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  1. Looking for front runner

    The Saturn above is now sold as of last night
  2. Ford 9 inch rear with 6.33 gear, moser axles and 5 on 5 lug pattern. Never an issue, never a leak, had to yank it to get legal. 2104102702 San Antonio $900 obo
  3. thr hobbies (thunder stocks)

    Was this the 25? I bought this a little over a week ago and have been looking for some history on it.
  4. Sport Compact Conversion

    We got it out there last night, all was well and we will be out again. Thanks!
  5. Sport Compact Conversion

    Should be bringing home a sport compact that used to run at Central Texas today. Trying to get it converted for Saturday. Anyone that could help with advice or tips please give me a call at 210-410-2702. My name is Casey.
  6. ISO Trailer with Winch HELP

    Taken care of, thanks for the response and offers to help!
  7. Wow. When I first moved to San Antonio a few years ago I moved into the Avalon Apartments. Those are the apartments that now partially cover the old track (SE side of track, upper right of photo, turn 1 or 3?) The drainage ditch that runs just behind the track is still used there. Moving up the photo it looks like an early Corinne Dr. then Salado Creek next to Holbrook Rd. I knew I heard something in my dreams!
  8. I moved to SA approx. 4 years ago and upon arriving tried one Saturday night to shoot down to I-37. It was always closed. Made it to HoT, CBS, and Shady Oaks for special shows throughout those years but otherwise that was a haul. Happened to find this awesome site last week which has been answering all my TX dirt track questions and excited to finally hear that I-37 will be OPEN THIS YEAR!!!!! Can't wait for Saturday!