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  1. New to the Speedzone

    Thanks I appreciate that. I feel I need to say that sometimes because I don't want to be that guy who has that favorite driver and thinks he's the best that ever was and no one can come close to him ... lol They must have been boozed up for you to draw that conclusion ... lol Just kidding, they are really good people. They have since gotten married and have two kids. They all travel the Nation racing as a family, what more could you ask for. Living the dream .! I can't help but think AR's son is going to follow right in line with Dad and Grampy, he's been bit by the racing bug and he hasn't even made it behind the wheel yet.
  2. New to the Speedzone

    HAHAHA you hit on the head !! Not too many sprint car drivers from the thriving metropolis of Clute, Texas ...!! lol Thanks for the welcoming, I wish I had found this site sooner. HoseHeads is like a broken record at times. I couldn't imagine 150 cars at the Devils Bowl !! Its a pretty big to do when the Outlaws show up, the place gets packed out ..! I hear whispers from across the fence of AR running full time with the WoO next year. But I'm sure that will all depend on sponsoring or landing a ride. I do know that he would rather do it on his own and I can't say that I blame him. Not being biased, but out of the ASCS drivers that have ran WoO shows in the past couple of seasons, AR has had the best results. I really think he would bring a lot of excitement and competition to the tour. If this is the case and he makes that move, I hope he leaves the ASCS like Jason Johnson did, with a championship. He's only 30 markers behind Hafertepe ..! Thanks again for the warm welcome ..! D.
  3. New to the Speedzone

    Just stumbled across this site and I like what I see. I've been following the hoseheads forum for some time, but I just don't seem to gel with the PA posse ...lol I like anything on dirt but primarily follow 360 and 410 sprints winged and non winged. My neighbor got me into the dirt track seen by going to watch him race modified sprints at a local track. After the first show I was hooked and I found myself excited for the weekends and a chance to help out in the pits. There's something about that fresh exhausted smell of methanol that gets the blood flowing !! He has since retired, but over the years of racing his son was right in his back pocket every step of the way. My neighbor put the kid behind the wheel at a very young age and is still going strong today. He runs full time with the ASCS Nats and hits as many WoO shows as his schedule will allow, so I still get excited about a weekend full of dirt track racing, even if I don't get to the track as often as I used to.
  4. How many different tracks have you been to?

    I see most of the tracks you have listed are dirt tracks, What class are you primarily going to see or are you just going ?? I have been to all the dirt tracks in the Houston and surrounding areas and the same for the Dallas Ft Worth area. I like any thing on dirt but primarily follow the WoO's, ASCS Nats and Gulf South region.
  5. Aaron Reutzel

    Few pics of our hometown hero Aaron Reutzel