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  1. I misunderstood....gettin old;-) Thanks for the kind words.
  2. Sorry, I thought he topic was "H.B. Bailey pics needed..."
  3. I raced with HB Bailey in the December 1971 IMSA Camel GT race at TWS. During that race, which was run in the pouring rain at night, Bailey ran into my friend George Eby's Lotus Elan in the horseshoe, with the rewult that both went off intot he mud, and Bailey's TransAm Pontiac went through the passenger side door and into the Elan. Both pitted. Bailey retired due to visibility, and George's pit crew spent a while putting the Elan back together with duct tape. Eventually it returned to the race, several laps down, but it finished. HB Bailey's Trans Am is still racing in vintage, and I raced with it at Sears Point in 2008. That is Bailey's RED Trans Am behind my Corvette in the attached picture.
  4. Old Pics From TWS?

    I raced a 1969 L88 corvette in these TRoC races in either 1985 or 1986. I can't tellif this is one that I was an entrant in. I also competed in one the same year in Monterey Mexico. The Monteerey Mexico race was won by the Mexican owner of the track in a factory BMW 3.5 CSL.
  5. This guy "Martin" the TWS track manager .....My memory is that he was a young guy, who owned and tracked a Shelby GT500 Mustang with a real side oiler 427 engine (I know, they came with 428 CID passenger car engines). Your EDIT above seems plausible to me, about the Olds 442 accident leading to a requirement for insurance for the event. Bill Jermyn died a few years back of a heart attack. Its good to know that someone (besides me) survives to remember some of these old events;-) Garrett
  6. HB Bailey Getty Photos

    HB Bailey ran the initial IMSA Camel GT race at TWS in December of 1971. He raced a 1970 Pontiac TransAm (which is still around in Vintage racing), which was in the NASCAR Grand AM pony car series. Due to a very small field of sports cars, John Bishop decided to include the NASCAR pony cars in order to grow the field. However, two NASCAR pony cars hit together in turn 2 on the first lap, and it took 2 hours to clear the track In the meantime, it began to rain. SOoooo most cars had no windshield wipers, and dry race tires. this led to chaos. About half way through the race, my friend Geroge Eby was jousting for position with Bailey in the horseshoe and both lost it and went into the mud. Bailey's car went through he passenger side door and into the Lotus Elan. George was uninjured, but his car was trashed and both cars pitted for repairs. Bailey retired because of visibility. George's crew repaired his car with duct tape and he continued on to finish several laps down.
  7. Hi Bobby, I was a member of the TAMU sportscar club from.........1967 until...........well at least 1985 or so. During that time, I ran many events there. In about 1969 or 1070, Kerry Bonner ran an autocross event there on the "outside" portion of the TWS circuit. We started on the back straight going north, turned left into the horseshoe, and continued across the back straight through the outfield and the finish line was where the outfield crossed back onto the back straight. I won FTD that day in a 1967 427 400hp Corvete (still have both trophys). This event was carried in the TAMU magazine (I still have a copy somewhere). A member who had "just" completed a restoration of an Olds 442 Convertible rolled it coming down off of turn #7 onto the outside straight (between turns 6 and 7) He was uninjured (other than $$$) but his girlfriend vilified me in a response to my letter which suggested that beginners should have an instructor. My point here is that (IF my very old memory is correct) that there were TAMU authorized and run autocross events at TWS in 1970 ans 1971. George Eby was 2nd overall in a Lotus Elan....we both ran (period) race tires. Bill Jermyn, Kerry Bonner,, Jim and Wendy Ray and George and Patsy Eby were entrants and witnesses. Garrett Waddell
  8. Austin Street Races

    Does anyone (else) remember the SCCA sponsored Austin Street Races, run in conjunction with the Austin Aqua Festival? I attended, and sometimes worked these races in the 1960s. I always had a great time, and vowed to race in them eventually. In 1977 I (finally) raced in, and WON my class A-Production. Any memories or pictures? L88 Austin.tif
  9. I won my class GTO in the December 1971 Alamo 200, the first Camel GT race by IMSA. Peter Greg won GTU. I ran in the TRoC races in the mid 1980s, and I ran in one SCCA race, and most of the CVAR races there in the 2010s until they closed the track. GREAT TRACK!!!
  10. Excellent and accurate post Neil. Thanks
  11. I used to autocross at the airbase in College station before they built TIS...which is now TWS. I attended the first race there , which was a barn burner CanAm race which Bruce McLaren won. I also attended several NASCAR and Indycar races there. I raced in the first IMSA Camel GT race in December of 1971 (Alamo 200) and won my class (GTO).
  12. Meyer Speedway

    I have no pictures, but I saw Richard Petty race there in 1966 (DNF) and Bill White of Temple many times.
  13. Terry Labonte

    Terry Labonte ran a series called "Texas Race of Champions" (I think) in the 1980s, and I raced in that series at both TWS and at Monterey, Mexico.. EDIT: Sorry, but I guess I'm gettin old (er).........It was Neil Upchurch (of course) who initiated the TRoC series...(sorry Neil)
  14. Houston area road racing

    My name is Garrett Waddell. I worked that Astrodome race as crew member for a Triumph TR3. Matt McCluggan damaged the suspension of his H-Modified when he hit a curb. It was Bill Steel in the Gene Hammond Cobra who (because street pads were the only brake pads he could find) ran out of brakes and had to be manhandled to a stop by crew members after the race. I saw a former gradeschool classmate, Dana Childress spectating at this race, in a Bugatti Type 57SC!!! The British Counsul General gave a post race party for us racers and workers at (I think) Sakowitz, downtown.. I believe that our TR3 driver wound up 3rd in class. My memory is that uniformed police were policing the pits to physically remove people who did not have credentials. They made me stop working on the car to show them mine. Those were the days!!! Imagine trying to do that today.. (My understanding is that the CITY of Houston deeded the streets to the COUNTY of Harris for the weekend, in order to limit liability to the city, and to enable the county workers to pave a 45 degree berm onto the curb at the exit of each turn, so to (hopefully) prevent any cars from being inverted due to the curb acting as a launch ramp. I don't believe any cars turned over.... PS I also worked flags and pit marshal at most of the tracks that SCCA ran at this time period, including Galveston Scholes Field, Hammond, Louisiiana, Green Valley, Hilltop Raceways, and Mansfield, Louisiana.