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  1. Did you find a Clip?? I have a 2x4
  2. That's a great idea ,,, used ambulance's are cheap to buy and alot of them for sale .. I would guess that Insurance is high and authority to use light's and siren for privite use would be a problem ,, But if it was given to local fire co. as a donation all of above would be eliminated .. but iit would not take their primary amb out of service..
  3. Pitt Parking

  4. Pitt Parking

  5. Pitt Parking

    When can i pay for a reserved spot for 2018 season ??
  6. Put a couple of feet of Good clay on C T S ,, and BAMB !!!!!! winner !!!! .
  7. LLM Rules

    Thanks for posting ,,
  8. Limited Late Models

  9. Is nesmith street stock rules still valid for 2017?? ( ie) Camaro front clip with leaf springs as it reads in 2017 NESMITH RULES, I LOOKED ON c/b RULES FOR NESMITH AND IT SAID THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. WALT.
  10. Would make good Drag Car.. Clean straight Body ,, 8.5 10 bolt rear Mosher axels C clip eliminators, Adj, upper trailing arms . standard steering box . no title .. 1,200. Call Walt @830-620-5771
  11. LLM race in December

    Yes the new 32 car will be there .. Walt
  12. LLM rules

    I agree with drew and i'am sure others we need to leave the rules the way they were at I -37 .. Keeping the rules without change year after year is Key to keeping a good car count ,, Example in case ,, I was building a street stock for Cotton Bowl had all chassis and drive done ,, and then a rule change , (stock cross member ) So i started changing it over to LLM to the tune of 1,000.00 for wheels tires rear end and gear springs and three weeks of labor and now we are having a disscusion on changing last years rules .. for LLM .. The fans in the stands from what i have heard really like the LLM division the way it is and we have had some good racing at I-37 and south texas ..and a good show for the folks in the stands.. Horsepower is not the complete answer to weather you can win a race or run in the top 5 .. If you have the car set up( spot on) you will be faster with less H.P than a car that has not got the set up right .(.and a good driver) I'am all for scrubing the existing rules for any unfair advantages but as far as changing chaissis rules , i think that is a big mistake for the good of the class. Bottom line :; Lets have a disscusion on the carb and fuel rules and leave the rest of it alone ..
  13. I'am building a new car for next year now . Have chassis almost complete. If LLm are on the schedule for next year at at shady I'am all in .. I love that place.. Lets hear from other LLM's and get the party started .. Running on STS off weeks would be Great!!