand marshall, race winners taking a victory lap & getting interviewed afterward on the track with family able to join in from the stands for the picture, on track intermissions, more crowd-drawing inverts, etc All of this helps us grow our fan base and gets their attention & keeps people coming through the gate to see YOU GUYS race. Everything we are doing increases your value, which ultimately increases the value of everything I have to sell, to keep racing strong so it sticks around this time. With this year's class schedule, it is imperative for you guys to come to race. I do understand that there is still hesitation to build or buy a car for some. I get it - - I TOTALLY get it. BUT - 2020 was to be year TWO of a TWO-year deal with Advance. When Bo & I met with them 3 weeks ago, a contract amendment was made that changed our deal to reflect us in year TWO of a MULTI-year deal with a 2021 commitment from us to have more races. We also signed all FOUR of their brands to promote - Advance Auto Parts (AAP), Advance Professional, CarQuest, TechNet. In order to get all four brands and a longer and ultimately bigger contract, I had to invest in NASCAR sanctioning and commit to working with their B2B team more away from the track. As well as retail store promos & track interactions. Car count growth is imperative, as well as butts in the stands. If you help me with the car count growth, I am fully committed to growing & keeping a consistent fan count. This only works if we do this together - and if we do it right, we truly have a great shot at making racing better than it ever has been in Houston. If I did not believe that, I would not let my family risk everything we own to make it happen. NASCAR Sanctioning info will be posted in a separate post - Pro Trucks will be our 'Feature' Division. With Pro Mods being 2nd Division and Outlaws the 3rd division. NOTES on things people approach me with: BANQUET INFO - TOP 5 in each class PLEASE rsvp the number of tickets you need for the banquet. BANQUET TICKETS ARE FREE but limited to Top 5 request FIRST - Advance Auto Parts is putting this banquet on so they can introduce their team TO YOU GUYS & kick-off 2021 the right way! How huge is this? I will also have inkDOTS at the banquet - and these guys are another key piece in how far we have come and our plans moving forward! Factory Stock/Pro Stock class - I WANT this class back on asphalt too. But I do NOT want to take anything away from the dirt tracks to make that happen. I have a ton of other things I have to focus on BUT I am open to someone putting together a class for us to race. I am open to working with someone on this, I just cannot do it alone. Sprint Cars - AAP axed this race. It is a direct conflict with their sponsorship of Tony Stewart Racing. There are things in motion for it to still happen without TSTRS involvement so stay tuned. These things are mighty fine on asphalt - whew! Advertising - thank you for constantly telling me I have to advertise. I appreciate that input and I totally understand the value of advertising, as I grew a previous business paying for it. With us filling the southern void in the NASCAR Home Tracks map, you can bet your sweet tails that I am leaning on my NASCAR contacts heavily for them to share some of their local advertising with us. Fortunately for us, we are in the 4th largest city in America AND we have TMS in the same state. Additionally, we have a Fortune 500 company as our Alpha Sponsor and are the only thing, racing-related, that represents ALL FOUR of their brands. All are some pretty persuasive points for consideration. I also have other things we are doing and evaluating as well. Again - thank you guys so much for everything so far. I ask for your support at the race track when your class/division is not racing. Come help a team or take the opportunity to bring your neighbors, co-workers, sponsors, family members - to the race track. Explain things to them, share what you love about racing with them so they will love it too. This is a big part of this formula working too! If you have any input, or questions feel free to reach out. (I will be posting a schedule on the FB page too - but share this with other racers that may not use computers! lol) Gina (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com
  6. TSTRS Pit Crew Program

    I think accountability from the teams and students will help sustain it. I am adding 2 more schools to the program with a reward of some significant sponsored equipment to the school with the most successful participation. This was probably the easiest thing I have sold so far! I love how so many are inspired to reward hard-working kids these days!
  7. TSTRS PIT CREW PROGRAM - We are developing a new PIT CREW PROGRAM with local high school Automotive Technology students. This program will provide participating race teams an extra hand on race day in exchange for your commitment to the program's requirements. The students are interested in gaining more experience working in the racing industry and we are happy to be able to provide that opportunity to them on race day! At practice this Saturday, Feb 15th, we will have Auto Tech Students from Klein Forest High School checking things out, and ready to offer a hand if needed. There is no payment required. These students are eager to gain some racing knowledge you racers can offer in trade for their help. TSTRS will provide pit passes for the students. Teams are required to provide regular feedback after each race that will be passed along to their teacher. Students assigned to a race team will remain with the same race team all race season. If you are a team that could use an extra hand on race day, please email gina@txarp.com OR call Gina (713) 907-0906. We will be matching teams and students up and officially kick off the program at our first race on April 18th!

