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  1. Lead ballast weight--various sizes. 10 to 40 pounds each. Would like to sell 250 pounds----can split up------$2.50 per pound----clean casting---no slag Call me --John ---210-587-5068-----Texting is better
  2. 1954 Farmall Super H pulling tractor------4600 and 5100 lb classes-----DIVISION 1 stock class----modified exhaust, electronic ignition,spark plug adapters 18 mm to 14 mm. New disc brakes-12 volt mini alternator---CARB professionally rebuilt--Governor mildly modified---adjustable pulling hitch---2 wheel weights---weight box for lead blocks---LEAD FOR SALE AT RIGHT PRICE( have over 1000 lbs in 10 to 40 lb blocks) Tires are great--older but super hard ( bite great) ( been running at 9 psi). Front tires are great. Tractor has great patina----in other words RUSTY looking----- 210-587-5068 John