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  1. TOMS at I-37 Speedway, June 16!

    Heard this weekend was cancelled due to bad weather coming
  2. When will points be posted for this weekends 2 day show?
  3. Weather for 2-24

    What's it look like for tonight's racing?
  4. Will there still be a final race night planned for future?
  5. South Texas Shootout Information

    Why not Street Stocks...definitely put on a Great show...and draws the crowd!
  6. Is there racing

    Will go karts be racing to? And how many races are you looking to run the rest of the year? Thx !!
  7. Adam Perks and Shawn Kline

    That race between those two....was enough to make NASCAR Drivers jealous....lol By far the best race I've seen in years!!
  8. 06 Pontiac Torrent

    Well...wasn't what we were thinking...was a shorted out wire in the pigtail... Big thanks to all for your help... And thanks to Mickey Helms for all the time u took to work on it and get it going again
  9. Racing Saturday July 22

    Hmmmm....only if they start up front....
  10. 06 Pontiac Torrent

    Thanks for all ur help hi-tech..will let u know how it comes out...
  11. 06 Pontiac Torrent

    Motor stays running once started. But will not turn over at all when trying to start.runs great once started.have headlights ,inside lights ,a.c. fan comes on..but no radio or turn signals when key on...
  12. 06 Pontiac Torrent

    Just wondering if anyone would know why I'm not getting it to start. I got power to everything except ignition an turn signals. It will intermittently start..but not all the time. Have changed ignition switch, still does the same thing. Replaced battery also...even though I don't feel it was bad.it slowly started doing this over a couple of weeks till it finally won't start at all....any help will be appreciated......
  13. Black flag ...opinion only

    I've watched race after race the same drivers purposely hitting another car to take them out, cause they couldn't get by them. All drivers are " warned" in the drivers meeting about rough driving. That should be the only warning they get. Not after they hit someone on purpose. Start using the black flag when it happens the first time. Maybe that will stop some of the rough driving and torn up cars week after week.
  14. Winners from last nights races?