    We will be having our 2019 Awards Banquet on Saturday, Feb 29th 6:30 - 9p Dinner serves at 7pm Awards at 8 Location will be in Houston - TBA We are trying to get a headcount so please RSVP gina@txarp.com with your headcount, please! Tickets are free - thank you to our wonderful sponsor - Advance Auto Parts! RSVP Gina (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com
  9. This is one of the packages offered in the 2020 TSTRS Sponsor Booklets. It is an excellent entry-level sponsorship as well as a great conversation starter too. Racers can sell this package or build their own sponsor package around it. If you sell it at the published price of $1750, the profit is $1,117. You get $817 when the sponsor pays. And $300 goes to your class 2020 points fund. If you sell it at a discount price of $1500, the profit is $867. You get $567 when the sponsor pays. And $300 goes to your class 2020 points fund. It must be the Full Coverage Signage Combo package and it would be subject to approval by the series for some exclusivities we have signed for 2020. I can add your racing logo to the pricing sheet if you want to use it in your presentation. For more details and specifics, please reach out to me! My goal here is to give you guys something to sell that helps us both AND racing at HMP. If you need help, please ask. Feel free to pull pictures of the race track off the series webpage for your presentations. Link is below, scroll down below the track video for the pictures. Click on them to open them, when you find one you like the best drag and drop it! https://www.texasshorttrackracingseries.com/gallery/ Gina Schild Knowles (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com PS - I will need some help putting signs up at our first practice in Feb 2020!
  10. I wanted to share the promo video we shot when a couple of ASCS Elite Non-Wing Sprint Cars came to HMP to test. Paul White was driving the black one and Nathan Moore the white one. They will be adding HMP as a stop in 2020 - so mark your calendars for July 4th! It was really fun watching them. We will be practicing with them a couple of times, it will all be on the schedule coming out here pretty quick! You can also see the video on our Facebook page - facebook.com/texasshorttrackracing HMP Sprint Cars.mp4
  11. UPDATED PRACTICE & RACE DAY SCHEDULE -- We added the Dwarf cars.
  12. Good morning guys! Car counts each race so far is listed below (I have corrected the T-STARS June race numbers that I had incorrect on the last car count post.) I am very excited about the growth we are having in our core classes! I do hear there are more cars being built, purchased and getting ready to race. I do believe we have a great show! This past race (Oct 19th) we brought Intermission back into the schedule, added laps, ran an extra feature for the Eco Stock class, introduced Checkered Flag victory laps AND on- track interviews for the winners of the core classes - and we STILL finished at 9:30 pm. And I do want to say that by finishing early, most fans stay and watch ALL the racing, which helps the last race of the evening get some fan love too! We will be changing some things up for this last race - TechNet Speedfest 2019 on Nov 9th, in efforts to learn some more about the timing of the show and the presentation to the fans. Which - we hope to have more of this coming race FOR SURE! (GO Astros - hurry up and win the World Series!) And speaking of wanting more people to come out and watch - share our poster all over social media - bring a friend to the track, bring more family - whatever it takes to close out our 2019 on a great foot! Thank you racers & racing family for all your support and for bringing it when we need it the most! Looking forward to the season finale!! Gina (713)907-0906 gina@txarp.com June 8th July 6th Aug 31st Oct 19 (T-STARS Series) (TSTRSeries) (TSTRS) TSTRS Super Stock 5 8 7 7 Outlaws 6 8 9 9 Pro Mod 11 8 13 13 Pro Truck 9 13 13 13 Eco Stock 7 14 8 8 Dwarfs 6 N/A N/A N/A Legacy 14 12 13 14 Naskarts 9 14 9 6
  13. Race day info - this Saturday, HMP! Hope to see you guys out there! Gina (713) 907-0906
  14. TSTRS Question

    Gracias for this!
  15. Good Wednesday morning racers. I wanted to let you know that I am calling this Saturday as a Rain Out. We will not be racing, no practice on Friday. All the forecast vary from 30 - 60 percent and have changed for the last 2 weeks almost daily. As of right now weather.com has Saturday at 50% chance f rain and Sunday at 40%. I literally have checked four weather websites hourly for the past two days and after talking with Advance Auto Parts yesterday, I decided to make a call. If it turns out to be a nice day, I apologize. This is probably the hardest decision I have made so far. While I feel we could probably get some racing in, the forecasting affects the fans coming in to watch you guys. The heavy thunderstorms are projected right around gate opening time and early evening on Saturday. May or may not necessarily be at the race track, but around it and other spots over Houston - which impacts the main place we can make money, the front gate. Since we are not profitable right now, the risk is even greater at this stage for us. Especially with a race coming up quickly afterward on Oct 19th. I could pull from my Advance Auto Parts 2020 monies if I got into a bind from a rainout, but I promised myself I would not gamble with 2020s game plan. Not gambling is something racers don't usually consider, but I am already risking so much that I have to make smart choices for remaining races this year (Oct 19th and Nov 9) and the 10 dates for next year. If I had the luxury of waiting to make this call without having to put up rent, I would wait one more day. But Dean already gave me an extra day to make that call. I hope you guys understand and please keep in mind - we started putting everything together four weeks before the July 6th race. FOUR. We started almost completely from scratch on the operations side - new team, new computers, new point of sale systems, new internet coverage...... We collected no registration fees, no previous sponsor monies, nothing. Long story short, I am invested in you guys. And I appreciate all of your support & input and ask you to stay invested in racing with me and this team. Every day I am selling - you can help me out with that if you want! As I said on RUSS - Revved Up Sports Show, I will offer a commission to anyone pointing me to a successful relationship or will put it towards a class purse of your choice. Packages are listed below. If there is a conflict of interests on anything presented to me I will let you know. Thanks, guys - please share with other racers. Watch for the new Oct 19th details to be released soon! Gina Schild Knowles (713) 907-0906 gina@txarp.com