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    Last week I aquired the Allison built Joe plowman mach 1 mustang .it's still in one piece but rough ,Harvey laid a tree limb down on the rear right quarter and right front fender. Would anyone out there happen to have a fender or rear quarter they could donate as IAM going to restore her back to the way she looked when they first removed the Torino skin off to mustang.the build will be on a you tube channel so everyone can monitor the build anyone wanting to be apart of the build are welcome I am in the outside Houston area just off east 10 and needing any input from anyone in the formation of tech,records,photos or videos of this car in action on the track.i plan to use her for show or exibition runs only.she still has the plaque from Allison on the dash and possibly a Holman Moody block this I am not sure .I have a video of her right now and I will try to post it on e I figure out how .thank you for any responses on this great car.everyone involved will be acknowledged on you tube build that contributed in one way or the other.i am on my own at this point but I will do every thing to see this through .my day job is county water works department and my time is limited on the car.again thank you all and God bless.