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  1. Kurtis kraft 1/4 miget (sold)

    $475 will ship
  2. Kurtis kraft 1/4 miget (sold)

    I will crate it and get it to the shipper. I was asked this so I thought I would post this,
  3. Kurtis kraft 1/4 miget (sold)

    $700.00 tired of scammers
  4. Kurtis kraft 1/4 miget (sold)

    The company margay said that's not one of there karts but they Believe it's from the 70s
  5. Kurtis kraft 1/4 miget (sold)

    Thanks for the info it always helps
  6. Kurtis kraft 1/4 miget (sold)

    Lower price $750.00
  7. 1/4 midget made by kurtis kraft? 5hp Honda motor.margay wheels,airheart brakes.New chain,brake rotor & throttle cable. NOT 100% on brand.$800
  8. Kurtis kart??!

    Anyone have an idea what I should ask for my kart? I'm gonna list it local.
  9. Kurtis kart??!

    Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Kurtis kart??!

    I have a vintage kart that I think it's a kurtis kraft but I would like to know if I'm correct or not. What I've seen there's other karts that look similar to mine but not the right bumper or body or cage so what I've seen so far is compared to other karts.it looks like a kurtis kraft and that's why I'm looking for help to make sure what I have and how rare it is . Any help is good. Thanks